Outstanding In Our Field  LbNA # 10616 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 4 2004
LocationCanastota, NY
Found By Scout
Last Found Mar 24 2008
Hike Distance?

************THIS BOX IS NOW BACK IN ITS HIDING PLACE- EFFECTIVE 6/30/05*******************

This box is an easy 'drive-by', the first one placed in a series we have planned featuring points of interest in Central New York's rural Madison county. (Keep checking New York's site list for additions!)

'Outstanding in our Field' highlights the dairy heritage that is so much a part of our area. You will no doubt see a herd or two of dairy cattle out standing in their fields as you wind your way down the route to the box site!

Puns completed, your route begins as you leave the NYS Thruway at the Canastota exit. Turn left and travel South all the way through the village of Canastota. Just South of 'town' Rte. 13 joins Rte. 5 at a 4-way stop light. The road you're on as you face the light becomes Oxbow Road as you continue South. Travel further on it for 7-1/2 miles. (Keep your eyes peeled for those dairy cows on the way!)
At 7.7 miles keep a sharp look out on your left for a large sign that says "New York State Holstein Historical Site". The road is busy at times, but you can park briefly off the side of the road by the site.

It's not hard to figure out that the plaque on that large stone in front of you is the key to your goal. After reading it you'll know that Madison Cow-nty is indeed the center of the American Dairy universe! As you stand facing the stone, look to your right. About 8 paces in that direction you'll see a low hedge of viney brush that leads back away from the road. Walk the 8-paces to the near end of the hedge, and walk 4-paces along it. Turn and reach into the hedge and you'll find what you're looking for under some rocky cover. Please stamp in discreetly. That'll be a trick, because you're in a fairly open spot, but do your best and be sure to carefully replace and cover the box as you found it.

Thank you for visiting our first box, and please contact us at claymorz@dreamscape.com if it is damaged or missing. (Please visit our other nearby Lb. Sites, "Fenner Wind Farm", and "Champlain Battle at Nicholls Pond". Both of these are just a very short drive from where you found the O-I-O-F box!)