Red Dragon  LbNA # 11908 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 17 2004
LocationHuntsville, TX
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Hike Distance?

This letterbox may have been eaten by a creature before anyone got to find it! Its gone for now!

This micro-box is located in Huntsville State Park. There is a small admission fee!

I-45 and Park Road 40 - Exit 109

Park at the nature center. To the left of the nature center you can find a sign indicating the DOOGWOOD TRAIL.

Proceed down the trail and when you get under the powerlines, turn to your right. Through this clearing, take 30-41 steps (30 adult, 41 kid). On your left will be a pipe coming out of the ground with a guard around the top. From the pipe you should see a tree stump about 15 feet away. Look in the stump!