Sgt. Snuffy  LbNA # 11435

OwnerTrail Rider    
Placed DateOct 7 2004
Location???, IL
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 14 2015
Hike Distance?

This box is placed in honor of my dad, a decorated WWII veteran who served as leader of a machine gun squad in the Third Division in Italy (Anzio), France, and Germany. Dad got his nickname, "Sgt. Snuffy", because he snored so loud; in fact, the rest of the squad always made Dad sleep next to the machine gun so they could find it quickly in the dark if necessary. Dad is still alive and kicking at 81 years of age.

CLUE #1: Illinois city which is home to the alma mater of the 1931 Nobel Peace Prize winner.

CLUE #2: Where not to do it, according to the 2004 book by Sheila Cole Nilva (ISBN 1418414859).

CLUE #3: Title of a book by Ernest Shackleton with the subtitle "The Endurance Expedition."

Starting city: [CLUE #1]

Starting point: McDonald's in the 3200 block of [CLUE #2]

Drive [CLUE #3] for 2.5 miles until you come to a stoplight with a famous restaurant on the corner. ***UPDATE 5/15/06 - Alas, the famous restaurant is no more. It has been replaced by a business catering to people who practice their craft at "bees".*** Turn left and proceed .3 of a mile to the cemetery. After turning in at the cemetery gate, go right and then take the next left; when that lane ends in a T intersection, look straight ahead and slightly to the left. You will see a woodpile at the edge of the woods. "Sgt. Snuffy" is hidden behind and underneath the woodpile - I placed a long branch on the ground pointing to the hiding spot. Be careful - I have a feeling Sgt. Snuffy is NOT the only denizen of the woodpile :)

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