Lost Feather (REMOVED BY RANGER)  LbNA # 10708 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 28 2004
LocationKingsport, TN
Found By Knit Wit
Last Found Oct 9 2004
Hike Distance?

The little WARRIOR was enjoying the last of summers sun
swimming in the lake and having fun.
Chasing butterflies , watching squirrels and feeding ducks.
My how time flies , I must go home.
Oh no ! I've lost my feather !
A brave must always have his feather !
Wich PATH must I take ?
Locate Warriors Path Park :
Head towards the riding stables on Fall Creek Rd.Just before the
Ralph Yelton bridge park on the right.Go down (14) steps, cross over a wooden footbrige.From the end of the bridge go (50) steps to a grafitti tree next to a dead cedar they will be on your left. From the dead cedar go(50) steps to where the path splits . Go to the right up over the rocks . Go past the fallen tree on your left with
roots stuck up in the air and the top down next to the lake.
Cross over a log , laying across the path . You will come to a point where the path will squeeze between a tree on the left and a rock to your right . Go (29) steps to the slanted rocks to your right . Look at the baseunder some sticks and stones.

Have fun and enjoy the lake.