Rose Tree  LbNA # 10862

Placed DateSep 14 2004
LocationMedia, PA
Planted ByTrax    
Found By barebate
Last Found Jun 22 2014
Hike Distance?

Rose Tree Park is located just north of the intersection of Route 1 and Route 252 in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. In addition to being a beautiful park setting, this is also the site for live outdoor music, horse shows and a festival of holiday lights.

Begin your search at the entrance to the circle of chrome teeth. Take a compass bearing of 340 degrees and walk towards the triplets.

From the middle triplet, 40 degrees to a tall blue spruce tree.

Find the North-East side of the blue spruce, and then look for a lone tree in the distance at 30 degrees.

Behind the lone tree is a passage into the woods. Follow it.

At the trail crossroads, take the trail at 60 degrees.

Follow the trail as it runs parallel to the stream.

Cross a log bridge towards the large stone of purity and light.

Continue along the trail until you come to a park bench next to a bridge. Take the trail as it bears right at 60 degrees.

Look for a tree on the right side of the trail with the year of a president's assasination.

From that tree, look 214 degrees and find another tree of the same species.

Walk 11 steps to this second tree. On the South-East side, inside a root cavity, buried under leaves and debris, you will find the object of your quest.

Please rehide the box well.