Lost Baby Tiger  LbNA # 11855 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 27 2004
LocationClemson, SC
Found By J Walkers
Last Found Oct 8 2006
Hike Distance?


The South Carolina Botanical Gardens in Clemson are located off of Hwy 76. For more about the Botanical Gardens, visit http://www.clemson.edu/scbg/

One beautiful Fall day, Momma Tiger and Baby Tiger decided to visit the Botanical Gardens. They started out at the Red Caboose. After Baby Tiger climbed all over the Caboose they took a North East trail heading down toward a pond. When they came to a Stone Bridge, Momma Tiger stopped to look at the beautiful pond. Baby Tiger, paying no attention, started wandering around.
“Don’t go too far, Baby Tiger.” Momma Tiger warned.
“I won’t.” replied Baby Tiger.
Baby Tiger took the Right Fork and followed the trail along the edge of the pond. He loved the sound of the waterfall as he passed over it. When the trail came to a T intersection, he went left and followed the trail uphill. At the 2nd dirt path to the right, he spotted something down the hill to the East. A Farm Building!! How exciting! He ran down to another T intersection and followed the path to the Right and went over a bridge. Upon reaching the Farm building he ran around examining all of them. It was beginning to get dark and he could here his mother calling so he decided to head back. But Confusion!! Which way had he come?
He saw three dirt paths. The one on the Left to the south. That must be it! He followed this path to Sonny’s bench. He thought to sit for a moment but decided he needed to hurry. Down some steps he saw a strange Stone Structure. He didn’t remember that but…. Over a small stone bridge he entered the Fern Garden. He passed a small waterfall. He had seen a waterfall before so this must be the right way! He ran straight into the the Meditation Garden. He sat down in the building there and started to cry. He was lost!!
“Baby Tiger. Baby Tiger.” he heard far away.
“I coming Momma!” he cried.
He ran to the path that led to the left of the stairs. Then he turned Left onto the Nature Trail. Just over the bridge he saw a fork in the trail and took the trail to the South West that had root stairs. Soon he came to a T intersection and turned to the right wildly running to find his mother. The trail intersected with a gravel road and led down to the Stone Guardians. He asked them if he was going the right way through teary eyes. They did not answer. He saw another trail to the South East that went to a curved bridge. He followed the bridge and jumped off the end. At the next T intersection, he went left again just as it began to rain. He must find Momma or shelter! He entered Betty’s Beech Grove and there to his left across the creek he saw a large tree with a hole just big enough for him to fit into. Cold, tired, and scared he crossed the double log bridge** and turned left to go up around the embankment. From a small forked Beech tree on the embankment, the tree is 9 paces (2 steps per pace) to the “knotty” tree by the creeks edge.
Baby Tiger crawled into the hollow space at the base of the tree and is waiting to be found.

**note- The log are bouncy but stable :)
Please be very discret. There was no one out there either time that we went but it is very much out in the open. Also use precautions when placing your hand in dark hidey holes :) Please rehide very carefully.