Slug Med  LbNA # 10993

Placed DateSep 19 2004
Location???, CA
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 21 2012
Hike Distance?

Status Update: alive and well as of 4/29/2012, after nearly 8 years! Thank you everyone who has found this for keeping it in great condition and well hidden!

This is a short easy walk, about 5 minutes each way from the parking lot.

This box is hidden on a university campus; this university opened in 1965 and their school mascot is the banana slug! Once you've determined what university this is, head up to the campus. If you're not familiar with the area and don't know how to get to the campus, go to their website and put the word "directions" in the search box on their website. They'll tell you how to get to the main entrance to campus.

The campus has 2 entrances. Their website directions lead you to the main entrance, aka "central campus." Do not enter at this entrance. Instead, turn left (assuming you are facing the entrance) and continue along the road parallel to the campus (campus will be on your right.) This leads you to the "West Entrance." Eventually on your right will be the west entrance. You may feel like you've missed it, but you probably haven't. It's about 1.1 miles from the main entrance. Turn right into this entrance. Continue along this road on campus, do not turn off this road. Eventually the road will pass McLaughlin, then a short distance after that the road will end in a parking lot. This parking lot requires a permit M-F 7am-5pm, so make sure not to park their during those hours. Park at the furthest end of the lot (but of course in a legal space.)

Face the end of the parking lot and look to your left. There is a gate with a sign on it that says "Welcome to the UCSC Upper Campus." The gate's slightly inset in the trees, so depending on where in the parking lot you're standing, you may have to peer around the trees to see it, but it's not hard to spot and it's not hidden at all. Go around that gate and follow the main trail (fireroad) leading away from it. Stay on this fireroad, this is an obvious trail so if you're not sure whether you're on the trail, you probably aren't. Walk along this fireroad until it becomes somewhat paved, then shortly after that, the pavement ends and there's a clearing ahead. You will have been on the trail for about 5 minutes, at normal walking speed. The clearing has a clump with a tree/bush and 3 red poles around a GREY metal cylinder. Directly to the right of this clump is a narrow trail which you might have to duck under some low hanging branches to get onto. Just after entering this narrow trail, there are 2 tall redwoods growing right next to eachother on your left. Directly behind them, nestled up to the base of their trunks, move the leaf debris and you'll find the box. Please be descrete and hide this very well, with lots of leaf debris on top so even if the wind blows away a few leaves, no part of the box will be exposed.

After rehiding the box, continue along the trail into the woods. A short distance along the trail, you'll come to a fork in the trail with 4 trees crossing overhead. Take the right branch of this fork and continue along for 3-4 minutes and you'll come out on the fireroad you started on, with the gate in sight.

For those of you who like walks through the woods, this is a great area. There are also some great walking trails leading off from the other side of the parking lot. Take time to explore the area!

MOUNTAIN BIKERS: this appears to be a popular set of trails for mountain biking, so bring along your bike if you'd like.