Mer Bleue  LbNA # 11757 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 23 2004
CountyOntario, CAN
LocationOttawa, ONT
Found By Locojay & StarGAzer
Last Found Aug 16 2006
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Mer Bleue

This conservation area has a unique geography and is worth a visit. It is a fragile ecosystem which is characterized by water and soil nearly as acidic as vinegar (pH 3.5) which consequently is inhospitable to insects and bacteria. The absence of bacteria stops decomposition. Therefore the moss or sphagnum has accumulated over 8000 years to form a peat bog..

To get to Mer Bleue, take the 417 east and take the Walkley Rd exit. Go left on Walkley to Ramsayville road which is an obligatory right turn in the road. Take the first left at the top of the hill onto Ridge Rd. Follow ridge road (crossing Anderson road) onto a dirt road to its end at the P22 parking lot. You’re here! Don’t leave valuables in your car.

This is a wheelchair friendly path with no dogs permitted. The total distance is 1.2km and takes about 30-40 minutes to walk.

1.“Night Watcher”
Walk down the gravel path past the covered picnic area. Ahead and slightly to the left is a large maple. Walk round to the bog / marsh side of this tree. It has an unusual set of metal thorns reaching out of its rough bark which point down to guard a small triangular door below. It is here that a night watcher may spy her prey?

2.“The Nickel”
Now take the path to the right past the marshes and across the peat bog. No boxes here, as stepping off the path would cost you a $130 fine. Continue your mystic walk past larch and birch to the end of your long and wooden road. Here walk a short distance on this gravel path into the woods, but stop in front of the retaining wall before the path turns and look to your right. Here a long toothed beast has felled 2 trees. Beneath one fallen trunk between 2 stones you will get your 5 cents worth.