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Note that distance is dependent on the accuracy of each clue, typically city center.

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Letterbox NameClue OwnerLocationCounty    Distance  Est. Hike
found Dolphin's Smile (3) Adoptable Bonita Beach, FL Collier0.0  ?
found Land, Sea and Air (3) Adoptable Bonita Beach, FL Lee0.0  ?
found Funfzehnten Geburtstag AllAboutMyKids Estero, FL Lee6.9  ?
Who Wins The Race? iandogmaster Estero, FL Lee7.0  ?
found Llex AllAboutMyKids Estero, FL Lee7.0  ?
Beach Box 1 Letterboxer Ft. Myers Beach, FL Lee12.4  ?
99 Bottles: Heineken BrewHiker Naples, FL Collier13.7  ?
Mermaid on the Horizon Quercus Alba Naples, FL Collier13.7  ?
99 Bottles: Goose Island Brewpub BrewHiker Naples, FL Collier13.7  ?
Tortoiseville Gopher Tortoises Naples, FL Collier13.7  ?
Dewey Storyteller Naples, FL Collier13.7  ?
Gateway's Gem KamiFami Fort Myers, FL Lee16.4  ?
You Might See An Eagle LindaFay Sanibel, FL Lee16.9  ?
The Mosquito Queen Michel LaBranche Sanibel, FL Lee16.9  ?
A Little Bit of Spanish TheAdamsFamily Sanibel, FL Lee16.9  ?
Hangman Game 79 Silver Eagle Sanibel, FL Lee16.9  ?
Swingin' from the Tower Adoptable Cape Coral, FL Lee18.7  ?
Ding Darling Bird Watcher More Great Fun Sanibel, FL Lee20.0  ?
GS Girl Power GS Power Clermont, FL Lake20.6  ?
The Runcible Spoon Adoptable Ft. Myers, FL Lee21.6  ?
Say Cheese - chef series #2 scout Fort Myers, FL Lee21.6  ?
Spirit Filled AllAboutMyKids North Fort Myers, FL Lee23.5  ?
Go for a stroll on the beach TheSkippers Sanibel, FL Lee24.8  ?
The Magical Fishies Leoma Lovegrove Matlacha, FL Lee26.9  ?
"Be Outdoors SunnyDz punta gorda, FL Charlotte37.8  .1 mi
History House Taphophile Punta Gorda, FL Charlotte41.8  ?
Old School House Apartments Omgitisbaz Punta Gorda, FL Charlotte44.3  ?
The Music Maker kesrya Port Charlotte, FL Charlotte49.0  .1 mi
Leif's Gator kesrya Port Charlotte, FL Charlotte49.7  .1 mi
Cute Mom kck hikers Englewood, FL Charlotte52.6  ?
Stump Pass KBgirl Englewood, FL Sarasota55.7  ?
Cedar Point Letterbox KBgirl Englewood, FL Charlotte55.7  ?
Oyster Creek John & Jill Englewood, FL Charlotte55.7  ?
Flower in the rough KBgirl North Port, FL Sarasota56.3  ?
Beautiful Brownville Adoptable Arcadia, FL DeSoto60.8  ?
Conch Shell Adoptable venice, FL Sarasota67.1  ?
This Boot Was Made for Chasing the Wells Fargo Wag pawca Venice, FL Sarasota67.1  ?
The Shamrock Shamrock pawca Venice, FL Sarasota67.1  ?
Crosswind pawca Venice, FL Sarasota67.1  ?
R.O.V. #19 SL Sarasota, FL Sarasota72.7  ?
Baby Scrub Jay Adoptable Osprey, FL Sarasota73.7  ?
Who's Who... Banjoman Sarasota, FL Sarasota76.3  ?
Legacy Rail/Bike Trail # 1 ardisread Sarasota, FL Sarasota76.3  ?
It's a Stretch! NotMyCircus Sebring, FL Highlands78.2  ?
the red bug swim meet Swim though our clues sarasota, FL Sarasota78.8  ?
Box of All Ages GenHarvest Sarasota, FL Sarasota82.8  ?
Myakka River Critters (2) Scarab Sarasota, FL Sarasota83.0  ?
Nosey Bee wandaandpete Sarasota, FL Sarasota83.0  ?
Red Bug Slough Adoptable Sarasota, FL Sarasota83.0  ?
Go Yanks! Adoptable Sarasota, FL Sarasota83.0  ?
Happy Memories The Shell Seekers Sarasota, FL Sarasota83.0  ?
Rothenbach Rhyme GenHarvest Sarasota, FL Sarasota83.0  ?
Indian Trail GenHarvest Sarasota, FL Sarasota83.0  ?
Hangman Game 69 Silver Eagle Sarasota, FL Sarasota83.0  ?
New Pass Beauty ardisread Sarasota, FL Sarasota84.4  ?
The Old Mill The Piano Prodigy Bradenton, FL Manatee88.1  ?
Choi’s La Ranita de Labio Blanco oldhounder & Siamese Parrish, FL Manatee88.8  ?
Eeyore of Oaxaca oldhounder & Siamese Parrish, FL Manatee88.8  ?
Lucky Head SweetCupcake Bradenton, FL Manatee88.9  ?
Bad Kitty SweetCupcake Bradenton, FL Manatee88.9  ?
The Dotted Turtle fanoflucy Bradenton, FL Manatee88.9  ?
Sam's Hat kilroy Longboat Key, FL Sarasota91.9  ?
Schnozzola kilroy Longboat Key, FL Manatee91.9  ?
Devonpeter-Personal Traveller Devonpeter ???, FL Mystery93.0  ?
Devonpeter Personal Traveller Devonpeter ???, FL Mystery93.0  ?
State Highpoint Series : Florida Mooky & Dipper ???, FL Mystery93.0  ?
Yarrr!! Adoptable ???, FL Pinellas93.0  ?
The Intrepid Spaceman Spiff HH Adoptable ???, FL Mystery93.0  ?
Seagate Adoptable ???, FL Mystery93.0  ?
Gnome Tyke Adoptable ???, FL Hillsborough93.0  ?
The Traveller bootcamp ???, FL Lee93.0  ?
Island Pride Cane Syrup Adoptable ???, FL Collier93.0  ?
SGFDHM Series: Bonus Box - Ponyo on the Cliff Moo Poo ???, FL Escambia93.0  ?
Orlando Playground Collection: Are You My Mother? Moo Poo ???, FL Orange93.0  ?
Orlando Playground Collection: Good Night Moon Bon Moo Poo ???, FL Orange93.0  ?
Orlando Playground Collection: Harold and the Purp Moo Poo ???, FL Orange93.0  ?
Bk's Birthday HH Traveller!! BkandTheCity ???, FL Palm Beach93.0  ?
Crush Dragon Breath Wellington, FL Palm Beach93.1  ?
Mr. Birch's Hammock alittlebitoff Sunrise, FL Broward93.4  ?
Ogle an Eagle Adoptable Pembroke Pines, FL Broward93.6  ?
Ballard Series: Durrance & Huston NTD 2007 Porcupine Power Bradenton, FL Manatee93.9  ?
Fairy man takes a walk Ya Ya Mommy Bradenton, FL Manatee93.9  ?
Oneco's Panther Pride z00 Bradenton, FL Manatee93.9  ?
The Happy Acorn Jack Craft Bradenton, FL Manatee93.9  ?
The Scouts' A B Cs (box 1 of the series) SweetCupcake Bradenton, FL Manatee93.9  ?
Lucky Star Girl Scout SweetCupcake Bradenton, FL Manatee93.9  ?
The Scouts ABCs (box 5 in the series) SweetCupcake Bradenton, FL Manatee93.9  ?
number1doglover number1doglover bradenton, FL Manatee93.9  ?
HLew's Happy Place HLew Bradenton, FL Manatee94.3  ?
Tree Tops Park Hiking & Letterboxing GirlScoutsRuleinFlorida Davie, FL Broward94.9  .5 mi
Laze's "Greetings from Leominster, MA" oldhounder & Siamese Parrish, FL Manatee95.0  ?
Hangman Game 70 Silver Eagle Parrish, FL Manatee95.0  ?
Retail Therapy Skye Boat Sunrise, FL Broward95.1  ?
Mama's little treasure scarecrow Wellington, FL Palm Beach96.8  ?
kisses for Mom scarecrow Wellington, FL Palm Beach96.8  ?
Ya-Yas 2014 RedSwan Frostproof, FL Polk96.8  ?
The Boy Who Cried Wolf alittlebitoff Plantation, FL Broward96.9  ?
My Little Buttercup (2) Skye Boat Plantation, FL Broward96.9  ?
Audiology Awareness Month 2010 Skye Boat Plantation, FL Broward96.9  ?
Ginger & Spice and Everything Nice Zingiber Davie, FL Broward97.7  ?
Ocean Twins Zingiber Davie, FL Broward97.7  ?
The Little Hoarder (4) FigmentSeeker Davie, FL Broward97.7  ?
Lion Rampant Skye Boat Davie, FL Broward97.7  ?
Lancelot, Gallahad, and I... Skye Boat Davie, FL Broward97.7  ?
Ernie the Egret Goes Home Adoptable Holmes Beach, FL Manatee98.4  ?
The Big Apple Dragon Breath Royal Palm Beach, FL Palm Beach98.7  ?
The Tradewinds Disc Golf Letterbox Adoptable Cocoacut Creek, FL Broward99.3  ?
Don't get caught in the honey pot! alittlebitoff Florida City, FL Dade101.6  ?
Cheeseheads in Paradise Wisconsin Hiker Sun City Center, FL Hillsborough101.6  5-8 mi
Brownies of Troop 10618 Bette Hochberger Hollywood, FL Broward101.8  ?
First One for the Brownies! brownies20192 West Palm Beach, FL Palm Beach102.0  ?
Disney Dream Loveable kids sun city, FL Hillsborough102.1  ?
Gopher Tortoise and Friends Wisconsin Hiker Ruskin, FL Hillsborough102.3  1 mi
Kapok Letterbox Libert Ft Lauderdale, FL Broward102.5  ?
The Graveyard Wall Adoptable Fort Lauderdale, FL Broward102.5  ?
Hey Diddle Diddle alittlebitoff Fort Lauderdale, FL Broward102.5  ?
FRIENDLY RACCOON Adoptable Fort Lauderdale, FL Broward102.5  ?
EASTERlin-ly_down for repair A.M.A. and ANT Fort Lauderdale, FL Broward102.9  ?
Jardin de Mariposas Adoptable Coral Gables, FL Dade103.1  ?
SHIPS AHOY FIREFOOT Dania Beach, FL Broward103.3  ?
TURTLE IN THE TRENCHES (2) FIREFOOT Dania Beach, FL Broward103.3  ?
Miami Springs (2) Adoptable Miami, FL Dade103.6  ?
Vizcaya! Lost Princess Miami, FL Dade103.6  ?
Passport To Europe Lost Princess Miami, FL Dade103.6  ?
Work All Day (2) Skye Boat Hollywood, FL Broward103.6  ?
Senioritis: The Final Countdown swimcd Kendall, FL Dade103.6  ?
Fishhawk's First Vandernise1 Lithia, FL Hillsborough104.7  ?
Chuck's Watering Hole Kirbert Luraville, FL Suwannee104.8  ?
Yippee! Kirbert Luraville, FL Suwannee104.8  ?
Helping Hawks Hawks Fun North Miami, FL Dade104.9  .5 mi
Arch Creek Park Letterbox Trail (3) Rivera Family North Miami, FL Dade104.9  .5 mi
Moonstone Adoptable Boca Raton, FL Palm Beach105.0  ?
Swimming to the Sargassum Adoptable Boca Raton, FL Palm Beach105.0  ?
Best Dog Ever Three Rivers Boca Raton, FL Palm Beach105.0  ?
Come Rain, Sleet Or Snow... Hugo Nyow Delray Beach, FL Palm Beach105.0  ?
Signs of a Good Time (6) cuppie Ruskin, FL Hillsborough105.6  ?
Dancing Frog Dancing Frog Delray Beach, FL Palm Beach105.6  ?
Motörhead's Motorboat Creeping Death Miami, FL Dade105.7  ?
Blood's Hammock Groves Rick_in_Boca Delray Beach, FL Palm Beach105.9  ?
Gopher Tortoise Letterbox Sojourner Boynton Beach, FL Palm Beach106.2  ?
Hangman Game 68 Silver Eagle Apollo Beach, FL Hillsborough106.4  ?
lexi's follies hotdog Stuart, FL Martin106.6  ?
elephant butterfly Girl Scouts 3522 Lithia, FL Hillsborough107.2  .5 mi
Gateway & Trails Soaring High bartow, FL Polk107.7  ?
Out of the Park SwanMama Bartow, FL Polk107.7  ?
Evander M Law NotMyCircus Bartow, FL Polk107.7  ?
Fish, Birds & Bugs (3) bogeybill Mulberry, FL Polk108.2  ?
St Anne's Shrine NotMyCircus Lake Wales, FL Polk108.3  ?
Cow Camp Hidey Hole Adoptable Lake Wales, FL Polk108.6  ?
Florida Orange Juice NotMyCircus Lake Wales, FL Polk108.6  ?
Ahhhhhh..... Kirbert Lower Bridge, FL Wakulla108.8  ?
Pineapple Trouble Jayanjas Port St. Lucie, FL St. Lucie109.1  ?
Forbidden Fruit Lost Princess Port Saint Lucie, FL St. Lucie109.1  ?
MIA airport Creeping Death Miami, FL Dade109.3  ?
Cat Lost In Park Ramen Lamb St. Petersburg, FL Pinellas109.5  ?
Boyd Hill Park Letterbox geo girl St. Petersburg, FL Pinellas109.7  ?
Green Eggs And Ham At Grassy Waters Preserve Lost Princess West Palm Beach, FL Palm Beach109.8  ?
A Father's Deer Moment Adoptable West Palm Beach, FL Palm Beach109.8  ?
Dog Scout Day: Duffy the Golden NotMyCircus Lakeland, FL Polk110.4  ?
Ocean Reef sandilee Riviera Beach, FL Palm Beach110.5  ?
Boiled Peanuts Wisconsin Hiker Riverview, FL Hillsborough110.7  1-2 mi
GISHWHES 2017 Team PiratesofMaddness GISHWHES PiratesoMaddness St Petersburg, FL Pinellas110.7  .1 mi
Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch NotMyCircus Durant, FL Hillsborough111.0  ?
Snorkeling Adventure Wisconsin Hiker North Palm Beach, FL Palm Beach111.5  .5 mi
Keri's Box IvoryButterfly Jupiter, FL Palm Beach111.9  ?
To The Bat Cave! Riverbend Park Lost Princess Jupiter, FL Palm Beach111.9  ?
Quiet Place Goes To Jupiter Lost Princess Jupiter, FL Palm Beach111.9  ?
Wildlife Rescue Mission (2) Lost Princess Jupiter, FL Palm Beach111.9  ?
Swimming with the Fishes Sult and Taz Jupiter, FL Palm Beach111.9  ?
J C Whittle Kirbert Juniper, FL Gadsden111.9  .1 mi
Hammered! (5) NotMyCircus Plant City, FL Hillsborough112.2  ?
Haslam's Books Florida Sunsets St. Petersburg, FL Pinellas112.4  ?
Fort De Soto Crajan St. Petersburg, FL Pinellas112.4  ?
coffee pot bayou butterfly st. petersburg, FL Pinellas112.4  ?
Boyd Hill's Hidden Creatures (3) (3) The Nargles St. Petersburg, FL Pinellas112.4  ?
Walk Around the Lake Adoptable St. Petersburg, FL Pinellas112.4  ?
Lions, Tigers and Bears (2) Chilly Willy Hobe Sound, FL Martin112.9  ?
A Castle By The Sea Gets A Home Equity Loan Lost Princess Juno Beach, FL Palm Beach113.0  ?
Where Everybody Knows Your Name (3) NotMyCircus Lakeland, FL Polk113.1  ?
Sailing Marina Cay Baby Bear Marina Cay, BVI British Virgin Islands113.4  ?
Hidey Hole II Jack Craft Lake Wales, FL Polk113.5  ?
Little Annie's Secret Treasure Box ANNIE'SPAPA HOBE SOUND, FL Martin113.6  ?
JimJim Chilly Willy Hobe Sound, FL Martin113.9  ?
Gishwhes 2017- Mother of Chuck DemiGisher Brandon, FL Hillsborough114.2  .1 mi
Double Double, Toil and Trouble (7) RedSwan Lakeland, FL Polk114.6  ?
Undercover in Lakeland bogeybill Lakeland, FL Polk114.7  ?
The Tortoise and The Hare (2) NotMyCircus Lakeland, FL Polk114.9  ?
Martian Letterboxhunter canterburycrusader St Petersburg, FL, FL Pinellas115.0  1 mi
Panda Treasure canterburycrusader st petersburg, FL, FL Pinellas115.0  1 mi
Go Big Blue! canterburycrusader St Petersburg, FL, FL Pinellas115.0  .5 mi
Winter Haven (2) NotMyCircus Winter Haven, FL Polk115.4  ?
Kitchen Kitsch (8) NotMyCircus Winter Haven, FL Polk115.4  ?
GISHWHES 2017 - Swansong Walk-away-renee Saint Petersburg, FL Pinellas115.4  .1 mi
Playground Extravaganza Dockins8 Brandon, FL Hillsborough115.7  ?
Gator Head NotMyCircus Winter Haven, FL Polk115.8  ?
The Pirate kilroy Treasure Island, FL Pinellas116.1  ?
Sunset Over the Beach kilroy Treasure Island, FL Pinellas116.1  ?
Edward Scissorhands NotMyCircus Lakeland, FL Polk116.2  ?