Tarot Major Arcana--XVII--The Star  LbNA # 10945 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 17 2004
LocationHarrison, NY
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Part of the Tarot Major Arcana series.

Card 17 of the Major Arcana, The Star represents balance and harmony after a troubled period; calm and peacefulness; order in nature; personal reflection, meditation and contemplation; intuition.

This box is located in Silver Lake Preserve. From White Plains, take Lake Street northeast. On the left, pass a clearing with a marker about the Battle of White Plains. At next road, bear left onto Old Lake Street and park in the lot for Silver Lake Preserve.

From the parking lot, take the trail that begins at about 19 degrees. Descend a set of stone "steps." Go under or over the fallen tree in the path.

You will come to a small stream, where the trail will fork. Bear right, following the white rectangles. There will be a small stone wall to your left.

Continue on the trail until you come to an area where there are many fallen trees. The path continues after you go under one tree and over two.

Proceed uphill, past a wall and a stream on your left. On the right of the path, there is a large hollow tree.

When you come to a tree with three white rectangles, cross the stream to your left carefully and follow the path on the other side of the stream.

You will come to a quiet glade--keep following the white rectangles.

Pass a small rock cairn and go down the stone "steps." Note that there are steps at about 305 degrees that go uphill--don't take those!
Be very careful when you come to a fallen tree--it's easy to lose your footing climbing over it.

At the bottom of the "steps," turn left on the trail, passing a red, white and blue "Heritage Trail" marker. You should be able to see Silver Lake through the trees to the right.

At the next fork in the trail, bear right. When you come to a stream, find a large, flat, rectangular rock to the left of the trail (the stream passes under it). From that rock, proceed 14 paces along the trail. Turn to 294 degrees--under 3 rocks, 4 paces from the trail, you will find a star.

Once you've stamped in and rehidden the box, return to the trail and continue in the direction you were headed. Follow the Heritage Trail markers uphill. At the next fork, stay to the right.

You will come to a clearing. Proceed uphill and to the left. This trail will take you to a large clearing just off of Lake Street commemorating the Battle of White Plains (you'll see a cannon in the middle of the clearing). From here, you can bear left and take a trail back to the parking lot (not recommended in warmer months, as it's pretty overgrown) or you can cross the clearing to the road and return to the lot by walking along the road.