Forest Runner  LbNA # 106

OwnerSun Seeker    
Placed DateJan 15 2003
Location???, WA
Found By ???
Last Found Nov 16 2006
Hike Distance?

I've planted a new box somewhere in the Puget Sound area:

Mystery Box: "Forest Runner"
City: ???
County: ???
Placed by: Sun Seeker

Location: This box is placed in one of my favorite places to go running. Its on private property that has public access, so I thought I'd make it a ( W ) mystery box. Besides, letterboxers are no-impact, right? There are many trails (HQ) in this place which criss-cross through forested areas near I-5. It’s a popular area (FW) for runners, walkers, and dog lovers. There is a lot of pretty (TREES) scenery and even a lake. Still can't figure it out? Are you (STUMPED)? Best do some (RESEARCH)!

"Forest Runner" clues:

This stamp is actually based on a photograph I took of my daughter while planting the Spanaway Lake box. (OK, so I omitted the little duckies in the background) I had intended to plant it when she ran in the state cross country meet last November, but I couldn’t find much of a forest in Pasco. So, I brought it back home.

Just east of the freeway on 336th, you'll find ample parking on both sides of the road. At the crosswalk, there are trails that head both north and south of the road. Take the gravel trail on the south side, heading about 160. Stay to the right twice, and then look to your left for a tranquil view of Corporate America. Stay by the lake at the next intersection and don't feed the waterfowl! Head uphill past a memorial sign and cross the road. Find the trail again and go left at the triangle. At the next intersection, go away from the freeway, but almost immediately veer right. At the next conjunction, go left and count about 15 steps. On your right will be two hemlocks. Check the dead stump just right of the northern one.

The return trip? Just wander a bit! Its hard to get lost with the drone of the freeway's less than melodious song nearby.

While searching for a place to hide this box, I found many other good places for boxes, so to quote Arnold Schwarzenegger: I'll be back! Or hey, what if some other local boxers want to find this one and add to the cache?

Send comments on box conditions to and if you are Sun Seeker, please contact us to have your box returned to you.

Placed January 15, 2003 by Sun Seeker
Status verified and checked by Rayvenhaus on 8/28/03. Box in place and in good condition.