Trivial Box Pursuit - Science & Nature  LbNA # 11658 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 16 2004
LocationHouston, TX
Planted ByTeamKing    
Found By Muddy Buddies
Last Found Apr 16 2005
Hike Distance?

Do you have your thinking cap on? Answer the trivia questions below. Then add up the number of letters in your answers. You'll use that number to walk your paces to the box.

Status: Alive and well on 2/3/05

Ready? Here we go:

1. What was the first Apollo mission to orbit the moon? ________ ________
2. Are barnacles plants or animals? ___________
3. What kind of animals was Napoleon terrified of? _________
4. What’s the fastest land animal? ___________
5. What inside of corn makes it pop? __________
6. Who built the Spruce Goose? _________ ___________
7. What’s the only mammal with four knees? ____________
8. What planet has the longest day? ________
9. What percentage of alcohol constitutes 100 proof whisky? __________
10. What part of the body is most commonly bitten by insects? _________

Notes: The dashes above do not represent the number of letters in the word. Only use 'the' and 'a' if there is a space for it above. Numbers should be written out. A pace is counted as one footfall.

To find the box:
Go to Memorial Park. From Memorial Drive, turn onto N Picnic Lane near the baseball area. Then take your first left. This leads back into the picnic area. Drive around to the right (it's one way). When you come to the curve in the road to go left, continue straight into a parking lot area. Go to the concrete picnic table. From here you should be able to see a fallen log over a ditch off into the distance in the woods. Walk your paces toward that log. Stay to the right along the ditch and look for the fallen tree on the ground. Immediately behind that, there are 2 trees growing side by side. Box will be in middle covered up. Be discreet and cover well!

Make sure to take a pen and an extra piece of paper plus a green marker.

This part of the park gets a lot of use by bicyclists and rollerbladers. So bring your gear if you do one of these!

Disclaimer: All questions and answers are taken from the Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition original game. If you come up with a different answer then us, well, sorry. The game is the final authority. However, don't lose sleep over it. We'll be happy to help with any answers. It's most important that you have fun!

Let us know the status: and/or log your find on Atlas Quest. Thanks!