The Sunny Day  LbNA # 10913

Placed DateSep 15 2004
Location???, TX
Found By ???
Last Found Feb 28 2006
Hike Distance?

This box has been relocated. These are the new clues as of 3/39/05

As I traveled through the city of Bush's Boys Of Summer I came upon an intersection. One street was named after a Count Basie "jump". The other was named for a "spring month meadow". I went east from the intersection and crossed over an old concrete bridge. Just past the bridge I turned right when I heard the joyful echoes of children. I beheld a "Kinderplatz" watched over by a group of eight silent "sentries" in front of a stone wall. In the Kinderplatz I beheld two charming "gnome umbrellas". I went and stood upon the shortest one and gazed at 192 degrees to a lone deciduous creation. I strode over to it and looked into the forest at 167 degrees. I began to walk the number of steps that represent the celebrated birthday of a young adult who wishes to taste a fine, aged Cabernet. I stopped after that and realized I was exactly in between a fine cedar tree on my left and the largest tree I had passed so far on my right. From there I looked at 151 degrees and began to walk a baker's dozen plus one more for good luck. I beheld a faint path into the woods at 190 degrees. I recalled Ol' Blue Eyes singing "It Was a Very Good Year" and found myself walking the number of steps that equal the third age he mentions in that song. I began to grow tired and heard a bird chirp off to my right. There I spied a resting place fallen in the forest after decades of standing watch. Under the west side of that place I found A Sunny Day. I'm glad I wore long sleeves and long pants as the thorns were fiercely protective of the hiding place!