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Note that distance is dependent on the accuracy of each clue, typically city center.

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Letterbox NameClue OwnerLocationCounty    Distance  Est. Hike
Avery's Pond Funhog Auburn, CA Placer0.0  ?
Goggles of Fun Adoptable Auburn, CA Placer0.0  ?
Hidden at Hidden Falls #3,4 (2) sky Auburn, CA Placer0.0  ?
Once Upon A Time In Birthday Land onceuponatime Auburn, CA Placer0.0  ?
Happy Birthday 22! onceuponatime Auburn, CA Placer0.4  ?
Watching the River Run onceuponatime Auburn, CA Placer1.0  ?
Sacramento Parent Magazine #7 Adoptable Meadow Vista, CA Placer7.8  ?
CNPS California Poppy Adoptable Loomis, CA Placer8.1  ?
Traylor Ranch Bird Sanctuary and Nature Preserve sky Loomis, CA Placer8.1  ?
241 Girl Scout Fun caroadie Coloma, CA El Dorado8.1  ?
Sweet Teresey's Letterbox onceuponatime Grass Valley, CA Nevada10.2  ?
Modern Gold Foothill Forester Weimar, CA Placer11.2  ?
St. Mary's chuch Adoptable Rocklin, CA Placer11.3  ?
The Twins Doublesaj & Old Blue Coloma, CA Placer12.1  ?
Murray Dog Azroadie Coloma, CA El Dorado12.1  ?
Maidu Kittylicious PezMan Roseville, CA Placer14.5  ?
Year of the Dog Doublesaj & Old Blue El Dorado Hills, CA El Dorado14.6  ?
Woodcreek Nature Preserve Series (3) TheFantastic4 Roseville, CA Placer15.5  ?
Yankee Jim's Crossing, 1930 Foothill Forester Colfax, CA Placer15.6  ?
The Witch's Rx Captain Slick Kitty Colfax, CA Placer15.6  ?
Folsom Powerhouse Funhog Folsom, CA Sacramento16.0  ?
Owl Be Your Friend - Girl Scout Troop 1234 Flower of War Cameron Park, CA El Dorado16.5  ?
Western States 100 bonedoc Auburn, CA Placer17.3  ?
The Lincoln Highway McMarker Zippy Turtle Shingle Springs, CA El Dorado17.8  ?
FrumpBusters Gishy Gishbox Gishwhes 2017 matchroadie Fair Oaks, CA Sacramento18.5  .1 mi
aprofoundbond gishwhes aprofpoundbond citrus heights, CA Sacramento18.5  .1 mi
Eastern California Waterfall Series Box #4 Da Kool Kats Placerville, CA El Dorado18.9  ?
The Eyes Of TX Silver Eagle Placerville, CA El Dorado18.9  ?
The Path of Friendship Adoptable Placerville, CA El Dorado18.9  ?
Sierra Dog Azroadie Placerville, CA El Dorado18.9  ?
Camp Far West Mr. Lego Man Wheatland, CA Yuba20.2  ?
Coco Azroadie Placerville, CA El Dorado20.4  1 mi
Playing at the park letterboxer3000 Carmichael, CA Sacramento20.4  ?
Empire Mine Funhog Grass Valley, CA Nevada22.3  ?
The Del Oro Little My Grass Valley, CA Nevada22.3  ?
Biblical Gardens onceuponatime Grass Valley, CA Nevada22.3  ?
San Francisco Letter Express pawca Gold Run, CA Placer22.9  ?
Bucky's New Home! NancyAnne & Doug Rancho Cordova/Carmichael, CA Sacramento22.9  ?
Ruff and Reddy (2) Letterboxspector Rough and Ready, CA Nevada23.3  ?
Nutty Buddy Da Kool Kats Carmichael, CA Sacramento23.6  ?
LadyBug Trail Adoptable ThreeRivers, CA Tulare24.2  ?
Apple Hill Letterbox NancyAnne & Doug Camino, CA El Dorado24.3  ?
Landis Azroadie Camino, CA El Dorado24.3  ?
Gold Rush? Kurious Jo Rancho Cordova, CA Sacramento24.5  ?
Lone Grave Letterboxspector Nevada City, CA Nevada25.4  ?
Independence Trail Foothill Forester Nevada City, CA Nevada25.4  ?
Emerald Pools Heron-A-Foot Nevada City, CA Nevada25.4  ?
The Tasty Pasty Five Little Monkeys Nevada City, CA Nevada25.4  ?
Squirrel's Nest The Four Elements Nevada City, CA Nevada25.4  ?
Rock Creek Nature Trail Giannoa Nevada City, CA Nevada25.4  ?
near the perfect wedding spot dragonfly154 Nevada City, CA Nevada26.0  ?
Eastern California Waterfall Series Box #1 Da Kool Kats Pollock Pines, CA El Dorado28.0  ?
Kaia Azroadie Pollock Pines, CA El Dorado28.0  ?
Old Sac Landmark Series (3) Da Kool Kats Sacramento, CA Sacramento31.3  ?
Scoopy's Hive Adoptable Sacramento, CA Sacramento31.3  ?
Wonderful Pumps (2) Kitty Mow Mow Sacramento, CA Sacramento31.3  ?
Swashbunnies GISHWHES Letterbox - Green Swashbunnies Sacramento, CA Sacramento31.5  ?
A theatrical GISHWHES box Swashbunnies Sacramento, CA Sacramento31.6  ?
Yuba Historic Boxes (2) Doublesaj & Old Blue Marysville, CA Yuba32.5  ?
Bok Kai II Jiggs Marysville, CA Yuba32.5  ?
Sutter Buttes Jiggs Yuba City, CA Sutter33.5  ?
Krazy Kreatures #1 - Yuba City 8 Bare Feet Yuba City, CA Sutter33.5  ?
Yarrow's Meadow The Four Elements Neveda City, CA Nevada34.0  ?
Bike Park Letterbox Elk Grove park series Elk Grove, CA Sacramento38.1  .1 mi
Elk Grove Historical Society Elk Grove park series Elk Grove, CA Sacramento38.2  .1 mi
The Little Prince (2) sun7flour Loon Lake, CA El Dorado40.9  ?
Grinding Rock Funhog Jackson, CA Amador41.2  ?
Totem artTrekker Kyburz, CA El Dorado42.8  ?
Frog Prince DarkZen and Evil Cow Pie Arryo Grande, CA San Luis Obispo42.8  1 mi
Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge Tree Woman Elk Grove, CA Sacramento42.8  ?
A Perfect Set Sandcastle2 Davis, CA Yolo43.1  ?
The Best of Davis (5) Doublesaj & Old Blue Davis, CA Yolo43.3  ?
#teambooschey #gishwhes2017 yoyo ken Davis, CA Yolo43.5  .1 mi
#gishwhes #teamnotswearwolves Teasp00n Davis, CA Yolo43.8  2-3 mi
Swashbunnies GISHWHES Letterbox - RED Swashbunnies Davis, CA Yolo44.8  .5 mi
Cosumnes Catfish Adoptable Galt, CA Sacramento46.0  ?
Bank Robbery? Foothill Forester Downieville, CA Sierra47.7  ?
Crossroads Hike Letterbox #1 onceuponatime Donner, CA Nevada49.4  ?
Squaw Valley to Sugar Bowl Series (3) Doublesaj & Old Blue Squaw Valley, CA Placer49.7  ?
Squaw Valley Chapel peasepod Olympic Valley, CA Placer49.7  ?
Dam Raccoon PenGwen Oroville, CA Butte49.8  ?
Black Bart's Lost Derby Hat Five Little Monkeys Oroville, CA Butte49.8  ?
The Jail Bird Five Little Monkeys Oroville, CA Butte49.8  ?
Friends of Five Lakes (3) Blackvelvetrav Tahoe City, CA Placer50.1  ?
HZK HZK Olympic Valley, CA Placer50.6  ?
found Neighborhood's Adoptable Dixon, CA Solano50.9  ?
Girl Scout Troop 145 ~ "Welcome" ucanniego Dixon, CA Solano50.9  ?
Sardine Lake / Sand Pond Interpretive Trail Adoptable Sierra City, CA Sierra52.0  ?
"I Love Girl Scouts" by Golden Dragon Girl Scouts Troop 992 San Andreas, CA Calaveras53.0  ?
attempted Fashionista 1 Girl Scouts Troop 992 San Andreas, CA Calaveras53.0  ?
attempted Hunt Girl 1 Girl Scouts Troop 992 San Andreas, CA Calaveras53.5  ?
found Girl Scouts' "M" Girl Scouts Troop 992 San Andreas, CA Calaveras53.5  ?
attempted Roses & Hearts 1 Girl Scouts Troop 992 San Andreas, CA Calaveras53.5  ?
Tweet, Tweet Raven&Ink San Andreas, CA Calaveras53.5  ?
Michael & David Winery Baby Bear Lodi, CA San Joaquin53.7  .1 mi
Oak Ridge Winery Baby Bear Lodi, CA San Joaquin53.7  .1 mi
Ski Tahoe Baby Bear South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado53.9  ?
Lodi Libation Grumpy Grinch Lodi, CA San Joaquin54.0  ?
Astonishing Creatures: the Sandhill Crane lisascenic Lodi, CA San Joaquin54.0  ?
Yikes PenGwen Kit Carson, CA Amador54.2  ?
Yolo Oak Doublesaj & Old Blue Winters, CA Yolo54.6  ?
attempted Mountain Lion Bones Raven&Ink San Andreas, CA Calaveras54.8  ?
Scooter around the lake Cali3 Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado55.4  1 mi
Snowshoe Thompson artTrekker Kirkwood, CA Alpine55.9  ?
Sardine Lake Campground Giannoa Sierra City, CA Sierra55.9  ?
Jeffrey Pine Nature Hikers Echo Lake, CA El Dorado55.9  1-2 mi
The Rivals (2) artTrekker Meyers/South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado56.4  ?
I-80 Series: Box #2 Emigrant Gap Doublesaj & Old Blue Truckee, CA Placer56.5  ?
Bear Cub A-Bear (&J-Bear) Truckee, CA Nevada56.5  ?
Lake Aloha Letterbox Doublesaj & Old Blue Meyers, CA El Dorado57.3  ?
Old Highway 89 Azroadie Meyers, CA El Dorado57.3  ?
SW Ponderosa Desert Flower Meyers, CA El Dorado57.3  .1 mi
Girl Scout Troop 1631 GS Troop 1631 Truckee, CA Nevada57.4  ?
Desolation Wilderness Fred South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado58.8  ?
Eagle Lake Cavalier Manor South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado58.8  ?
Emerald Bay Cavalier Manor South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado58.8  ?
Camp Richardson Fred South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado58.8  ?
Echo Lake Fred South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado58.8  ?
Mount Tallac (2) Adoptable South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado58.8  ?
Glen Alpine Springs artTrekker South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado58.8  ?
Angora Fire 2007 (4) Blackmagic South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado58.8  ?
better together sun7flour South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado58.8  ?
Ski NorthStar Baby Bear Truckee, CA Placer58.8  ?
A Day At Valhalla (4) artTrekker South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado59.2  ?
Fallen Leaf Lake (clue revision 10-13) artTrekker South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado59.2  ?
Got Deet ? (5) PenGwen South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado59.2  ?
Castle in the Pines (2) artTrekker South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado59.2  ?
Able Was I Ere I Saw Elba Da Kool Kats Waterloo, CA San Joaquin59.9  ?
Bare Adoptable Williams, CA Colusa60.3  ?
3 essentials Adoptable Williams, CA Colusa60.3  ?
Leaving Central The Olde Oak Williams, CA Colusa60.3  ?
Girl Scout Troop #663 Box 1 BusyBee663 Stockton, CA San Joaquin60.3  .5 mi
Spooner Lake Adoptable Zephyr Cove, NV Douglas60.8  ?
Birds of Tahoe #2 artTrekker Zephyr Cove, NV Douglas60.8  ?
Missing My Cats A-Bear (&J-Bear) Zephyr Cove, NV Douglas60.8  ?
Ponderosa Silver Eagle Zephyr Cove, NV Douglas60.8  ?
Flumexed Baby Bear Zephyr Cove, NV Douglas60.8  ?
Crossroads Hike Letterbox #2 onceuponatime Zephyr Cove, NV Douglas61.2  ?
Close to Heaven Inigo Stateline, NV Douglas61.3  ?
Vacaville Vixen Adoptable Vacaville, CA Solano61.7  ?
Hound of the Baskervilles Series (8) Alaska HSM Vacaville, CA Solano61.7  ?
Sonic Drive-In RIFamily Vacaville, CA Solano61.7  ?
My Elf Self puppytrail Vacaville, CA Solano61.7  ?
Brownies Can Do Anything! puppytrail Vacaville, CA Solano61.7  ?
Under the Broke-rock (4) Pace Parkway Vacaville, CA Solano61.7  ?
Who let the dogs out? (4) Pace Parkway Vacaville, CA Solano61.7  ?
Our Family Tree Our Family Tree Vacaville, CA Solano61.7  ?
Butterfly Girls GirlWander Stateline, NV Douglas61.7  ?
Brownie Fun puppytrail Vacaville, CA Solano61.8  ?
Ski Heavenly Baby Bear South Lake Tahoe, CA El Dorado62.0  ?
Gold Fever Adoptable Murphys, CA Calaveras62.2  ?
Renegade T-Cat Renegades Murphys, CA Calaveras62.2  .1 mi
Ironstone Winery Baby Bear Murphys, CA Calaveras62.2  .1 mi
Fishing the West Fork (3) artTrekker Sorensens, CA Alpine63.8  ?
Pony Express Postmark (newly replanted!) artTrekker Sorensen's Resort, CA Alpine63.8  ?
Frogs at Play Da Kool Kats Angels Camp, CA Calaveras64.3  ?
M & M Guys Baby Bear Vellecito, CA Calaveras64.6  ?
drip, drip, drip Adoptable Vallecito, CA Calaveras64.6  ?
Chatom Winery Baby Bear Vallecito, CA Calaveras64.6  .1 mi
To The Lake! Doublesaj & Old Blue Incline Village, NV Washoe65.0  ?
Birds of Tahoe #1 (2) artTrekker Spooner Junction, NV Carson City65.0  ?
Jumping star fish Adoptable Stockton, CA San Joaquin65.9  ?
Krazy Kreatures #16 - Stockton 8 Bare Feet Stockton, CA San Joaquin65.9  ?
Gnekow Family Winery Baby Bear Stockton, CA San Joaquin65.9  .1 mi
Rainbow Brite Series #4 - Canary Yellow Adoptable Paradise, CA Butte66.4  ?
Woodfords Pony Express artTrekker Woodfords, CA Alpine68.1  ?
Over the Creek BelleandMaddy Gardnerville, NV Douglas68.2  3-5 mi
A eucalyptus for your thoughts lets make a deal Fairfield, CA Solano68.6  ?
An Icy Reception lets make a deal Fairfield, CA Solano68.6  ?
The Disappearing Lake Adoptable Fairfield, CA Solano68.6  ?
Grandma's Spelling Test #2 MO UR4Me Magalia, CA Butte68.7  ?
Rail Rider Lost Sailor Suisun City, CA Solano69.1  ?
In Flander's Fields DorothyGayle Ukiah, CA Mendocino69.1  ?
Mount Rose Summit Series (4) The Bee Boxers Incline Village, NV Washoe69.5  ?
The Henselyn Family Letterbox Smokee Columbia, Ca, CA Tuolumne69.9  ?
Sherwood Forest Funhog Chico, CA Butte70.4  ?
Froggy's Friend Adoptable Chico, CA Butte70.4  ?
X cohasset1 Chico, CA Butte70.4  ?
TheShawshankRedemption cohasset1 Chico, CA Butte70.4  ?
Girl Scout Troop 287 BrowniesOf287 Markleeville, CA Alpine70.4  .1 mi
Minden C-Dogg Minden, NV Douglas70.6  ?
Donkey on Jackass Hill Da Kool Kats Tuttletown, CA Tuolumne70.9  ?
On the Way to Graeagle Adoptable Portola, CA Plumas71.0  ?
The East Fork of the Carson PenGwen Markleeville, CA Alpine71.3  ?
Grover Hot Springs artTrekker Markleeville, CA Alpine71.3  ?
Canyon Canoers artTrekker Markleeville, CA Alpine71.3  ?
Kit PenGwen Markleeville, CA Alpine71.3  ?
Trees Everywhere A-Bear (&J-Bear) Markleeville, CA Alpine71.3  ?
Fiddle Footed in CA A-Bear (&J-Bear) Markleeville, CA Alpine71.3  ?
One Planted in Return Cadenza Markleeville, CA Alpine71.3  ?
River Ho! Cadenza Markleeville, CA Alpine71.3  ?
Before and After (4) Adoptable Markleeville, CA Alpine71.3  ?
Kirkland Frogs Kirkland Markleeville, CA Alpine71.3  ?
Verdi Nature Trail (2) Verdi Nature Trail Verdi, NV Washoe72.5  ?
Jack's Paw The Three Little Elves Reno, NV Washoe72.6  ?
Black Diamond Doublesaj & Old Blue Antioch, CA Contra Costa73.2  ?
School Days Adoptable Sonora, CA Tuolumne73.4  ?
Keep The Doctor Away Mountain Marty Sonora, CA Tuolumne73.4  ?
Brownieflies Brownieflies Brentwood, CA Contra Costa74.0  ?
Nike Missile LA-96C Letterbox geishagirl Brentwood, CA Los Angeles74.6  ?