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Note that distance is dependent on the accuracy of each clue, typically city center.

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Letterbox NameClue OwnerLocationCounty    Distance  Est. Hike
found E, G, M, 7? DMC & Team Long Island City, NY Queens0.0  .5 mi
Tug Hill As You Were- Highmarket As You Are Series (6) Apple girl II Highmarket, NY Lewis1.7  ?
Shut the Front Door Inkfamous Manhattan, NY New York1.9  .1 mi
GISHWHES 2017 - NYC Team GloriousMayhem New York City (Manhattan), NY New York1.9  .1 mi
Obscura Antiques and Oddities DMC & Team Manhattan, NY New York2.0  ?
The Quest of Troop 60939 Melissa Nowicki Hilton, NY Monroe2.0  ?
GISHWHES 2017 Team Ghostfacers GhostFacers New York, NY Queens2.1  ?
I Hate Mondays Inkfamous Manhattan, NY New York2.1  .1 mi
Oh My! A Letterbox! Inkfamous Manhattan, NY New York2.1  .1 mi
The Thirsty Patron Oracle Brooklyn, NY Kings2.2  ?
GISHWHES Team MouseRat Abhiruchi Jain New York City, NY New York2.4  .5 mi
TeamWaywardSuns (Gishwhes) WaywardSuns Manhattan, NY New York2.5  .1 mi
You Would Not Believe Your Eyes ~The Monkey Noodles~ Central Park, NY New York2.6  ?
A Tribute to All K9 Heroes DMC & Team New York, NY New York2.6  ?
Central Park crossword puzzle Woodland Poets New York City, NY New York2.6  ?
Coastal Discoveries TheLostBoys New York, NY New York2.6  ?
Halloween Adventure Q Manhattan, NY New York2.8  ?
"How May I Help You?" Kind of a WordOfM DMC & Team Manhattan, NY New York2.8  ?
Santa FE phynstar Mystery, NY Dutchess2.8  .5 mi
Gishwhes 2017 / Team Dauntless Gishwhes Team Dauntless New York, NY New York2.8  1-2 mi
GISHWHES 2017 Team Gishfoolery Squad Gishfoolery Squad!! New York, NY New York2.8  1-2 mi
Team Book of Jimmy 04:01 BookOfJimmy04:01 NYC, NY New York2.8  ?
GISHWHES 2017 Team Destination Moon ferreteers New York, NY New York2.8  .5 mi
GISHWHES Magishans by the Obelisk GISHWHES Magishans New York, NY New York2.8  .5 mi
Italian For Beginners (Urban Letterbox #1) lephantman13 Manhattan, NY New York2.9  ?
Snailed it Inkfamous Manhattan, NY New York2.9  .1 mi
New Mexico Women #5: Georgia O'Keefe Wronghat New York, NY New York3.0  ?
RMS Carpathia - Little West 12th Street DMC & Team New York, NY New York3.1  ?
Easy find in Alley Pond Park alibug New York, NY Queens3.3  ?
Flny DrewFamily ???, NY Mystery3.7  ?
Romantic Comedy (not a geocache) phynstar ???, NY Mystery3.7  ?
Holland Sweet Holland Corbinsmom ???, NY Tompkins3.7  ?
161 Steps 3Bears ???, NY Tompkins3.7  ?
Science Olympics Series (8) Sprite and Highlande ???, NY Niagara3.7  ?
Chasing Vermeer Tamsyn ???, NY Schenectady3.7  ?
The Penguin Flies at Midnight Craftymouse ???, NY Mystery3.7  ?
8 15 92 16 40 phynstar ???, NY Mystery3.7  ?
Explosion! Disaster! Adoptable ???, NY Mystery3.7  ?
A Tri-State of Mind Rabbit's Relations ???, NY Dutchess3.7  ?
Deep in the heart of.............NY Adoptable ???, NY Oswego3.7  ?
Montana Memorial Heihachi ???, NY Mystery3.7  ?
Mystery Veggie CrunchyMama ???, NY Monroe3.7  ?
Ol' 103 Funhog ???, NY Mystery3.7  ?
Gift of a Letter TurtleMcQ ???, NY Tompkins3.7  ?
A Crowning Experience phynstar ???, NY Mystery3.7  2-3 mi
Hendrick Hudson LB's # 1 & # 2 (2) eddieg ??????, NY Mystery3.7  ?
Trailblazing trio Adoptable ???, NY Broome3.7  ?
3 Clues Turtle Run ???, NY Saratoga3.7  ?
Pennywise Adoptable ?, NY Erie3.7  ?
MMM... Tasty!!! Adoptable ???, NY Erie3.7  ?
O Canada! Turtle Run ???, NY Essex3.7  ?
Moose Tracks Turtle Run ???, NY Essex3.7  ?
Bonus Box Homer We're The Phoenix ???, NY Erie3.7  ?
Time To Cram Mookie ???, NY Saratoga3.7  ?
Bat Boxes (2) The Doctors B ???, NY Albany3.7  ?
Remains of a King-aka Trex goes North TREX ???, NY Niagara3.7  ?
Have One on Me-II TREX ???, NY Niagara3.7  ?
Crosses of Dartmoor: Beckamoor Cross/Windy Post Bungalow Boxer ???, NY Mystery3.7  ?
Runswithdog Adoptable ????, NY Onondaga3.7  ?
Comedy or Tragedy? Mookie ???, NY Saratoga3.7  ?
Lotsa Latte! Songchick ???, NY Broome3.7  ?
Jay Runs for Beer ???, NY Suffolk3.7  ?
Snoop Dawgy Dawg Adoptable ???, NY Dutchess3.7  ?
Montagna Azzurra wandaandpete ???, NY Franklin3.7  ?
The Canonized Millionaire wandaandpete ???, NY Franklin3.7  ?
15,000 Finds and Still Standing Tall wandaandpete ???, NY Franklin3.7  ?
Smore Smores wandaandpete ???, NY Essex3.7  ?
Tater's Toys Turtle Run ???, NY Rensselaer3.7  ?
Teddy Turtle Run ???, NY Rensselaer3.7  ?
New York State Gem Bonus Adoptable ???, NY Saratoga3.7  ?
The pump don't work... Fluttering By ???, NY Dutchess3.7  ?
Get a Clue... and go Letterboxing Rabbit's Relations ???, NY Mystery3.7  ?
Four and Twenty 3 Blind Mice ???, NY Mystery3.7  ?
Three Bags Full 3 Blind Mice ???, NY Mystery3.7  ?
Les Grenouilles (2) Tivoli Trekkers ?????, NY Mystery3.7  ?
whiskey hollow cave (10) Adoptable ???, NY Onondaga3.7  ?
Aye! The Spirits are a Plenty Adoptable ???, NY Erie3.7  ?
LBM's Tin O' FUN(gus) (3) Niffer ???, NY Westchester3.7  ?
Basil of Baker Street Investigator Bacon ???, NY Onondaga3.7  ?
There's always music in the air kurlock ???, NY Tompkins3.7  ?
Erie Canal: Lock 20 Adoptable ???, NY Mystery3.7  ?
Moose River: Lock & Dam Adoptable ???, NY Mystery3.7  ?
Herkimer Home Adoptable ???, NY Mystery3.7  ?
Bordering On.... (2) Lightnin Bug ???, NY Broome3.7  ?
Be Happy Niffer ???, NY Westchester3.7  ?
Make Out Circle The Castle clan ???, NY Niagara3.7  ?
Eagle Scout Trail Adoptable , NY Clinton3.7  ?
Whiteface Castle Complete Loonatics ???, NY Mystery3.7  ?
Creepy Crawler in Cairo Lady_Muffy ??, NY Greene3.7  ?
GAQLBE10: Lucky Clover Choi ???, NY Dutchess3.7  ?
Wine Tasting Banjoman ???, NY Broome3.7  ?
Together Forever Fiddlin Sweet Cattaraugus, NY, NY Cattaraugus3.7  ?
Walk the GS talk 4 ladies and Lagrange, NY Dutchess3.7  ?
#1 Girl Scouts #40276 Girl Scouts #40276 ???, NY Tioga3.7  ?
Rock You Like A Hurricane Squatchis ???, NY Essex3.7  3-5 mi
Big Chief Lewis DMC & Team New York, NY Nassau3.7  .1 mi
Fill my cup Inkfamous Manhattan, NY New York3.7  .1 mi
Ski Free on Gore Mountain Squatchis ???, NY Warren3.7  8+ mi
GISHWHES Wayward Banshees GISHWHES Wayward Banshees New York, NY New York3.8  ?
A Peace Of The Universe A Peace Of The Universe Brooklyn, NY Kings3.9  ?
Sawberry Inkfamous Manhattan, NY New York3.9  .1 mi
Cake Boss (2) DMC & Team Hoboken, NJ Hudson4.3  ?
Sophie and Teddy's Place, Grooming Salon & Boutique! DMC & Team Middle Village, NY Queens4.8  ?
Forest Park "V" Tree Dotty's Crew Forest Hills, NY Queens5.7  ?
Many Attractions of Forest Park (25) DMC & Team Queens, NY Queens5.9  ?
Molly's New York Adoptable flushing, NY Queens6.2  ?
Like a Prayer Baby Bear Bristol, VT Addison6.4  .1 mi
Sprinkler Adoptable Brooklyn, NY Kings6.5  ?
Peace Not War Escape Artist Brooklyn, NY Kings6.5  ?
attempted The Spider JB Castle Hunters Brooklyn, NY Kings6.5  ?
Shenantaha Creek Park Rabbit's Relations Town of Malta, NY Saratoga6.8  ?
Little Red Lighthouse Letterbox Team Otter New York, NY New York7.2  ?
Troop 68 1 & 2 (2) YODA MOM Fort Lee, NJ Bergen7.4  ?
Crazy Canine Canoe Cache Club II Steve and P.I.T. Croton, NY Westchester7.4  ?
LIRR Whitestone Station DMC & Team Whitestone, NY Queens8.0  ?
Set Phasers to AWESOME, or Riker Squared The Kite Queens, NY Queens8.1  ?
F.O.V.C. - Urban Letterbox series #2 lephantman13 Bronx, NY New York8.4  ?
LOST in the Bronx The Kite Bronx, NY Bronx8.4  ?
GISHWHES Manticores United! ManticoresUnited Brooklyn, NY Kings8.5  ?
A Davenport Returns to Broadway Nippy & Peewee's Helper Upper Manhattan, NY New York8.8  .5 mi
NYCs Bravest in Training DMC & Team Bayside, NY Queens9.6  1 mi
Deliverance The Pakrat North Arlington, NJ Bergen10.1  ?
DeKorte Park Cahillys of Dumont Lyndhurst, NJ Bergen10.3  ?
Final Destination The Pakrat Kearny, NJ Hudson10.4  ?
Alley Pond Giant Dawgdok New York, NY Queens11.0  ?
The Dinosaur Superstar&Glubby Passaic, NJ Passaic12.2  ?
Tree of Life (NJ) ThirstyMick Nutley, NJ Essex12.3  ?
Kingsland Park The Pakrat Nutley, NJ Essex12.3  1-2 mi
GS Pride 4 ladies and Lagrange, NY Dutchess12.8  ?
Point au Roche (2) Adoptable Plattsburg, NY Clinton13.2  ?
Pike's Hill Adoptable Plattsburg, NY Clinton13.2  ?
In The Bushes matthewcat yonkers, NY Westchester13.2  ?
SCT Rock Valley 2 matthewcat yonkers, NY Westchester13.3  ?
Bergen County Bike Path South warcat76 Rochelle Park-Paramus, NJ Bergen14.0  ?
Westchester Woods: Letterbox F Millwood2 New Rochelle, NY Westchester14.4  ?
Palisades Platitudes 3 & 4 (2) Cahillys of Dumont Alpine, NJ Bergen14.6  ?
Happy Day Trail 119 Glen Rock, NJ Bergen14.6  ?
Eastview Letterbox LetterboxingLunatics Montclair, NJ Essex14.7  ?
Iris Gardens Redux The Pakrat Upper Montclair, NJ Essex15.1  ?
Sticks and Stone Mrs A Manhasset, NY Nassau15.1  ?
Liberty Hall Eagle Project (2) YODA MOM Union, NJ Union15.4  ?
Legend of Zelda The Kite Staten Island, NY Richmond15.6  ?
The Chimney Sweep and Squirrel Bridge (2) GSUSA44 Verona, NJ Essex15.6  ?
Hobbit Hole and Turtle Rock (2) GSUSA44 Verona, NJ Essex15.6  ?
Hiddeb in Hole and Squirrel Cache (2) GSUSA44 verona, NJ Essex15.6  ?
Gabriella's Flag Adoptable West Orange, NJ Essex15.7  ?
We Will Never Forget liz West Orange, NJ Essex15.7  ?
A Bright Idea Adoptable West Orange, NJ Essex15.7  ?
The Eagle and the Rock houleymatou West Orange, NJ Essex15.7  ?
Narnia of Little Falls CEOmeeting Little Falls, NJ Passaic16.1  ?
Rifle Camp Silent Doug West Paterson, NJ Passaic16.3  ?
Argus's Letterbox Adoptable Larchmont, NY Westchester16.3  ?
West Essex Trail Phoenix Rizing Cedar Grove, NJ Essex16.4  ?
CrewLove CrewLove Roslyn Harbor, NY Nassau16.5  ?
Lambert Castle warcat76 Paterson, NJ Passaic16.7  ?
Liberty Hall Rick_in_Boca Union, NJ Union16.8  ?
Acadian Flycatcher Desert Flower Woodland Township, NJ Burlington17.0  ?
The M-Song by M-Puzzle Adoptable Rockville Centre, NY Nassau17.2  ?
We are Family by M-Puzzle and 2-Wins Adoptable Rockville Centre, NY Nassau17.2  ?
walters is freakin awesome mustash and peacie Mamaroneck, NY Westchester17.3  ?
The Hidden Path The Finding Flowers Union, NJ Union17.5  ?
T Rex Spotted at Garvies Point DMC & Team Glen Cove, NY Nassau17.5  ?
GISHWHES Team Meeples CrayLola Glen Rock, NJ Bergen17.7  ?
Awesome Arboretum Adventure glemrockers Glen Rock, NJ Bergen17.9  ?
Tulip Falls (2) The Long Valley Cows West Orange, NJ Essex18.0  ?
Palisades Platitudes 1 & 2 (2) Cahillys of Dumont Palisades, NY Rockland18.5  ?
Prospect Park Trio (3) The Pakrat Livingston, NJ Essex18.5  ?
Garden to Garden wildfire5 Union, NJ Union18.6  .1 mi
Essex County Enviromental Center liz Roseland, NJ Essex18.8  ?
Shining Diamond Adoptable Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ Bergen19.1  ?
Titanic: "Unsinkable Molly Brown The H-Clan Westbury, NY Nassau19.1  ?
South Mountain Reservation The Pakrat Millburn, NJ Essex19.5  ?
Westchester woods: Letterbox P Millwood2 Scarsdale, NY Westchester19.5  .1 mi
kraP ekaL notliM Adoptable Rahway, NJ Union19.7  ?
The Maze The Sparkill Trio Sparkill, NY Rockland19.7  ?
ohcE ekaL kraP Rick_in_Boca Springfield, NJ Union19.8  ?
Baltus Roll Rick_in_Boca Springfield, NJ Union19.8  ?
Levy's little Hike Mrs A Merrick/Freeport, NY Nassau20.1  ?
Yale Monument Adoptable Salisbury, NY Herkimer20.3  ?
I Smell a Rat lephantman13 Waldwick, NJ Bergen20.4  ?
OM on the Water Climbing Tree Irvington, NY Westchester20.5  ?
Anniversary Series #7 Colleen & Mike Fairfeld, NJ Morris20.6  ?
yretemeC s'yraM tniaS Corbinsmom Clark, NJ Union20.7  ?
Goose Chase Corbinsmom Garwood, NJ Union20.7  .1 mi
South County Trailway Bill & Craig Irvington, NY Westchester20.8  ?
Essex County Environmental Center GreenFrog Roseland, NJ Essex20.8  ?
Down Under Series (5) Wingfoot Wayne, NJ Passaic21.2  ?
Pancake Hollow Series (3) Wingfoot Wayne, NJ Passaic21.2  ?
Greek Mythology Series (3) Candlewick Wayne, NJ Passaic21.2  ?
Playland's Dragon Tamsyn Rye, NY Westchester21.4  ?
Break-a-Leg Red-Hat Box'r Rye, NY Westchester21.4  ?
Wyckoff Gardens Jerseychick Wyckoff, NJ Bergen21.7  ?
Barber Shop Adoptable Wyckoff, NJ Bergen21.7  ?
claire`s letterbox RoastedAlmonds Westfield, NJ Union21.7  ?
Up the hill at Muttontown alibug Muttontown, NY Nassau21.7  ?
Mustang Mountain OUT FOR REPAIR Fighting Irish Watchung/Mountainside, NJ Union22.0  ?
Blauvelt Free Library Rabbit's Relations Blauvelt, NY Rockland22.0  ?
Proper Cup of Coffee Fire Dragon Pearl River, NY Rockland22.1  ?
Our Crew Is Expendable.... Niffer Elmsford, NY Westchester22.5  ?