It Also Rises  LbNA # 10112

Placed DateAug 15 2004
LocationWaukesha, WI
Found By Teinepalagi
Last Found Feb 11 2017
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 19 2015

Terrain: Easy, but is not suitable for unsupervised children.
Difficulty: Easy

The name of this box should point you to the Waukesha park that holds the letterbox.

Begin your search at the playground area. Look at the signs for each of the play areas - what is the one age that is allowed to play at both areas? (A:____)

At the northeast corner of the back parking lot, you will notice a trail. Begin down the trail and then turn right and to head down the paved path.

After a short while, you will cross a bridge and then will see a "For Sale" sign. Record the three numbers in the order that they appear on the sign (B:____), (C:____), and (D:____). Right after the "For Sale" sign is a bench. How many slates make up the top of the bench? (E:____)

Shortly after passing (E) "Caution" signs, you will arrive at an intersection. Turn right and walk until you reach the train tracks and then take a bearing of (B - (C * E)) to see which way you will go.

Please remember to practice train safety, as trains do travel down these tracks occasionally. Walk until you have counted ((D * E) + A) railroad ties. When you are finished, you will notice an old railroad tie in the grass on your right. (Hint, it is before the white sign.) Use this tie as a bridge down towards the trees.

Ahead of you there is one tree that is wider and taller than the others. It is approximately (A) steps from the end of the tie. Hidden behind the tree is the letterbox, covered with rocks and branches.