"Sophia"  LbNA # 10850 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 12 2004
LocationSellwood, OR
Found By Bookworm (WA)
Last Found Oct 13 2006
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Sophia, was a very rich Highly posed figure in society in the 1870’s. She married at the age of 16, and was blessed by a daughter a few years later. Sophia and her husband lived in Sellwood, a small upscale little town in Oregon. They bought a beautiful home on 1014 SE Bidwell, and the home is still in the family today. Sadly, Sophia’s husband passed away suddenly, when their daughter was only 3 years old. Sophia, being a strong woman, never married again. She loved her money and always had the best, dresses, hats, gloves, and all the best for her home. After her husband passed, Sophia became a stronger woman, and more involved in Politics, as much as she could. Later she became involved in the Suffragists Movement, hoping to make women’s voices be heard. Sophia gave huge amounts of money to support the right for women to vote.

Sophia would often take long walks. Across the street at SE 7th and Malden, was a forest. She would walk down the path enjoying the big trees, watching the boats on the river and just enjoying nature. As she came to a place where her friends would play Tennis, she would sit on the river side of the tennis courts. Not seeing the need to play games, Sophia had more important things on her mind. On the bench she would sit and contemplate how much better the country would be if woman could vote. As she sat on the bench she would occasionally see her daughter walking down by the river, sipping her lemonade. She wished that her daughter would have more interest making women’s voices be heard, but all her daughter cared about was lemons! After many hours of thinking, Sophia would go right into the grove of trees to a fallen log along the edge of the hill. She is still there today, between 2 logs under two branches, and beneath leaves. She is very happy that she played a small part in letting woman have a voice by being able to Vote!