The Duck Box REPLACED  LbNA # 11110 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 19 2005
LocationEugene, OR
Planted ByCymruWitch    
Found By Team Springamajack
Last Found Jun 23 2005
Hike Distance?


Originally placed: 24 September 2004
Replaced: 19 April 2005

The Duck Box is back in action with a new and improved hiding spot in Alton Baker Park.

Go in the main entrance of Alton Baker Park off of Country Club Road. As you drive into the park look to the left just after you cross the bridge and take note of the gravel path. Park anywhere nearby and backtrack toward the path you saw. Go between the posts and down the main path; you'll see the duck ponds on your left. You'll stay on this main gravel path for a while, so just enjoy the scenery as you stroll Northward on the path.

The next marker you should see is a small stone bench on your right-hand side. Further ahead you'll see a drinking fountain; make sure to stay to left when you see it. As you walk along look to the lamp posts on the left. Between the second and third lamp post you'll spy a grouping of trees. You're looking for a rotten log fallen between two of the NorthEastern-most trees, roughly 18-20 paces from the second lamp post. Use a stick to dislodge it from it's place under the hollow log and re-hide well.

***Bring ink pad and pen!***

**This is part of the Eugene Parks Series by CymruWitch.