Point Arena Lighthouse (MIA)  LbNA # 10269 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 17 2004
LocationPoint Arena, CA
Planted ByToucan    
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*** As of 11/30/04 this box has been reported missing ***

The trail is an easy flat .5 mile round trip. It could be muddy in the winter.

To visit the lighthouse, there is a five-dollar per person fee, which includes a tour to the top of the lighthouse! Its one of the few tall lighthouses that actually allow visitors to climb to the top. If you chose to climb, be prepared for a winding set of 144 stairs. The last six or so steps are more like a ladder and a bit steep and narrow. But once at the top, the view is well worth the effort perched 115 feet above the ground. The Fresnel lens is 6 feet in diameter and has over 650 hand ground prisms. The entry fee also includes a historic museum.

The lighthouse, originally built in 1870, was heavily damaged in the 1908 earthquake. It was rebuilt a year later utilizing the original iron staircase. But in 1977 the lamp went dark for good and was replaced by an automated rotating beacon, which is attached to the balcony of the tower. For nautical interests the light signature is two flashes every fifteen seconds and is visible for 16 miles at sea.

To find the letterbox, from the lighthouse take the Gazebo Trail. Follow it (away from the lighthouse) along a path lined by a fence on one side and stones on the other. The short path will lead to a meadow with an octagon structure. When you get to the structure, sit on the second step as though you are taking a rest. With your right hand reach below and under the first step to your right as you are sitting on the step. (The box is on the left side as you face the steps) Its best to retrieve and replace the box from above the step instead of below, because the plant growth below the step (that helps hide the box) looks fragile.

Additional notes:
The lighthouse is about two miles north of the town of Point Arena. It is open everyday except Thanksgiving and Christmas and weekdays in December and January. If interested, there are overnight accommodations in one of four keeper-houses that were used to house the Wickies - workers that were employed to climb to the top of the lighthouse every seventy-five minutes to keep the lamps working. For more information on hours of operation and/or accommodations visit their website at: