Reedy Creek  LbNA # 1228 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 24 2002
CountyRichmond city
LocationRichmond, VA
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Reedy Creek Letterbox
Location: James River Park
City: Richmond Virginia
By: Itchy Butt Girls

Reedy Creek is part of the James River Park system in Richmond Virginia. The Reedy Creek parking lot is off of Riverside Drive that is located south along the James River. Riverside Drive is accessible from the southern end of the Lee Bridge (Belvedere Road). There are signs for Reedy Creek parking on Riverside Drive.

After parking in Reedy Creek parking area, turn and face Riverside Drive, walking uphill towards Riverside Drive to a trail off to your left. The trail begins next to a large rock. This is the Buttermilk Trail. Follow this trail to a creek, staying on the left side of the creek, continue on the trail as it goes up few stone steps and then over a wooden footbridge. At the end of the wooden bridge, take the left trail, and follow this a short distance until you come to a Richmond Sewer manhole. At the manhole, turn left, and follow this trail to the creek and a number of box culverts (tunnels). Cross the creek and take one of the tunnels to the left of the creek. At the end of the tunnel, stay left, and follow a gravel trail to a dam. At the dam, go left up a few steps, and then notice a memorial on your right. With you back to the memorial, look for a tree with three trunks. A few paces roughly south-west behind this tree with three trunks, and underneath some rocks, you will find the Reedy Creek Letterbox.

The carving represents one of the primary uses of Reedy Creek, which is access to the river for white-water kayaking. As this area may be heavily used, please be careful when retrieving and returning the box.

Have Fun!

Itchy Butt Girls