Tribute to England Series #2 - RETIRED  LbNA # 10878 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 13 2004
LocationHouston, TX
Planted ByTeamKing    
Found By Celtic Lions
Last Found Jan 16 2005
Hike Distance?


This is the 2nd in a series dedicated to England and all things English in Houston.

If you spend any amount of time in England then you need to know something about football (soccer to us Americans). The top professional league is know as the English Premier League (EPL) and they have some of the best international players in the world. To find this box, you will need to do a little research and answer a few questions. You will need the correct answers to get the name of the park that this box is in. Here we go - note: all answers pertain to the 2003-2004 season: 1. Name the team that won the EPL in 2003-2004. 2. Though not an EPL team- they are in a lower division but were once in the Premier League - Elton John was involved with this team for 25 years. He was once chairman and director. 3. This team came in 2nd last year in the EPL and are owned by a young Russian billionare. 4. Name the leagues top goal scorer. 5. What country is he from? It's not England. 6. This player is the captain of the England National Team and a celebrity. He moved from the EPL last year to play in Spain. 7. Name Manchester United's famous Scottish manager. 8. This young player was bought by Manchester United this season. His claim to fame is being the youngest player on the England National Team. 9 letters spell the park name. It may or may not be one word. . . _ The first letter in last name of number 6. _ The last letter in number 5. _ The first letter in number 1. _ The next to the last letter in number 2. _ The first letter in number 3. _ The next to the last letter in the last name of number 4. _ The second letter in the last name of number 7. _ The next to the last letter in the last name of number 8. _ The fourth letter over in the last name of number 6. Once you have the name of the park, go there. Go to the soccer fields area. A main road runs between fields on the left and the right. Look for an intersecting road that goes back to the picnic area. It is about halfway down that first road. Go down this picnic area road. It will circle around at the end. Take the circle around. As you come to the last curve of the curve, you will see that the pavement continues about a car length or two straight. Pull in here. From the front edge of pavement, walk approx 27 paces (1 pace=1 footfall) straight ahead into the grass toward the field. Then turn to your right and see the 7ft dead tree straight ahead. About 20 paces away. The box will be in the N side of the bark about 5ft up in the tree. Be sure to cover so as not visible! Please let me know the status of this box: and/or log your find on Atlas Quest and we will be notified. Thanks!