Skipper Finds a Home  LbNA # 11112 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 18 2004
LocationCowpens, SC
Planted BySomebunny sc    
Found By Les&Liz
Last Found Jul 2 2007
Hike Distance?

Box planted by Bets.

I adopted this box in May 2008. After a long search, we have been unable to local this box. Due to the fact that it was planted in a National Park, I will not be replanting. Somebunny

Skipper Finds a Home
Skipper finds himself at Cowpens Battlefield which is located at the intersection of SC Hwy 11 and SC Hwy 110. If you go 85 North from Spartanburg just follow the signs.Cowpens has a visitors center that has alot of information about the Revolutionary War. It also has picnic areas, walking trails and a great road for biking.
Skipper has walked along way and is getting tired. He finally sees a sign that says Battlefield Parking Lot. He turns left here and goes through the parking lot and sees a hard blacktop trail that goes into the woods. He follows this trail alittle ways and sees a sign that says Battlefield Trail that is made of stone gravel(looks like a road).He could continue on the blacktop trail which comes back to the Battlefield Trail but he is tired of walking on this hard surface so he decides to turn left (although you may want to follow it for a nice walk) Skipper continues to walk on this road until he sees a log cabin on his right. ( This is Robert Scruggs home,a farm house that was built there after the War.) He looks around the house and decides this would be a good home for him. Mr. Scruggs will feed and take care of him. He even has a place of shelter. He gones to the back porch and scratches on the door. No answer, so he finds a nice cool, dark place to rest until his new master comes and finds him. His master comes and takes 4 steps straight out from the back door and than 5 steps to the right.
Skipper is resting in the corner.