Trivial Box Pursuit - Sports & Leisure  LbNA # 11671 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 16 2004
LocationHouston, TX
Planted ByTeamKing    
Found By Boots Tex
Last Found Apr 11 2006
Hike Distance?

Status: REPLACED 2/3/05

Do you have your thinking cap on? Answer the trivia questions below. Then add up the number of letters in your answers. You'll use that number to walk your paces to the box.

Ready? Here we go:

1. Who did Muhammed Ali beat to become the world heavyweight champion for the first time? ___________ __________
2. What year did Roger Maris hit 61 home runs? Ninteen ________ __________
3. What racetrack is home to the Kentucky Derby? __________ __________
4. How many gold metals did Jesse Owens win in the 1936 Olympics? _________
5. Who was the first non-American to win the Masters golf title? _________ _________
6. What sport is played on the largest field? __________
7. What’s the height of a basketball hoop? ________ feet
8. Who received seven perfect scores in gymnastics at the 1976 Montreal Olympics? _________ ___________
9. What’s the most common nickname of U.S. college football teams? __________
10. What’s the back boundary line in tennis called? ___________

Notes: The dashes above do not represent the number of letters in the word. Only use 'the' and 'a' if there is a space for it above. Numbers should be written out. Only count the letters in the blank words.

To find the box: Go to Memorial Park. Go to the Nature Center parking lot. Take the Willow Oak Trail off of the parking lot. Continue until you come to Outer Loop Trail and go right. You will stay on this until you come to the meadow. At the meadow sign, go left and continue down to the next path on the right. This should be the other side of the meadow. From here, walk your paces down this path (one footfall is one pace) You should be near a small multi-trunk cluster to your right less than 10 paces off of the path. Box is behind here at the base covered with leaves and stick. It is black, small and flat.

Make sure to take a pen and an extra piece of paper plus an orange marker.

No bikes allowed on these trails.

Disclaimer: All questions and answers are taken from the Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition original game. If you come up with a different answer then us, well, sorry. The game is the final authority. However, don't lose sleep over it. We'll be happy to help with any answers. It's most important that you have fun!

Let us know the status: and/or log your find on Atlas Quest and we will be notified. Thanks!