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Note that distance is dependent on the accuracy of each clue, typically city center.

(200 listings)

Letterbox NameClue OwnerLocationCounty    Distance  Est. Hike
Little Brown Bat Adoptable Hopkinton, NH Merrimack0.0  ?
fred's dream II uneksia hopkinton, NH Merrimack3.1  ?
West End Farm Trail: My First Letterbox DocRoss Concord, NH Merrimack3.9  ?
Our Favorite Animals (4) Pidge Concord, NH Merrimack4.3  ?
Fox in the Mountains and at Water's Edge (2) Adoptable ?, NH Mystery5.2  ?
revenge uneksia ???, NH Mystery5.2  ?
A Walk in the Woods Princess Lea Mystery, NH Grafton5.2  ?
it's a jungle out there uneksia ???, NH Mystery5.2  ?
freedom in death uneksia ???, NH Mystery5.2  ?
Stonewall Jackson Choi ???, NH Mystery5.2  ?
Seal of the Mountains wandaandpete ???, NH Carroll5.2  ?
Roar Kebob Choi ???, NH Merrimack5.2  ?
Darjeeling Letterbox uneksia ???, NH Hillsborough5.2  ?
State Highpoint Series : New Hampshire Mooky & Dipper ???, NH Mystery5.2  ?
Where's Beswick Beswick ???, NH Mystery5.2  ?
Mud Season Muddy Paws ???, NH Rockingham5.2  ?
Medusa's letterbox Muddy Paws ???, NH Rockingham5.2  ?
Bridge Troll Muddy Paws ???, NH Rockingham5.2  ?
4802 Letterbox Beswick ???, NH Mystery5.2  ?
I Wanna Hold Your Hand bees knees Hitch hiker, NH Mystery5.2  ?
Moo-ving Cow Hitchhiker Ewe and Me ???, NH Carroll5.2  ?
Corny, But True The Vs ???, NH Mystery5.2  ?
Veneris et Adonidis Amor Infelix S.I.C.C. ???, NH Mystery5.2  ?
Sealed Fate Eidolon ???, NH Mystery5.2  ?
RV New Hampshire (9) Adoptable ???, NH Hillsborough5.2  ?
Tap into America! dingus&dufus ???, NH Mystery5.2  ?
03817 flutterbyx2 ???, NH Carroll5.2  ?
Zeda Pass -Bass- ???, NH Coos5.2  ?
The Toothbrush Twins J.E.S.S. ???, NH Mystery5.2  ?
Cover your Tracks dingus&dufus ???, NH Mystery5.2  ?
Cosette's Yearning MVIV ???, NH Mystery5.2  ?
The Beast of The Basin dingus&dufus ????, NH Mystery5.2  ?
no girls allowed uneksia concord, NH Merrimack5.2  ?
Peaceful Bunny Dangerous Dumptruck Concord, NH Merrimack6.6  ?
Molly Stark letterbox Adoptable Dunbarton, NH Merrimack6.8  ?
forgotten graveyard #7 - stark cemetery uneksia dunbarton, NH Hillsborough6.8  ?
music uneksia bow, NH Merrimack6.9  ?
Kimball Park mini adventure Dangerous Dumptruck Concord, NH Merrimack7.1  ?
Let's Go Fishing in Concord Wacky Watsons Concord, NH Merrimack7.1  ?
Winant Park family adventure (3) Dangerous Dumptruck Concord, NH Merrimack7.1  ?
A Lifetime of Obsessions! My Cats; Samantha foxfriend Concord, NH Merrimack7.1  ?
A Lifetime of Obsessions! My Cats; Pilot foxfriend Concord, NH Merrimack7.1  ?
A Lifetime of Obsessions! My Cats; Fox foxfriend Concord, NH Merrimack7.1  ?
A Lifetime of Obsessions! 'psych'; Shawn's Box foxfriend Concord, NH Merrimack7.1  ?
A Lifetime of Obsessions! 'psych'; Gus' Box foxfriend Concord, NH Merrimack7.1  ?
A Lifetime of Obsessions! 'psych'; Lassie's Box foxfriend Concord, NH Merrimack7.1  ?
A Lifetime of Obsessions! 'psych'; Jules' Box foxfriend Concord, NH Merrimack7.1  ?
A Lifetime of Obsessions! 'psych'; Woody's Box foxfriend Concord, NH Merrimack7.1  ?
A Lifetime of Obsessions! 'psych'; Sunshiny Fruity foxfriend Concord, NH Merrimack7.1  ?
If I Were You I'd... Team New Hampshire Penacook, NH Merrimack7.2  ?
Penacook's bone yard Adoptable Penacook, NH Merrimack7.2  ?
Oak hill fire tower blacksmith concord, NH Belknap7.3  ?
Dragonrider Visits New Hampshire dragonrider Henniker, NH Merrimack7.4  ?
Bridge to Knowledge Tj Woodbury Henniker, NH Hillsborough7.5  1 mi
Found Poetry (17) Dangerous Dumptruck Bow, NH Merrimack7.6  ?
Woof with a View Queen Bee Concord, NH Merrimack7.9  ?
The High Five Reservation Box The Lucky Queen Deering, NH Hillsborough8.0  ?
movies (5) uneksia bow, NH Merrimack8.5  ?
the wanting uneksia warner, NH Merrimack9.1  ?
chicadee captainc52 Bow, NH Merrimack9.2  ?
Two hearts One love TEAM JC Boscawen, NH Merrimack9.3  ?
Charles C. Coffin Team Liberty Boscawen, NH Merrimack9.4  ?
Highest point in Concord Dean of Sunshine Concord, NH Merrimack9.5  ?
Two Boys Letter Box two-boys Pembroke, NH Merrimack10.0  ?
Ship's Ahoy captainc52 Pembroke, NH Merrimack10.8  ?
History of Pembroke Adoptable Pembroke, NH Merrimack11.4  ?
Show Me Your Smile Team New Hampshire Pembroke, NH Merrimack11.4  ?
Polly Puffer Fish Team New Hampshire Pembroke, NH Merrimack11.4  ?
C U at Sea captainc52 Pembroke, NH Merrimack11.4  ?
Home Tweet Home captainc52 Pembroke, NH Merrimack11.4  ?
I'm a Humdinger! captainc52 Pembroke, NH Merrimack11.4  ?
Leaf Peeper Team New Hampshire Canterbury, NH Merrimack11.5  ?
Meadow Pond Trail Adoptable Canterbury, NH Merrimack11.5  ?
Turning Mill Pond Adoptable Canterbury, NH Merrimack11.5  ?
I taut I taw a puddy tat chickadee3 Suncook, NH Merrimack11.6  ?
I Taut I Taw a Puddy Tat captainc52 Suncook, NH Merrimack11.6  ?
jukebox life lessons #19 - Little Willie uneksia deering, NH Hillsborough11.8  ?
Deering Overlook uneksia Deering, NH Hillsborough11.8  ?
Lovely Weed uneksia Deering, NH Hillsborough11.8  ?
Medieval Birds Letterbox Series (9) uneksia Deering, NH Hillsborough11.8  ?
Clan Ramsay Letterbox uneksia Deering, NH Hillsborough11.8  ?
Rocky's Box Team New Hampshire Pembroke, NH Merrimack11.8  ?
Deering Town Pound uneksia Deering, NH Hillsborough11.8  ?
Hillcat uneksia Hillsboro, NH Hillsborough12.3  ?
forgotten graveyard #1 - gearry cemetery uneksia hillsboro, NH Hillsborough12.3  ?
forgotten graveyard #4 – bear hill uneksia hillsboro, NH Hillsborough12.3  ?
forgotten graveyard #3 - monroe uneksia hillsboro, NH Hillsborough12.3  ?
Fox Forest uneksia Hillsboro, NH Hillsborough12.3  ?
Franklin Pierce uneksia Hillsboro, NH Hillsborough12.3  ?
FULLER PUBLIC LIBRARY uneksia Hillsboro, NH Hillsborough12.3  ?
Small Group #1 NEW HAMPSHIRE uneksia Hillsboro, NH Hillsborough12.3  ?
Town Pound uneksia Hillsboro, NH Hillsborough12.3  ?
the dark queen uneksia hillsboro, NH Hillsborough12.3  ?
forgotten graveyard #6 - curtis robbins uneksia hillsboro, NH Hillsborough12.3  ?
forgotten graveyard #8 bible hill uneksia hillsboro, NH Hillsborough12.3  ?
need a lift? uneksia hillsboro, NH Hillsborough12.3  ?
a letter box uneksia hillsboro, NH Hillsborough12.3  ?
state quarter series: new hampshire uneksia hillsboro, NH Hillsborough12.3  ?
Fuller Public Library the Second uneksia hillsboro, NH Hillsborough12.3  ?
Loudon Congregational Church Team New Hampshire Loudon, NH Merrimack12.4  ?
The Birthday Present (3) Adoptable Goffstown, NH Hillsborough12.4  ?
The Rubber Trail Mystery B's Fan Goffstown, NH Hillsborough12.4  ?
Farm Friend agilelab Loudon, NH Merrimack12.4  ?
The Great American Frog Race Team New Hampshire Hooksett, NH Merrimack12.5  ?
Hands & Feet Bobbobox Hooksett, NH Hillsborough12.5  ?
Peanut's Pals Adoptable Hooksett, NH Merrimack12.5  ?
Turtle Xing trtle Hooksett, NH Merrimack12.5  ?
Who's There? captainc52 Hooksett, NH Merrimack12.5  ?
CT RIver Adventures Cowgirl521 Enfield, CT Hartford12.9  2-3 mi
Bone box Adoptable Salisbury, NH Merrimack13.2  ?
The Nature of Words (4) Walkin & Talkin Hooksett, NH Hillsborough13.5  ?
A Quick Quack chickadee3 Hooksett, NH Merrimack13.5  ?
A Quick Quack captainc52 Hooksett, NH Merrimack13.5  ?
let's go fishing!! (6) uneksia Allenstown, NH Merrimack13.9  ?
summer sleepy moon uneksia allenstown, NH Merrimack13.9  ?
sack race uneksia allenstown, NH Merrimack13.9  ?
Watch Out for the Carcajou Fishin' Papa Allenstown, NH Merrimack13.9  ?
jake uneksia allenstown, NH Merrimack13.9  ?
hungry? (4) uneksia allenstown, NH Merrimack13.9  ?
a compass uneksia allenstown, NH Merrimack13.9  ?
it's all fun and games and a letterbox uneksia allenstown, NH Merrimack13.9  ?
Kick Back SITE Sleuths Allenstown, NH Merrimack13.9  ?
The Beautiful Place Adoptable Chichester, NH Merrimack14.5  ?
IS IT A HOAX OR REAL Adoptable chichester, NH Merrimack14.5  ?
Fairy Adventure (3) SAM the KAT Chichester, NH Merrimack14.5  ?
Live and Let Live and the Indian Legend Little Horse Chichester, NH Merrimack14.5  ?
ARGHHH captainc52 Chichester, NH Merrimack14.7  ?
Amy's Love Letterbox Adoptable New Boston, NH Hillsborough14.9  ?
God Bless America captainc52 Hooksett, NH Merrimack15.4  ?
Rest "STOP" Woodland Poets Sutton, NH Merrimack15.7  ?
Fairy Adventure II (3) SAM the KAT Chichester, NH Merrimack16.1  ?
Among the Books Libby Dodge Bennington, NH Hillsborough16.5  ?
Rock Rimmon Letterbox 3 Purple Mushrooms Manchester, NH Hillsborough16.7  ?
The Rare Rainbow Snail Team New Hampshire Sutton, NH Merrimack17.0  ?
Pulpit Rock Bent Birch Pulpit Rock BEDFORD, NH Hillsborough17.2  ?
Balancing Rock Mueller Family Antrim, NH Hillsborough17.3  ?
der mad stamper salutes new hampshire uneksia antrim, NH Hillsborough17.3  ?
Our 3 Dogs (4) makalii Epsom, NH Merrimack17.4  ?
Mickey Meets Titus zturtle Northfield, NH Merrimack17.4  ?
Happy Birthday Reilly! makalii Epsom, NH Merrimack17.4  ?
Winnipesaukee River Trail (6) zturtle Northfield, NH Merrimack17.4  ?
Loving New Hampshire FrogiNater Northfield, NH Belknap17.4  ?
Nature Lovers zoebaby Northfield, NH Merrimack17.4  ?
Ladybug Love zoebaby Northfield, NH Merrimack17.4  ?
Ledges at Massabesic Dancin' Feet Manchester, NH Hillsborough17.5  ?
Beavers' Rock Garden Rats and Turtle Manchester, NH Hillsborough17.5  ?
Risky Gishness GISHWHES Team Box RiskyGishness Manchester, NH Hillsborough17.5  1 mi
Bug Juice (4) The Vs Manchester, NH Hillsborough17.5  ?
Under the Sea (6) Monkey Girl Manchester, NH Hillsborough17.5  ?
Out of This World (4) Monkey Girl Manchester, NH Hillsborough17.5  ?
Dick Tracy J.E.S.S. Manchester, NH Hillsborough17.5  ?
Remember Floyd Explorer Pair Franklin, NH Merrimack17.5  ?
The Final Resting Place of Young (+) Sunnyside Adoptable Manchester, NH Hillsborough17.5  ?
St. Antoine Playground: Batter Up! TuckerMyTucker Manchester, NH Hillsborough17.5  ?
Salmon Surprise! Wacky Watsons Manchester, NH Hillsborough17.5  ?
NH's Bike Week FrogiNater Franklin, NH Belknap17.5  ?
We All Scream for Ice Cream 2010 Series - Manchest B's Fan Manchester, NH Hillsborough17.5  ?
Weston Observatory 1896-1897 AntsMarching Manchester, NH Hillsborough17.8  ?
Dream Big The Oakey Doakies Northfield, NH Merrimack17.8  ?
Park Cemetery zturtle Tilton, NH Belknap17.9  ?
Knowles Pond (5) zturtle Tilton, NH Belknap17.9  ?
Love you Grammie! FrogiNater Tilton, NH Belknap17.9  ?
Going on a picnic HippieChick Bedford, NH Hillsborough17.9  ?
Bee an adventurer Dangerous Dumptruck Epsom, NH Merrimack18.0  ?
the dressing uneksia windsor, NH Hillsborough18.0  ?
Crotched Mountain Letterbox little nh penguin Greenfield, NH Hillsborough18.4  ?
Celebration Weekend KiliMama Andover, NH Merrimack18.5  ?
My Dogs are Barking 5K samurai kitty Bedford, NH, NH Hillsborough18.6  ?
Pulpit Rock Letterbox Dancin' Feet Bedford, NH Hillsborough18.8  ?
Any Path Will Do Adoptable Bedford, NH Hillsborough18.8  ?
Rogue Odor #4 Komodo Jazz Bedford, NH Hillsborough18.8  ?
The Virgin Van Loan Preserve Bedford, NH Hillsborough18.8  ?
Little Kiss 3 Purple Mushrooms Andover, NH Merrimack19.2  .1 mi
Chickadee chickadee3 Hooksett, NH Merrimack19.3  ?
Four Friends Four Friends Pittsfield, NH Merrimack19.4  ?
the source uneksia greenfield, NH Hillsborough19.4  ?
plant a troll day: tt's fairy troll uneksia greenfield, NH Hillsborough19.4  ?
Super Spot PawBlazers Manchester, NH Hillsborough19.6  ?
A Just Maple Treat snowflaker Tilton, NH Belknap20.0  ?
The Fells Bell Lady Newbury, NH Merrimack20.2  ?
Sunset Serenade Bell Lady Newbury, NH Merrimack20.2  ?
Kidder Tract Letterboxes (2) Bell Lady Newbury, NH Merrimack20.2  ?
Sunset Hill Trail (2) Bell Lady Newbury, NH Merrimack20.2  ?
High Hug Bell Lady Newbury, NH Sullivan20.2  ?
the friendship key uneksia newbury, NH Merrimack20.2  ?
Newbury Ladybug Adoptable Newbury, NH Merrimack20.2  ?
Wet and Wild Letterbox 76-cj7 Greenfield, NH Hillsborough20.2  ?
Presidential trivia puzzle Woodland Poets Newbury, NH Merrimack20.3  ?
Purgatory Falls NH Cooties Lyndeborough, NH Hillsborough20.4  ?
Police Log Series - Call #1 - Mt. Kearsage (2) Team New Hampshire Wilmot / New London, NH Merrimack20.8  ?
Loon Pond Loop loonferret Gilmanton, NH Belknap20.8  ?
Funky Chicken Mas Gilmanton, NH Belknap20.8  ?
Cow Mas Gilmanton, NH Belknap20.8  ?
New VS Old Hampshire Series (2) Maire's Facets Gilmanton, NH Belknap20.8  ?
Tubing on Crystal Lake Maire's Facets Gilmanton, NH Belknap20.8  ?
Stonewall Stream Maire's Facets Gilmanton, NH Belknap20.8  ?
A Bug's World (3) Wanda Woman Auburn, NH Hillsborough21.0  ?
Spice Girls - Cinnamon Marc and Cindy Auburn, NH Rockingham21.0  ?
people come and go in this forest uneksia hancock, NH Hillsborough21.1  ?
forgotten graveyard #2 – sabbath trail uneksia washington, NH Sullivan21.2  ?