Bugged Thespians #1: Falstaff (Adoptable)  LbNA # 10123 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 14 2004
LocationLogan, OH
Found By shepherd of the hill
Last Found Aug 28 2006
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Bugged Thespians #1: Falstaff (Adoptable)

"Am I a woodman? ha!
Speak I like Herne the Hunter?
[. . .]
Heavens defend me from that Welsh fairy!
lest he transform me to a piece of cheese!"

"Bugged Thespians #1: Falstaff"
Placed by Froggiebaby!
on 08/14/04
Difficulty: Moderate
This letterbox is located at Ash Cave in Hocking Hills.

This box is the first of four in a series "Bugged Thespians." Two of the boxes are somewhat easily accessible--one located at Ash Cave and another at CedarFalls. The remaining two can be found on a 2ml. trail connecting the waterfalls known as the "Grandma Gatewood Trail." This trail is part of the Buckeye Trail and is labeled "Strenuous" by the Ohio Department of Forestry. [My two five-year-old sons and I walked it roundtrip, at a leisurly pace, in about 6 hours. This included lunch and lots of playing at the falls.]

Begin by finding the State Park map and legend at the entrance. Note the three color-coordinated trails this location has to offer: Red, "Horseshoe Rim," Blue, "Grandma Gatewood," and Yellow, "Ash Cave Loop."

Follow the yellow trail to the waterfall. While facing the waterfall, locate a set of stairs on the right. Climb to the top of the stairs and turn left. Follow this trail to the top of the waterfall at a place which serves as a "bird bath." Notice the lattice work of tree roots. Continue to follow the trail in a NW direction until you see a huge fallen trunk just off the path to your right. This "Sitting Tree" will be most distinguishable: aside from being the largest trunk, it will have a mound of dirt piled underneath its middle.

From the E end of this tree, take a compass reading of 345* and walk approximately 15 Paces [1 Pace = 2 Steps]. You should find a large tree positioned E to W; "Falstaff" is well-covered and hiding in the W end of its hollow.

Happy Boxing!