Skate  LbNA # 10304 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 22 2004
LocationWashougal, WA
Planted Bypupp    
Found By Doc's Menagerie
Last Found Jul 2 2007
Hike Distance?

Note: Box reported alive on 8/3/05.

Find the skate park in Camas/Washougal. Go along the dirt tail to the right until you come to an information sign, bench, and trash can. Take about 100 steps further down the path. On the right is a small cluster of trees. Behind the trees is a flat looking box. You might wanna look under there.

This box is located outside, by water, in some trees, and by some berry bushes. In other words, it's in a natural environment. There are bugs, snakes, rabbits and other natural critters living there. I assume that you are either an adult or with an adult. Therefore, you would prolly already know that bugs bite, snakes slither and sometimes curl up around letterboxes or just cross the path and scare you, and rabbits are terribly distracting to letterboxing dogs. So, do what you must to keep safe and sane. And if you decided to leave my letterbox for another day, or never visit again, it's ok. Take care of yourself.

Many of my boxes are located on very short walks or sometimes in open spaces for a reason. I have a bad knee and can't do the hiking that I would like to do. I try to have boxes that people with mobility issues can enjoy. Many times, the hard part of my boxes is the discretion piece. If I can get a box in there without anyone seeing, then I think you might be able to get it out the same way. Sometimes I have to wait a while to get the timing down. Isn't it fun to be sneaky?

This box is a short walk and not a drive by. The path is pretty flat and easy.

Pupp (Team Nashoba)