Swimming in Opposite Directions  LbNA # 10262

OwnerTreasure Finders    
Placed DateAug 21 2004
Location???, CO
Found By ???
Last Found Jan 7 2006
Hike Distance?


Placement Date: 8/21/04
State: Colorado
County: ??
Nearest City: ??
Number of Boxes: 1
Special Activity Permit Approved 10/2004

Walking Distance: approx. .75 miles each way (starting from the north)
Incline: most of the trail is pretty level (there is a minor incline for the last .10 mile of the trail.)
Kid Friendly: Yes.
Dog Friendly: Yes.
Time: Unsure, we had to stop many times to look at all the flowers and beetles...

Please note: This is SNAKE, BEAR and MOUNTAIN LION country.

Finding the Box:
Nestled between striking red stone Fountain/Lyon geological formations you will be provided with stunning landscapes and a momentary retreat from the neighboring urban tempo. Native Americans found shelter in the Fountain and Lyons formations. For over 10,000 years, hunter-gatherers migrated through the Front Range area, wintering in the Hogback Valley of Southeastern Jefferson County. There is evidence of their occupancy 7,500 years before the Pyramids of Egypt were built. In 1913 John Shaffer migrated to Colorado and purchased property in the area and named it after his two sons, Kent and Carroll. In 1926, Shaffer purchased this property from Frank Mann, the original owner. The property continued to change ownership until 1997 when Martin Marietta and Colrad sold 909 acres of the property.

Find your way to where a howl of a trail and the noteable posterior trail meet. You will want to take the junctioning trail - a notable posterior - upward. Soon, you will come to some very hard steps - you will want to climb these. At the top of the steps, take 2 steps forward. On your right is a hill. On that hill you will find some rocks nestled together. Here is where your treasure hides.

Please email me with the status of this box. dscott5377@earthlink.net