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Note that distance is dependent on the accuracy of each clue, typically city center.

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Letterbox NameClue OwnerLocationCounty    Distance  Est. Hike
Key Underwood Coon Dog Cemetery - Howling From Tex Adoptable Cherokee, AL Colbert0.0  ?
Pushing Up Daisies #85 pawca Cherokee, AL Cherokee0.0  ?
Shoe Tree in Alabama Knotty Lady Cherokee, AL Colbert4.1  ?
Top Of Mississippi Silver Eagle Iuka, MS Tishomingo12.9  ?
Hellen Keller W-A-T-E-R Adoptable Tuscumbia, AL Colbert15.5  ?
Telahney's Journey All 4 Bama Florence, AL Lauderdale15.5  .1 mi
Wilson Dam Willows Adoptable Sheffield, AL Colbert15.6  ?
Father Eagle All 4 Bama Florence, AL Lauderdale16.5  .5 mi
Sail Away~AL Shooting Smiths Muscle Shoals, AL Colbert17.4  ?
The Road Not Taken The Chix Sheffield, AL Colbert17.4  .1 mi
Caterpillar In The Park The Chix Florence, AL Lauderdale20.1  .1 mi
The Lone Star Adoptable Leighton, AL Colbert25.5  ?
Enchantment from Texas Adoptable Leighton, AL Colbert25.5  ?
Mt. Pleasant Cemetary PowerSurge Lexington, AL Lauderdale37.1  ?
Texas Hold 'Em Series (3) EH5(second email) Rogersville, AL Lauderdale38.8  ?
Dipping Vat WarriorPrincess Ramer, TN McNairy42.7  ?
Royal Pain WarriorPrincess Ramer, TN McNairy42.7  ?
Crockett's Coon All 4 Bama Lawrenceburg, TN Lawrence49.3  .1 mi
Crockett's Bear All 4 Bama Lawrenceburg, TN Lawrence49.3  ?
Athens State University spark-o-matic Athens, AL Limestone57.2  ?
northpark teambrit Pricville, AL Morgan63.3  ?
Foolish Faces (9) DS Pinson, TN Madison65.6  ?
Country Backroads artfulroger Ardmore, TN Giles65.8  ?
Froggy: Boggy DS Pinson, TN Madison66.0  ?
Foolish S DS Pinson, TN Madison66.0  ?
GISHWHES 2017 Item #99 - Team Wayward Ones GISHWHES 2017 Wayward One Colorado Springs, CO El Paso68.2  .1 mi
Headstone Carves: Praying Hands Knotty Lady Madison, AL Madison68.8  ?
We the People (2) willys ranch 4 Madison, AL Madison69.7  ?
Stone Ridge Park Animal Fan Madison, AL Madison69.7  ?
Bookworm GS 320-KT GS 320-KT Madison, AL Madison69.7  ?
Blackberry Patch Hogans Heros Madison, AL Madison69.7  ?
Palmer park soccer Ram Madison, AL Madison69.7  ?
Headstone Carves: Willow and Urn Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison73.8  .1 mi
secret stach get connected cullman, AL Cullman74.5  ?
Ghost Tree Adoptable La Grange, TN Fayette74.7  ?
Webdings HELLO DS La Grange, TN Fayette74.7  ?
For the Pets Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison74.8  ?
Walker County Series- #4 Town Creek Bridge MusicDiva101 Jasper, AL Walker75.0  ?
Walker County Series- #3 Posey's Store MusicDiva101 Jasper, AL Walker75.1  ?
A Bit of Meditation wesleykey Valhermoso Springs, AL Morgan75.3  ?
Walker County Series- #1 Davis Hall MusicDiva101 Jasper, AL Walker75.4  ?
Walker County Series- #5 The Gazebo MusicDiva101 Jasper, AL Walker75.4  ?
Bushwhacker Johnston Boots Tex Huntsville, AL Madison75.7  ?
Some Big Fish Four Kings Cullman, AL Cullman75.9  ?
CASA Community Garden Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison76.0  ?
A Haunted Eve Adoptable Cornersville, TN Marshall76.5  ?
Two Stick Figures Dancing Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison77.8  .1 mi
Stars fell in Huntsville Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison78.5  .1 mi
Growing up SmoreSpohrs Hayes Nature Perserve, Huntsville, AL Madison78.6  ?
Ice box Friendly Nabors Huntsville, AL Madison78.6  .1 mi
The Five Fingers Ohio War Eagles Huntsville, AL Madison78.8  ?
Universities in Alabama Series Box#3 Wild Dreams Huntsville, AL Madison78.8  ?
Eagle Rock on Monte Sano Adoptable Huntsville, AL Madison78.8  ?
X marks the spot on Monte Sano Mt. hawke5 Huntsville, AL Madison78.8  ?
Tomb Stone Rock on Monte Sano hawke5 Huntsville, AL Madison78.8  ?
Flying Monkey Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison78.8  ?
Half Empty or Half Full? Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison78.8  ?
Take Me to the Moon Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison78.8  ?
Twickenham Station Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison78.8  ?
Make a Splash -- Read! 2010 ShieldsFamily Huntsville, AL Madison78.8  ?
Sprocket Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison78.8  ?
Rocket City Silver Eagle Huntsville, AL Madison78.8  ?
Hairpin Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison78.8  ?
Headstone Carves: Clasped Hands Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison78.8  ?
Lightning Strike! Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison78.8  ?
Herbie Lone Star Quilter Cullman, AL Cullman78.9  ?
It's a Duesy Boots Tex Cullman, AL Cullman78.9  ?
Elf Cheer (5) Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison78.9  .5 mi
The Key to Historic Denmark Presbyterian Church DS Denmark, TN Madison79.1  ?
Makers Local 256 Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison79.1  ?
For the veterans SmoreSpohrs Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL Madison79.4  ?
Animals I Have Loved: Crystal beastwith5hands Columbia, TN Maury79.5  ?
Huntsville Labyrinth Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison79.5  ?
Headstone Carves: Lamb Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison80.0  ?
Another Labyrinth in Huntsville Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison80.2  .1 mi
We All Scream For Ice Cream 2010 Series:Real Ice C Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison80.3  ?
Lily Flagg Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison80.8  ?
Dr Burritt's Letterbox Maineak Huntsville, AL Madison81.4  ?
Burritt on the Mountain Letterbox Maineak Huntsville, AL Madison81.4  ?
Weathervane - Quilt Block Series Lone Star Quilter Huntsville, AL Madison81.6  ?
Mountain Mist Trail Run Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison81.7  ?
Cluckin' in McGucken (accessible to the disabled) Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison82.0  ?
Take Your Pick #1 (4) Adoptable Lewisburg, TN Marshall82.3  ?
John Marshall Adoptable Lewisburg, TN Marshall82.3  ?
Berlin Springs Adoptable Lewisburg, TN Marshall82.3  ?
Steampunk Owl Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison82.8  1-2 mi
The Archer Series (5) Knotty Lady Huntsville, AL Madison83.4  1-2 mi
Chewalla Lake Indian Mound TerribleTreads Holly Springs, MS Marshall83.8  ?
Northern Exposure. crosscresent Lewisberg, TN Marshall84.0  ?
Art for the Soul The Dish Lady Huntsville, AL Madison84.0  ?
VISIT TN Gupta's scriptionari Somerville, TN Fayette84.9  ?
Headstone Carves: Winged Skull ST-Ranger Ryland, AL Madison85.0  ?
Bird Box 3 Ps in a Pod COLUMBIA, TN Maury86.4  ?
Gnome Dome hawke5 Owens Cross Roads, AL Madison86.8  ?
Sisters of Faith @ Artisans Cove hawke5 Owens Cross Roads, AL Madison86.8  ?
Coneflower DS Dancyville, TN Haywood87.5  ?
"Twinkle Toes" finkleberries LYLES, TN Hickman87.8  ?
"SNOG" finkleberries Lyles, TN Hickman87.8  ?
Water Fall House finkleberries Lyles, TN Hickman87.8  ?
ZEE-HAA finkleberries Lyles, TN Hickman87.8  ?
LONDON GIRLS finkleberries Lyles, TN Hickman87.8  ?
What's For Breakfast? willys ranch 4 New Market, AL Madison88.3  ?
A view of a sunset 3 Ps in a Pod Spring Hill TN, TN Maury89.4  ?
Headstone Carves: Pointing Finger ST-Ranger Gurley, AL Madison89.6  ?
Back to the Basics Penguin Patrol Smarden, TN Williamson89.7  ?
Capitol of the World Adoptable Spring Hill, TN Williamson90.5  ?
United Stamps of America Adoptable Spring Hill, TN Williamson90.5  ?
2scoops 3 Ps in a Pod Spring Hill, TN Williamson90.5  ?
Frienship Oak crosscresent Liepers Fork, TN Williamson90.8  ?
The Mouse Hole Adoptable Columbus, MS Lowndes91.0  ?
ghosts galore oh dear..lost again Good Springs, NV Clark94.0  ?
Death Mask DS Stanton, TN Haywood94.4  ?
"Find The Buck" From the heart of 68 Sardis, MS Panola94.5  ?
Team BearCat's International Traveller Adoptable ??, TN Mystery94.6  ?
Good Luck! Adoptable ???, TN Mystery94.6  ?
State Highpoint Series : Tennessee Mooky & Dipper ???, TN Mystery94.6  ?
Mmm Mmm Good Adoptable ?, TN Knox94.6  ?
A Paramount Experience (2) 4 little piggies ???, TN Mystery94.6  ?
Smoky Mountain Music The Christmas Elves ???, TN Sevier94.6  ?
Day Boxing DS Stanton, TN Haywood94.6  ?
Dude's Duds: Making Music DS Leipers Fork, TN Williamson96.0  ?
MT: Garr Overlook (2) DS Leipers Fork, TN Williamson96.0  ?
found My Missing Piece Sparky Butterfly Leipers Fork, TN Williamson96.0  ?
The Fish From Out Of Town crosscresent Franklin, TN Williamson96.2  ?
Jedi Barrel of Munkeys Dickson, TN Dickson97.0  ?
Sith Barrel of Munkeys Dickson, TN Dickson97.0  ?
Lion Fish - Beauty is Only Skin Deep DS Fairview, TN Williamson97.3  ?
Old No. 7 4 little piggies Lynchburg, TN Moore97.5  ?
The Pony Express Adoptable Collierville, TN Shelby97.9  ?
Happy Birthday To You!!! (4) DS Collierville, TN Shelby97.9  ?
Brownies (3) Brownies at the Park Collierville, TN Shelby98.8  .5 mi
Pig and Chick Gupta's scriptionari Mason, TN Tipton99.2  ?
Eagle Watch in Alabama Knotty Lady Guntersville, AL Marshall99.4  ?
Cross Your Heart & Break On Thru To The Other (2) crosscresent Franklin, TN Williamson99.4  ?
Dive In Sandcastle2 Puerto Morelos, MEX Mexico100.0  ?
Green-gishing GISHWHES ConArtists Dickson, TN Dickson100.1  ?
GISHWHES Team Gushwheat Gushwheat Gardendale, AL Jefferson100.6  .1 mi
Carrie Winder McGavock crosscresent Franklin, TN Williamson101.2  ?
Boogily by Yippie Unicorn crosscresent Franklin, TN Williamson101.9  ?
Here's Johnny crosscresent franklin, TN Williamson101.9  ?
stands for hope: rainbow crosscresent from franklin, TN Williamson101.9  ?
Tree of Life crosscresent Franklin, TN Williamson101.9  ?
church stamp box crosscresent Franklin, TN Williamson102.0  ?
"Bully" "X" Marks the Spot Starkville, MS Oktibbeha102.5  ?
Go State Adoptable Starkville, MS Montgomery102.5  ?
Gnome Day 2014: Gnome Depot (3) (3) crosscresent Franklin, TN Williamson102.7  ?
The Mason Tree Stephanie Childers Birmingam, AL Jefferson103.5  ?
Falls Mill Team Dakota Belvidere, TN Franklin104.4  ?
"Sardis Lake Golden Key" From the heart of 68 Sardis, MS Panola104.7  ?
Onix - Pokeman #95 Adoptable Lakeland, TN Shelby105.3  ?
Rugged Series (3) crosscresent Frankly, TN Williamson105.4  ?
Historic Oaklawn Gardens DS Germantown, TN Shelby106.0  ?
Laughter is the Best Medicine (MTS box one) Adoptable Olive Branch, MS DeSoto106.2  ?
Fourth shelf stamp Adoptable Olive Branch, MS DeSoto106.2  ?
Solving the Luck Adoptable Germantown, TN Shelby106.6  ?
Last Minute Love Adoptable Germantown, TN Shelby106.6  ?
Boîte superbe de Girly Adoptable Germantown, TN Shelby106.6  ?
Sleepy Cat DS Germantown, TN Shelby106.6  ?
The Boat of Cosby Lake Stephanie Childers Clay, AL Jefferson106.8  ?
Mr. Clemens Stephanie Childers Clay, AL Jefferson107.5  ?
Havin' Fun DS Germantown, TN, TN Shelby107.9  ?
St. Theresa, The Little Flower crosscresent Nashville, TN Williamson108.0  ?
Magical potion crosscresent Nashville, TN Davidson108.0  ?
Feathers n Finns Mz Feathers n Finns Normandy, TN Bedford108.1  .1 mi
Trilliam Letterbox Adoptable Tullahoma, TN Coffee108.2  ?
Fish Bubbles DS Tullahoma, TN Coffee108.2  ?
the quest The Blue Moon Gang Tullahoma, TN Coffee108.2  ?
Hidden within the face of darkness The Blue Moon Gang Tullahoma, TN Coffee108.2  ?
underneath the rising path Kings treasure Tullahoma, TN Coffee108.2  ?
A Star in the Middle crosscresent Brentwood, TN Williamson108.4  ?
The Yellowhammer box D n' A Birmingham, AL Jefferson108.5  ?
Vulcan Park drgdlg Birmingham, AL Jefferson108.5  ?
Birmingham's Statue of Liberty drgdlg Birmingham, AL Jefferson108.5  ?
We Shall Overcome: Birmingham (2) Quill Birmingham, AL Jefferson108.5  ?
Disney Lovers- Lady and the Tramp drgdlg Birmingham, AL Jefferson108.5  ?
Alabama Veterans Memorial Adoptable Birmingham, AL Jefferson108.5  ?
"I'm Falling For You" Adoptable Birmingham, AL Jefferson108.5  ?
The Blast Furnace Adoptable Birmingham, AL Jefferson108.5  ?
Birmingham Museum of Art Adoptable Birmingham, AL Jefferson108.5  ?
Brownie Troop 1 Troop 1995 Brentwood, TN Williamson108.5  ?
Troop 30172 Sloss Troop 30172 Birmingham, AL Jefferson108.9  ?
Roll Tide Adoptable Tuscaloosa, AL Tuscaloosa109.4  ?
P is for Pooka CoryellCastle Tuscaloosa, AL Tuscaloosa109.4  ?
Bradford Park Butterfly Bradford Park Butterfly McCalla, AL Jefferson109.7  .1 mi
A Trail of 2 Forests Adoptable Covington, TN Tipton109.8  ?
Blowing in the Wind DS Covington, TN Tipton109.8  ?
ROOTS of HENNING Gupta's scriptionari Henning, TN Lauderdale110.3  ?
Crowe's Foot Trail Wild Dreams Bessemer, AL Jefferson110.3  ?
Pushing Up Daisies #84 pawca Scottsboro, AL Jackson110.3  ?
The Trussville Bridge Proverbs3 5and6 Trussville, AL Jefferson110.7  ?
Hop like a Bunny Troop350 Birmingham, AL Jefferson110.7  ?
Snakes Troop350 Birmingham, AL Jefferson110.7  ?
V Tree Troop350 Birmingham, AL Jefferson110.7  ?
Heart-Shaped Rock Troop350 Birmingham, AL Jefferson110.7  ?
Where the Ladybugs Are Troop350 Birmingham, AL Jefferson110.7  ?
Tree House Troop350 Birmingham, AL Jefferson110.7  ?
Ishkooda Overlook Troop350 Birmingham, AL Jefferson110.7  ?
When the Workers Left Troop350 Birmingham, AL Jefferson110.7  ?
Car Shop Troop350 Birmingham, AL Jefferson110.7  ?
Zippity-Zappity Troop350 Birmingham, AL Jefferson110.7  ?