CT Symbols Mystery Tour  LbNA # 10875

Placed DateAug 26 2004
Location???, MY
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

From the Dawnlanders home, go N past the 45th parallel to the dam and picnic area on First CT Lake. Just short of 5 miles further N on the paved road, turn R and go c. 8 miles on a dirt road SE, following signs to the tower. Hike up to the tower on either the Coot or the Bobcat Trail (allow about 1/2 hour either way). Climb the tower for some stupendous views. Then head NE past the brown buildings to pick up the Overlook Trail. Shortly down that path, find a chunk of white quartz (yes, just like in CT!). Take 2 steps further N, then look R to find the "CT State Bug" nestled in a little stone house with a stumpy root door. After enjoying the nearby view, please rehide the box carefully, since it is rather close to the path. Then head back to the tower and down to your car.

From the "CT State Bug" parking lot drive back 8 miles on the dirt road to the paved road, then 11 more miles N on the paved road to a pull-off on the R marked "Fourth CT Lake: park here". Cross the road carefully and take the slightly overgrown, somewhat rugged path to the right of the signboard. You might soon begin to feel as if you have been transported to another land! After about a mile, reach the Fourth CT Lake loop trail. 10 steps to the R (CCW) on the loop will take you to a balsam fir that is leaning precariously toward the border. Sit on its right-hand root and reach gently back through the branches to uncover the "CT Charter Oak" planted here near the source of the CT river! After stamping in, tuck the box back carefully under the bark, hoping that even if the tree does eventually topple over, the box will still stay safe. If you then want to say you literally hopped across the CT river at its source, just continue around the loop. Then head back along the boundary trail to your car. Hope you enjoyed the adventures!