Area 51 Box  LbNA # 10770

Placed DateJul 1 2004
LocationSoda Springs, CA
Planted ByLinda    
Found By fleetwood7
Last Found Jul 8 2008
Hike Distance?

This box is in the Royal Gorge Cross Country Ski area. You will need a trail map ( -- check out Ice Lakes region on the trail map) to find the AREA 51 letterbox. Hike up Claimjumper approximately 2 miles until you reach AREA 51. At this point you've reached an altitude of around 7,000 ft. Take a deep breath, and pat yourself on the back. At the AREA 51 sign, walk approximately 14 paces at 260 degrees. There you will find the box.

GPS Coordinates:
north 39 degrees 18.116
west 120 degrees 21.777

From this location, you can continue to LOLA'S LOOKOUT. You will need approximately 3-4 hours to make the loop. Once you're at LOLA'S LOOKOUT, you should walk the ridge, take advantage of the beautiful scenery.

Needless to say, this box is a 3 season box. Do not attempt it in the Winter as it will be dangerous (avalanches & quick moving storms) and you will be kicked off by the Royal Gorge ski patrol. And the box will be hidden under 6 feet of snow! When hiking in this area, watch out for brown bears*, alien beings and ticks* (Lyme's disease). Make sure you take a trail map, and do not go over the mountain to the other side. This is a wilderness area with no facilities.

*I've been informed that there are neither brown bears or ticks in the Soda Springs area. In researching, I read there is a species of ticks in the Sierra Nevada (Dermacentor variabilis). Regarding brown bears, it is correct. There are no brown bears, only black bears. My apologies for any mis-information, but I am not a biologist, only a wandering letterboxer. My warning, however, still stands. You should always be careful and alert while hiking in the mountains.

Note: this area is owned by Royal Gorge Cross Country Ski Resort (aka Foster Symes Developers). They are planning on tearing up this area and building 900+ timeshare condos, lodges, and other recreational facilities. Enjoy this area while you can. It will soon be lost forever.