Crocker & Two Hands Mysteries  LbNA # 1013

Placed DateFeb 24 2002
Location???, MA
Found By ???
Last Found Aug 21 2016
Hike Distance?

Place by Rustypuff and CSCM.

These are quick and easy letterboxes with moderately difficult clues

Crocker Mystery

Go to the place named for the mountain and the greensward.
Crocker has been waiting there for you for hundreds of years.
She's Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head!

Before beginning, pick up a trail map.
Sit down and visit with Crocker, and see how many Ganoderma applanatum s/he has collected.
Due North from your seat, find the box low and in the inside corner.

Note: Crocker collapsed during an ice storm in the fall of 2002, but you can still visit her. The box was confirmed in place as of 20030101.

Two Hands Mystery

From Crocker follow the map north to the huge and ancient traveller
From the signpost turn to 190 degrees
Walk approximately 15 steps
Hop the wall and look down.

Note: When we visited on 20030101 we were unable to confirm that this box was still in place because of accumulated snow and ice. We will return in the spring to make sure. Until then, know that this box may be missing.