Historical Marker 657  LbNA # 10550

OwnerKeltic Kara    
Placed DateSep 1 2004
Location???, MI
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 16 2010
Hike Distance?

Michigan Historical Marker

There's no parking on the road where this historical marker sits. I found parking on a colorful side street near the school.

From the sign, take the wood-chipped trail into the woods. Not very far...pass a slightly out-of-place utility pole, and pause at the large oak that sits a little further on the same side of the trail. Look past the oak to see a hill in the woods with a sandy path leading up it. Make your way to that path, and watch out for the poison ivy (you should be able to work your way around it).

Head up that sandy slope. Stop near the top, where two maples with many feet buried in the sand occupy one side of the trail. Down the hill you'll notice a brick building. You won't be going that way. There's water off to the west. This hunt won't lear you that way either. Instead, go north, down a hill to the place where a large, rotting log lay perpendicular to a large tree that bears a gaping, rotting wound. Yes, I know, there's litter along the way. I wish people would take better care of our natural areas no matter how big or small. Ah, well...

From this perpendicular pairing of rotting wood, travel 12 paces up the hill at 230 degrees. Notice a ring (of sorts) of maples on your left. One of these maples looks dead. It's not - it's just missing its top. Stand with your back to this tree facing west. Twelve paces away (through a couple of maples and over a log or two...or around all this if you choose) is another maple. This one is leaning slightly toward you. There's a nice little hollow on the west side of this tree, and buried under sand and twigs in this hollow is the box you seek.

Time: However long it takes - something intermediate between long and short, probably closer to short than long.

Terrain: You'll encounter some sandy hills and branches to traverse. Please watch out for the poison ivy.

Request: I'd love to know what you think of this stamp. Feel free to contact me with your thoughts. KK