Saved by Music #2  LbNA # 11932

OwnerLeapin' Lizards    
Placed DateOct 29 2004
Location???, IL
Found By ???
Last Found Mar 26 2008
Hike Distance?

Saved by Music #2

Inmate #7474505B

There’s no way he’s going back to the pen! With the sheriff and his deputies hot on his trail, he takes the North Pilcher Trail. Which way to go? At the “T” he takes a right, then a quick left over the bridge. Sprinting as fast as a man his size can run, he follows the trail and crosses a paved path. “Take a walk in the woods?”, he says to himself. “No time to walk, but that’s the way I’m going”. Right at the fork. Then another right. The sheriff seems to be losing him. At the next fork he takes another right. “I think I’ve lost them. Now I think I will continue my walk in the woods.” Suddenly more cops are coming from the other way. “Maybe I can hide near that fallen debris and those large hollow logs.” He stops at the large broken stump that points to the sky on the right.
Across the path from it is a large fallen tree perpendicular to the path. “Maybe I can get a break near that broken stump.” He may have dodged arrest this time, but police are still on the lookout, so be discrete. Have fun!

Leapin’ Lizards