The Rose Box REPLACED  LbNA # 10925 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 26 2005
LocationEugene, OR
Planted ByCymruWitch    
Found By Jess
Last Found Oct 8 2005
Hike Distance?


Originally placed 9/15/2004, Replaced 4/26/2005
The Rose Box has a new home not far from it's old resting place. Hopefully this proves to be a more secure spot than the last!

This box is located near the Owen Rose Garden in Eugene. Park in the lot for the rose garden and look for the entrance to the pergola with the big map next to it. Walk down the pergola, passing the many memorial benches along the way. At the end of the pergola path, look to your left at the crossroads. You should spy the Stewart bench about 50 paces away, so follow the path that leads to it. Stay on this path. If you see the Black Tartarian Cherry dedicated to Carnes, you're going the right way so keep walking. Look ahead for a bench placed in honor of Jean Lee, and take a left at it. You will now be heading out of the Owen Rose Garden. Cross the bike path and keep straight ahead on a small path that leads down along the river.

The path will bank to the left and take you along a rather stoney route. Soon you will see a large slab of concrete leaning agsinst a tree; keep walking. Stop when you come upon the Fallen Fork by the jumble of concrete slabs. The box is under the fallen trunk and should be accessible from the side opposite the slabs, about halfway down the length of it. Please re-cover it well with bark, moss, etc.

**This is part of the Eugene Parks Series by CymruWitch.

***bring your own ink pad and pen!***