Methodist Pioneers  LbNA # 11961 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 20 2004
LocationBluff City, TN
Found By Mr Sunshine Kitty
Last Found Oct 8 2006
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Part two of Wilderness Meetinghouse Letterbox
Edward Cox (1750-1852) was born in Md. & was converted under the preaching of Frances Asbury in 1773. Soon after he moved to what is now E. Tn. After 2 years he returned to Md. to marry his sweetheart Sally.The day after the weddding they set out for their new home. They were probably the first Methodist settlers in the area.
He servedin the Revolutionary War,while he was gone she survived an Indian raid by hiding herself and small child in the haypiles in the feilds. Upon his arrival home from the war they began holding Methodist services in their home.
Frances Asbury made his first visit to the Cox home in 1778, where he held the first Methodist Conference west of the Alleghenies & was a regular there.
He stated in 1797 "My horse hath the honour of swimming the Holston River everytime I visit this Country ".
Traveling preachers had to depend on settlers for food , lodging and sometimes medical attention. Sally and Edward played an essential role in the westward growth of the Methodist movement.

Locate their home on Sells Rd. going towards Bluff City.
Face their resting place. Look under the left side of the bush next to the big tree.(next to the original stone)

Please re-hide well.