Hidden at Hidden Falls #I  LbNA # 11193

Placed DateNov 29 2006
Location???, MN
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 14 2012
Hike Distance?

Last found: 8/27/11

Terrain: Easy to moderate


There's a state park in Minnesota named after the remnant of the huge hardwood forest that formerly covered the southeastern quarter of the state. (It's near a town which is famous for its baloney.) Hidden Falls isn't so well hidden. At 10 feet high and 60 feet across it's difficult to hide; but it's not obvious until you reach it. Sit on the bench below the falls. Look at the middle of the falls. That would be a treacherous hiding place! It's not there. Do a 180. Notice several limestone slabs about 75 feet away? The box is under the largest slab, which is too heavy to lift so search around the edges. Sit on the slab to enjoy a wide angle, although somewhat obscured, view of the falls.

The park is a joy to visit any time of the year. In the summer the falls could be at full force or merely a trickle. In the fall the hardwood foliage is glorious. In the winter the ice on the falls sparkles and there are plenty of cross-country trails. Spring is very special as the woods are abloom with thousands of wildflower including the rare Minnesota Trout Lily. Enjoy.

Big Woods
Park Fee
Walk down to the Hidden Falls.
See the bench?
Sit and stare directly into the center of the waterfall.
About face! (180 degrees)
75 feet over limestone chips
Under a bigger stone

(Permission to place this letterbox granted under the new MN DNR guidelines. Thanks to the park manager, Elaine, for her assistance and approval.)