The Birds #2  LbNA # 12265

Placed DateDec 31 1969
Location???, CA
Planted ByMimulus    
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 12 2005
Hike Distance?


First number: Add Mitch's neighbor's apartment number to the speed limit at the restaurant parking lot

Second number: The last number in Mitch's license plate number

Third number: Time dinner is served minus the number of lovebirds given to Kathy.

First letter: 3rd letter in Mitch's license plate
Second letter: 1st letter in Mitch's license plate
Third letter: 2nd to last in alphabet

Last number: Time dinner is served minus the number of times Mitch's defendent shot his wife

Now go to this address to begin the hunt!

What stuffed bird from the movie can be found sitting on some crossbeams inside this establishment?
A) sparrow Leave your car parked here
B) seagull Get back in your car and exit parking lot turning right
C) crow Get back in your car and exit parking lot turning left

Alfred Hitchcock discovered Tippi Hedron

A) in a diet soft drink commercial
Continue driving north through town
B) working as a secretary for Universal Studios
Drive .2 miles and turn into parking lot on your left
C) working as swimming instructor for his young daughter Follow the road all the way to San Francisco
D) one of many actresses under contract with the studio
Walk towards the wholesale fish office on the left

What is Mitch wearing when he first sees Melanie in Bodega Bay?
A) a cowboy hat Go into the building
B) a raincoat Turn left onto WestShore Rd
C) wellington boots Continue via Lombard/Van Ness
D) a cravat Turn Right onto Bay Hill Rd (where Hitch filmed the shots entering Bodega Bay)

Melanie drives a _____________ convertible
A) Bentley Drive around the Bay on West Shore Drive
B) Porsche Make a smashed penny for a memento
C) Jaguar Try to find parking near Union Square
D) Aston-Martin Drive 0.5 miles on this road

When Melanie first arrives at the Brenner home she:
A) Goes to the barn Park at the Boat Marina across the Bay from the Tides (where the Brenner Family homestead used to be.)
B) Checks her makeup Go to the base of the statue you can see behind Melanie in the opening scenes.
C) Enters without knocking Park in the pullout on the right.
D) Mets Lydia on the porch and feigns being lost Go out towards the pier where Melanie rented the boat.

Lydia's husband, _______, died _____ years ago
A) Frank, 4 Go look for the small juniper/evergreen tree ahead of parking area
B) Fred, 3 Go look for the small display of fishing/crabbing artifacts near the piers
C) Ford, 4 Check around the greenery surrounding base of column

Hitchcock wanted to end the film
A) with Melanie being killed by the Birds.
Check for an imitation rock (with box inside) on the SE corner.
B) with Mitch hearing reports on the radio of bird attacks worldwide.
Look inside the whale bone cavity.
C) with Mitch and Melanie driving across Golden Gate Bridge covered in birds
Look under the juniper.
D) with Melanie waking up in her apartment and realizing it is all a bad dream. Look under the rendering kettle.