Western New York Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Camp Alfred / BicentennialCamp AlfredAlfred Station, NYAllegany
Canaseraga Fall HarvestmaggiedoodleCanaseraga, NY, NYAllegany
Holliday Inn (2)maggiedoodleCanseraga, NYAllegany
Campus Crusades.Dragon Master.Houghton, NYAllegany
Treasure of the Keebler ElvespokemasterHoughton, NYAllegany
Alleghany Headwaters OleanFiddlin SweetOlean, NYAllegany
Ellie's BlossomsThe Go-TogethersRushford, NYAllegany
LothlórienThe Go-TogethersRushford, NYAllegany
Moss FairyThe Go-TogethersRushford, NYAllegany
No Longer LostThe Go-TogethersRushford, NYAllegany
Rushford LakeThe Go-TogethersRushford, NYAllegany
Sunset View - RushfordThe Go-TogethersRushford, NYAllegany
The 3 R'spokemasterRushford / Olean, NYAllegany
Enjoy the View, West Almond, NYhilltopWest Almond, NYAllegany
Bordering On.... (2)Lightnin Bug???, NYBroome
Lotsa Latte!Songchick???, NYBroome
Trailblazing trioBibliochickMS???, NYBroome
Wine TastingBanjoman???, NYBroome
Koo KooseSilent DougArctic, NYBroome
Angel Pets (2)BibliochickEHBinghamton, NYBroome
B-MetsBibliochickMSBinghamton, NYBroome
Binghamton's busiest 'boxers (3)BibliochickMSBinghamton, NYBroome
Monkeys TypingBanjomanBinghamton, NYBroome
OgaritaBibliochickMSBinghamton, NYBroome
Requiescant in pace - IXNifferBinghamton, NYBroome
Whispers of the Past - Spring Forest CemetarySongchickBinghamton, NYBroome
Wolfe ParkBibliochickMSBinghamton, NYBroome
Whispers of the Past - Holy Spirit CemetarySongchickChenango, NYBroome
I'm Soaring HighRipraffEndicott, NYBroome
The Sunset FlowerartgorillaEndicott, NYBroome
Scary Vegetables NY (8)BibliochickMSEndwell, NYBroome
Tiger Pride (2)Medic465Endwell, NYBroome
Wiggle's First CampoutSongchickFenton, NYBroome
Finch HollowSilent DougJohnson City, NYBroome
Floral Park Cemetery (3)BibliochickMSJohnson City, NYBroome
JC WildcatsBibliochickMSJohnson City, NYBroome
Richard’s Athletic EquipmentBibliochickMSJohnson City, NYBroome
Speaking Fire at StonesLightnin BugJohnson City, NYBroome
Whispers of the Past - Calvary CemetarySongchickJohnson City, NYBroome
Irish BlessingAdoptableLisle, NYBroome
Bird-houseHeBeGeBeMaine, NYBroome
The Little THeBeGeBeMaine, NYBroome
B.U.tterflySongchickVestal, NYBroome
Batter Up!!!SongchickVestal, NYBroome
Broome County Hitchhiker HostelSongchickVestal, NYBroome
Good Eats #1 - Coffee CabinSongchickVestal, NYBroome
Good Eats #2 - BG'sSongchickVestal, NYBroome
NY - a Winter Wonderland - Box #3 Snow SquallsSongchickVestal, NYBroome
NY - A Winter Wonderland Box #1- Snow FlurriesSongchickVestal, NYBroome
NY - a Winter Wonderland Box #2 ... Snow ShowersSongchickVestal, NYBroome
NY - a Winter Wonderland Box #4 - Snow StormSongchickVestal, NYBroome
Screaming Pink MingosSongchickVestal, NYBroome
The Bear Came Over The MountainRipraffVestal, NYBroome
The Bog of Eternal StenchSongchickVestal, NYBroome
The Greatest Voyage in the History of Plastictaffeta & linenVestal, NYBroome
What's really out there?BibliochickMSVestal, NYBroome
Whispers of the Past - Vestal HillsSongchickVestal, NYBroome
Serpent’s BoxEMF TrekkersWindsor, NYBroome
all the world's a stagehide n' sneakersashford hollow, NYCattaraugus
Together ForeverFiddlin SweetCattaraugus, NY, NYCattaraugus
PeepersTeam DakotaDayton, NYCattaraugus
True Love in OttoFiddlin SweetOtto, NY, NYCattaraugus
Weekend GetawayTeam DakotaRandolph, NYCattaraugus
30th birthday weekend!Hansel and Gretylsalamanca, NYCattaraugus
Beehunter StingersEarthScouts FindersSalamanca, NYCattaraugus
creekside chicks encorehattrickcardssalamanca, NYCattaraugus
D-Bee HappyD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesSalamanca, NYCattaraugus
I'll be Dammed!prospectorSalamanca, NYCattaraugus
Memorial Day WeekendHansel and GretylSalamanca, NYCattaraugus
Quaker HoopsBear ClawSalamanca, NYCattaraugus
Rosealina The Rose SisterThe Sisterssalamanca, NYCattaraugus
V-Quaker LakeD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesSalamanca, NYCattaraugus
W-Bay State RoadD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesSalamanca, NYCattaraugus
X-Red House Bike PathD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesSalamanca, NYCattaraugus
D's Sea Creatures-Sea TurtleD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesSouth Valley, NYCattaraugus
As the Crow Flies..Lock WenchAuburn, NYCayuga
Hook That Bass!Lock WenchAuburn, NYCayuga
HoneymoonLock WenchAurora, NYCayuga
More MousebaitmkpFAir Haven, NYCayuga
Sterling Nature Center (5)CraftymouseFair Haven, NYCayuga
Hojack Trail #2, #3 and #4 (3)mkpHannibal, NYCayuga
13th President - Millard FillmoreCouple of CooksMoravia, NYCayuga
Calvin Snowman #1Lock WenchMoravia, NYCayuga
Calvin's Letterbox #3Lock WenchMoravia, NYCayuga
Calvin's Snowman #2Lock WenchMoravia, NYCayuga
Carpenter's Falls (2)Couple of CooksMoravia, NYCayuga
Dry Creek Cemeterykelbons and co.Moravia, NYCayuga
Millard FillmoreLock WenchMoravia, NYCayuga
Millard Fillmore's Boyhood Homekelbons and co.Moravia, NYCayuga
Our Thirteenth Presidentkelbons and co.Moravia, NYCayuga
South Skaneateles #4 - New Hope MillsCouple of CooksMoravia, NYCayuga
Swamp BearJayanjasMoravia, NYCayuga
The CowshedsLock WenchMoravia, NYCayuga
Tall TailsLock WenchPort Byron, NYCayuga
Bear Swamp State ForestLock WenchSempronius, NYCayuga
An Accidental Birdwatcher (5)CraftymouseSeneca Falls, NYCayuga
Three Mice (3)CraftymouseSterling, NYCayuga
Warwick CourtiersPadfoot TreehuggersSterling, NYCayuga
Primoris ArcaDumas???, NYChautauqua
Z-Marden Cobb Waterway TrailD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesAkeley PA, NYChautauqua
M-Dobbins Woods Nature PreserveD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesAshville, NYChautauqua
D's Sea Creatures-OctopusD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesBarcelona, NYChautauqua
Not Waving But DrowningMitchener FamBarcelona, NYChautauqua
A-Follow The Red Brick RoadD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesChautauqua, NYChautauqua
Knight's TourDagonellChautauqua, NYChautauqua
WCB-CHQBikeawayChautauqua, NYChautauqua
Say CheeseMitchener FamDewittville, NYChautauqua
D's Sea Creatures-CrabD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesDunkirk, NYChautauqua
F-Clay Pond RoadD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesFalconer, NYChautauqua
E-Scenic Lake ViewD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesFrewsburg, NYChautauqua
Frewsburg Historic MarkersRuss6mFrewsburg, NYChautauqua
R-Earl Cardot East Overland TrailD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesGerry, NYChautauqua
B-JCC College ParkD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesJamestown, NYChautauqua
C-Bergman ParkD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesJamestown, NYChautauqua
G-Roger Tory PetersonD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesJamestown, NYChautauqua
H-Chadakoin ParkD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesJamestown, NYChautauqua
I-Roger Tory Peterson 2D's D'Alphabet Of BoxesJamestown, NYChautauqua
J-Allen ParkD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesJamestown, NYChautauqua
K-Jamestown AudobonD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesJamestown, NYChautauqua
Little BluebirdDagonellJamestown, NYChautauqua
Lost Artist Series "It's All Good"Mitchener FamJamestown, NYChautauqua
O-JCC College Park 2D's D'Alphabet Of BoxesJamestown, NYChautauqua
P-Bentley SanctuaryD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesJamestown, NYChautauqua
Q-Emory ParkD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesJamestown, NYChautauqua
S-Bergman Park 2D's D'Alphabet Of BoxesJamestown, NYChautauqua
T-Bergman Park 3D's D'Alphabet Of BoxesJamestown, NYChautauqua
U-Jamestown Audobon 2D's D'Alphabet Of BoxesJamestown, NYChautauqua
Y-Jamestown Audobon 3D's D'Alphabet Of BoxesJamestown, NYChautauqua
You Don't Belong HereMitchener FamJamestown, NYChautauqua
Lie BuriedMitchener FamLakewood, NYChautauqua
Midway ParkNikki's FamilyMaple Springs, NYChautauqua
N-Rails To Trails MayvilleD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesMayville, NYChautauqua
D's Sea Creatures-SeahorseD's D'Alphabet Of BoxesNorth Harmony, NYChautauqua
Lake Erie PicnicKiddy WriterPortland, NYChautauqua
Luensman OverlookKiddy WriterPortland, NYChautauqua
lovethecountrystamping treasuresBeaver Dams, NYChemung
Ducks on the PondHer3His2HappyHappyHappyBig Flats, NYChemung
Harris HillJeLyBeanBig Flats, NYChemung
Runonveakelbons and co.Big Flats, NYChemung
Chemung River (2)WilykatElmira, NYChemung
Eldrige ParkspotsmomElmira, NYChemung
Elmira Amphigorey (3)kurlockElmira, NYChemung
Elmira Drive-Inkelbons and co.Elmira, NYChemung
L.O.S.T. Snapshots (4)kurlockElmira, NYChemung
Let Our Family Take Care of Yourskelbons and co.Elmira, NYChemung
Live Love readWilykatElmira, NYChemung
LOST Flying LogbookBanjomanElmira, NYChemung
Mount SaviourkurlockElmira, NYChemung
Black BearBanjomanGreene, NYChenango
Ribbitt Riddlescnorum2Oxford, NYChenango
Between trail and riverRogers Ed. CenterSherburne, NYChenango
Don't Cut This Tree Down!Rogers Ed. CenterSherburne, NYChenango
Don't Cut This Tree Down!Rogers Ed. CenterSherburne, NYChenango
Fallen tree, fallen treeRogers Ed. CenterSherburne, NYChenango
The Great Pumpkin (Cortland)Red Barn PhotosCortland, NYCortland
Bounding BunniesLock WenchHomer, NYCortland
Glen Haven One Room SchoolCouple of CooksHomer, NYCortland
Hop, Skip and Jump!Lock WenchHomer, NYCortland
Imagine HawaiiAdoptableHomer, NYCortland
Lucky 13Lock WenchHomer, NYCortland
Mother's Day FlowersLock WenchHomer, NYCortland
Scott ParkCouple of CooksHomer, NYCortland
Skaneateles Lake OverlookCouple of CooksHomer, NYCortland
Smell My HandLock WenchHomer, NYCortland
South Skaneateles #1 - High VistaCouple of CooksHomer, NYCortland
South Skaneateles #2 - Glen HavenCouple of CooksHomer, NYCortland
South Skaneateles #3 - Grout BrookCouple of CooksHomer, NYCortland
Something's Fishy in New YorkSmiling ChickensLittle York, NYCortland
Fossil DomeLock WenchSouth Cortland, NYCortland
Lime HollowLock WenchSouth Cortland, NYCortland
Tinker FallsLock WenchTully, NYCortland
Pennywisechadams2691?, NYErie
Aye! The Spirits are a Plentysugarpops 'n teachuh???, NYErie
Bonus Box HomerWe're The Phoenix???, NYErie
Eeyore's TailPadfoot Treehuggers???, NYErie
MMM... Tasty!!!chadams2691???, NYErie
O.H.D.Padfoot Treehuggers???, NYErie
MST3K LBSprite and HighlandeAkron, NYErie
Murder CreekLock WenchAkron, NYErie
Farthest NorthThe Go-TogethersAlbion, NYErie
An Expotition to the Hundred Acre Wood series (7)Padfoot TreehuggersAmherst, NYErie
Blue's CluesWe're The PhoenixAmherst, NYErie
Buffalo WingsDagonellAmherst, NYErie
Competitors (2)We're The PhoenixAmherst, NYErie
Conversation with SmaugThe Go-TogethersAmherst, NYErie
Earth DayPadfoot TreehuggersAmherst, NYErie
Food LionTeam DakotaAmherst, NYErie
Four Seasons (Amherst) (4)We're The PhoenixAmherst, NYErie
FuchsiaThe Go-TogethersAmherst, NYErie
Glen Park Waterfall & MillJolly PumpkinsAmherst, NYErie
Grandma & Grandpa on VacationThe Go-TogethersAmherst, NYErie
Rainbow Bridge (Amherst)We're The PhoenixAmherst, NYErie
Rise From The FlameWe're The PhoenixAmherst, NYErie
Sunday Funnies (3)The Go-TogethersAmherst, NYErie
Sunday Funnies Series II (4)The Go-TogethersAmherst, NYErie
UB (2)We're The PhoenixAmherst, NYErie
Warriors - Cats of the Clans series (6)Purple MonkeysAmherst, NYErie
True BlueDagonellBrant, NYErie
'Round About Buffalo (6)kniticaBuffalo, NYErie
Bengal #2—Quest for Math LoversgorroBuffalo, NYErie
Every Day is Earth DayDagonellBuffalo, NYErie
He Lives!MocchiBuffalo, NYErie
Highway, Interstate & Rest Stops NY I-90 443 mSafari ManBuffalo, NYErie
HNPYBLP.J. Amjetjda VBuffalo, NYErie
Lincoln Was HereGreatBigSeabresBuffalo, NYErie
Making the Crazy Quilt: Greek CrossMocchiBuffalo, NYErie
Olidammara, The Laughing RogueCeltic QuinnBuffalo, NYErie
Running Around the Ring Roadfrequent flyersBuffalo, NYErie
Shakespeare in Delaware ParkithacabelleBuffalo, NYErie
Studio Arena #1: The Man in BlackkniticaBuffalo, NYErie
Studio Arena #2: Shoe FetishkniticaBuffalo, NYErie
The Flower For Garden WalkMocchiBuffalo, NYErie
The Holiday Pub Crawl (11)MocchiBuffalo, NYErie
The Kenmore Quinn Clan Hitchhiker HostelCeltic QuinnBuffalo, NYErie
The Laughing Mask of OlidammaraCeltic QuinnBuffalo, NYErie
There is no place like home.... Or is therechadams2691Buffalo, NYErie
Two TowersLock WenchBuffalo, NYErie
Wild About The ZooPadfoot TreehuggersBuffalo, NYErie
7th Voyage of SinbadThe Go-TogethersClarence, NYErie
AngelBotThe Go-TogethersClarence, NYErie
Beast from 20,000 FathomsThe Go-TogethersClarence, NYErie
DinotopiaThe Go-TogethersClarence, NYErie
Leafy LoftThe Go-TogethersClarence, NYErie
NCC-1701The Go-TogethersClarence, NYErie
Swallows and AmazonsThe Go-TogethersClarence, NYErie
Turtle Boymaddies mousersClarence, NYErie
Women's World Cup 2007The Go-TogethersClarence, NYErie
World Cup 2006The Go-TogethersClarence, NYErie
Faith, Hope & PatienceSprite and HighlandeDepew, NYErie
Sinking PondsDagonellEast Aurora, NYErie
Weebls KenyaSprite and HighlandeEast Aurora, NYErie
A Lil Wishing Wellchadams2691East Concord, NYErie
A Series about BEER! - Gennychadams2691East Concord, NYErie
Go For The GoalThe Go-TogethersGetzville, NYErie
BattleChasers (6)vystraxGrand Island, NYErie
Me-Me Birdiewandering buffaloGrand Island, NYErie
Niagra region disc golf series - Beaver Islandchadams2691Grand Island, NYErie
Spicer Creek Conservation AreaRiver PeopleGrand Island, NYErie
"KFXCDF" Monolithsugarpops 'n teachuhHamburg, NYErie
...You Killed My Father. Prepare to Die!chadams2691Hamburg, NYErie
Jimmies Pizza Co.chadams2691Hamburg, NYErie
Rosettechadams2691Hamburg, NYErie
The 18 Mile HoppameleonnutgirlsHamburg, NYErie
Blue Devil PrideCeltic QuinnKenmore, NYErie
Jaguar PrideCeltic QuinnKenmore, NYErie
Kenmore Speed TrapLock WenchKenmore, NYErie
The Otoko’s Favorites: The Cross of The Alchemist (4)MocchiKenmore, NYErie
The Plumber's Tools: ? BoxCeltic QuinnKenmore, NYErie
The Plumber's Tools: FeatherCeltic QuinnKenmore, NYErie
The Plumber's Tools: FireflowerCeltic QuinnKenmore, NYErie
The Plumber's Tools: Koopa ShellCeltic QuinnKenmore, NYErie
The Plumber's Tools: MushroomsCeltic QuinnKenmore, NYErie
The Plumber's Tools: StarmanCeltic QuinnKenmore, NYErie
The Plumber's Tools: Warp PipesCeltic QuinnKenmore, NYErie
Como ParkGreatBigSeabresLancaster, NYErie
Como Park CacheThe Green AngelsLancaster, NYErie
Singing Froggies First SpottingSinging FroggieLancaster, NYErie
World Refugee DayPadfoot TreehuggersLewiston, NYErie
Trail of Fire, Murder, & Diseasesugarpops 'n teachuhNorth Boston, NYErie
Down By The River Hitchhiker HostelCeltic QuinnNorth Tonawanda, NYErie
The Hippie Life (1)chadams2691Orchard Park, NYErie
A Series about BEER! - Labatt Bluechadams2691Orchard Park, NYErie
Born from AshesIC Music LoversOrchard Park, NYErie
Cool places of Das Ridge (9)chadams2691Orchard Park, NYErie
Eternal FlameJeLyBeanOrchard Park, NYErie
Flower power at the RIDGE series 4zipzzillOrchard Park, NYErie
Flower Power at the RIDGE, series 3zipzzillOrchard Park, NYErie
Give 100%hillsideorchard Park, NYErie
Lake EffectWe're The PhoenixOrchard Park, NYErie
niagra region disc golf series- Chestnut Ridgechadams2691Orchard Park, NYErie
Orchard Acreschadams2691Orchard Park, NYErie
Petra Haikusugarpops 'n teachuhOrchard Park, NYErie
Raccoon CrossingprospectorOrchard Park, NYErie
Sunshine at the ridgezipzzillOrchard Park, NYErie
The "Needle In The Haystack"sugarpops 'n teachuhOrchard Park, NYErie
A series about BEER! - Saranac Pumpkin Alechadams2691south wales, NYErie
EverlastingIC Music LoversSouth Wales, NYErie
Hide & Seek at Ellicott CreekThe Wesome NemesaiTonawanda, NYErie
Singing Froggie goes to schoolSinging FroggieTonawanda, NYErie
SPCAPadfoot TreehuggersTonawanda, NYErie
The CheatSprite and HighlandeTonawanda, NYErie
The PilgrimTeam DakotaTonawanda, NYErie
The Wheel of Time #1 & 2 (2)IC Music LoversWales, NYErie
Earth Day ReplantedPadfoot TreehuggersWest Seneca, NYErie
Arbor DayPadfoot TreehuggersWilliamsville, NYErie
Boxes by the Stream (2)Celtic QuinnWilliamsville, NYErie
Brownie SurpriseThe Go-TogethersWilliamsville, NYErie
Challenge o' The Sprite: Sunflower SeedsPadfoot TreehuggersWilliamsville, NYErie
Circle of Love: The Healing GardenWe're The PhoenixWilliamsville, NYErie
ConkersThe Go-TogethersWilliamsville, NYErie
Falling WilliamsvilleThe Go-TogethersWilliamsville, NYErie
Lehigh Memory Trail: Engine No. 2Padfoot TreehuggersWilliamsville, NYErie
MetropolisThe Go-TogethersWilliamsville, NYErie
NY Carillon Series #5kniticaWilliamsville, NYErie
Pom Pom by MadmanSprite and HighlandeWilliamsville, NYErie
The Knot BoxCeltic QuinnWilliamsville, NYErie
The Many Faces of Homer Jay Simpson Series (12)We're The PhoenixWilliamsville, NYErie
Toy BoxThe Go-TogethersWilliamsville, NYErie
Trogdor IISprite and HighlandeWilliamsville, NYErie
Williamsville Mill BoxCinderella6Williamsville, NYErie
Swallow HollowTrailfeathersAlabama, NYGenesee
Tonawanda Widgeon (Highlander Series)Sprite and HighlandeAlabama, NYGenesee
GCC Nature TrailKeltic-KatBatavia, NYGenesee
Knot Quinn's KnotWe're The PhoenixDarien Center, NYGenesee
Little Cabin in Indian FallsSprite and HighlandeIndian Falls, NYGenesee
Woodland Flower Sprite and Oak Orchard Black Duck (2)Sprite and HighlandeOakfield, NYGenesee
Oak Orchard Creek Wood DuckSprite and HighlandeShelby, NYGenesee
Ashantee BridgenoydbAvon, NYLivingston
Yesterday's PapernoydbAvon, NYLivingston
The Canadice CarDirty DawgsCanadice, NYLivingston
Burning BridgePurple MonkeysCastile, NYLivingston
Lee's LanderPurple MonkeysCastile, NYLivingston
Letchworth GorgeSNOOPYCastile, NYLivingston
Trailside LodgeprospectorCastile, NYLivingston
Poags Hole Hill Climb100percentcottonDansville, NYLivingston
TripoliPuppybreathGeneseo, NYLivingston
Windy IslandnoydbGeneseo, NYLivingston
Boyd's Last StandnoydbGroveland, NYLivingston
Death of SocratesnoydbHemlock, NYLivingston
Osage GolfnoydbMt. Morris, NYLivingston
Our Love YurtgraywolfeMt. Morris, NYLivingston
FiresidegraywolfeNunda, NYLivingston
Grandpa's Pumpkin PlaceLimekiln LoonsNunda, NYLivingston
Kissing CousinsgraywolfeNunda, NYLivingston
Snowman BanditgraywolfeNunda, NYLivingston
The Spirit of Christmas (3)graywolfeNunda, NYLivingston
Letchworth Family ReuniontimberBPortageville, NYLivingston
Osprey at The Great Swamp Conservancyhappy hedgehogCanastota, NYMadison
LorenzoPeaKayCazenovia, NYMadison
Teacher's Pet - CazenoviaLily&PapaCazenovia, NYMadison
PuppypawzpuppypawzErieville, NYMadison
PuppypawzpuppypawzErieville, NYMadison
Green Lakes State Park 2010treezFayetteville, NYMadison
Pennies from HeavenKarensportHamilton, NYMadison
Grammy TOriskany Rocks!Madison, NYMadison
Harm NoneTreasureHunters1989Munnsville, NYMadison
Ouch It Bit Me!TreasureHunters1989Munnsville, NYMadison
RatatouilleTreasureHunters1989Munnsville, NYMadison
Cottage Lawn #2the gypsy travelersOneida, NYMadison
Until We Meet AgainTreasureHunters1989Oneida, NYMadison
Until We Meet Again StrangerTreasureHunters1989Oneida, NYMadison
Mystery VeggieCrunchyMama???, NYMonroe
Corbett's GlenTEAM WoodBrighton, NYMonroe
Cryptid Creatures: MothmanDannaWarriorPrincessBrighton, NYMonroe
“9 Lives Traveling Series” -- StripesJane & JoyBrighton, NYMonroe
Amanda's GoldElba OnionsBrockport, NYMonroe
Come Fly With Me...We're The PhoenixBrockport, NYMonroe
Golden EagleElba OnionsBrockport, NYMonroe
Lion King Series (9)Gracie's HOPEBrockport, NYMonroe
Josh's Birthday BalloonGracie's HOPEChili, NYMonroe
The Butterfly HavenLMFreemanGangChili, NYMonroe
The Little Bluebird of HappinessTroop 860Chili, NYMonroe
Bookstore BoxCrazyolisFairport, NYMonroe
Buttercup the SpacecowThe SzczepingersFairport, NYMonroe
Casa Vin' ArteUrban LetterboxerFairport, NYMonroe
Find MeCrazyolisFairport, NYMonroe
Flagboobah the AlienThe SzczepingersFairport, NYMonroe
Long Way from HomeCrazyolisFairport, NYMonroe
MockingbirdMaxamillionFairport, NYMonroe
Sadie the SeahorseCrazyolisFairport, NYMonroe
Sally the SealCrazyolisFairport, NYMonroe
Space ShuttleThe SzczepingersFairport, NYMonroe
Spaceman BobThe SzczepingersFairport, NYMonroe
Spaceman WigieThe SzczepingersFairport, NYMonroe
The Friendly North StarThe SzczepingersFairport, NYMonroe
The Grumpalot Family (3)CrazyolisFairport, NYMonroe
Things You Find Along the Canal (5)CrazyolisFairport, NYMonroe
Wario RoverThe SzczepingersFairport, NYMonroe
Wuzzy the AlienThe SzczepingersFairport, NYMonroe
Gingerbread Baby (5)dipperwhippersFishers, NYMonroe
cubbin' it (2)scouting aroundGreece, NYMonroe
To Letterbox or Not to LetterboxHenrietta_Public_LibraryHenrietta, NYMonroe
Whitetail DeerDannaWarriorPrincessHenrietta, NYMonroe
Hilton CadetsBibliochickMSHilton, NYMonroe
Our Father "Les" Memorial LetterboxPoppysLegacyHilton, NYMonroe
The Castle ClanThe Castle clanHilton-parma, NYMonroe
Traveling TowerThe Castle clanHilton/Parma, NYMonroe
Lehigh Valley #8 - Low PressuredipperwhippersHoneoye Falls, NYMonroe
Lehigh Valley Trail #9dipperwhippersHoneoye Falls, NYMonroe
Ice Fishin'jackbearIrondequoit, NYMonroe
Just Playin' Around WNY - Card Game Series (7)Celtic QuinnIrondequoit, NYMonroe
Just Playin' Around WNY Event StampSprite and HighlandeIrondequoit, NYMonroe
Just Playin' Around WNY- Board Game Series (6)Celtic QuinnIrondequoit, NYMonroe
Under the Sea!Vegan StarIrondequoit, NYMonroe
Dos Winos! Wedding BoxDos Winos!Mendon, NYMonroe
Duck's PooljackbearMendon, NYMonroe
Fern Valley Letterbox #1dipperwhippersMendon, NYMonroe
Lehigh Valley #11 - MaildropdipperwhippersMendon, NYMonroe
Lehigh Valley Trail #10 - StowawaydipperwhippersMendon, NYMonroe
Lehigh Valley Trail #12 - Victor to East MendondipperwhippersMendon, NYMonroe
Snowy HilldipperwhippersMendon, NYMonroe
The Great Pumpkin LetterboxdipperwhippersMendon, NYMonroe
AN ANIMALISTIC ARBORGenesee Country MuseumMumford, NYMonroe
THE CIRCLE IS UNBROKENGenesee Country MuseumMumford, NYMonroe
THE GEOLOGISTGenesee Country MuseumMumford, NYMonroe
A 4 Dot PicnicSkeezitsParma, NYMonroe
1000 Volt GhostghostcrownPenfield, NYMonroe
Brownie 60730 Penfield Amublance BaseTroop 60730Penfield, NYMonroe
CampingThe SzczepingersPenfield, NYMonroe
Farm Fresh Family FunThe SzczepingersPenfield, NYMonroe
FirefliesThe SzczepingersPenfield, NYMonroe
Ice Cream!The SzczepingersPenfield, NYMonroe
Sand CastleThe SzczepingersPenfield, NYMonroe
Summertime SunThe SzczepingersPenfield, NYMonroe
TravelingThe SzczepingersPenfield, NYMonroe
WatermelonThe SzczepingersPenfield, NYMonroe
Dug Out"Born to be WOW"Perinton, NYMonroe
Indian HillchetandtoniPerinton, NYMonroe
Nancy's Glen @ Crescent TrailsJulia&NatePerinton, NYMonroe
Boy Scouts of AmericaCrazyolisPittsford, NYMonroe
Canal Boats to Mighty OaksnoydbPittsford, NYMonroe
Flagboobah's SpaceshipThe SzczepingersPittsford, NYMonroe
Ghost GhoulSeeker101Pittsford, NYMonroe
GPS SatelliteThe SzczepingersPittsford, NYMonroe
Halloween WitchMaxamillionPittsford, NYMonroe
Mitchell Road LetterboxKnight Rider NYPittsford, NYMonroe
Thin MintsThin MintsPittsford, NYMonroe
X Marks The Spot!Knight Rider NYPittsford, NYMonroe
A Park in Monroe County (3)Elba OnionsRochester, NYMonroe
Abandoned SubwayVegan StarRochester, NYMonroe
Blow-BallCrunchyMamaRochester, NYMonroe
Buy MorejoystarRochester, NYMonroe
Cheers! To Good FriendsWe're The PhoenixRochester, NYMonroe
CITYMangoMooseManRochester, NYMonroe
Dashing DinoUrban LetterboxerRochester, NYMonroe
DinahThattawayRochester, NYMonroe
Do You Copy?jackbearRochester, NYMonroe
Empanada Bonus BoxCrunchyMamaRochester, NYMonroe
For the Love of ArtAdoptableRochester, NYMonroe
Garden BoxVegan StarRochester, NYMonroe
Inspiration in Wood(cut)jackbearRochester, NYMonroe
Jazzed on JavaLock WenchRochester, NYMonroe
Just Playin' Around WNY--Connect FourSprite and HighlandeRochester, NYMonroe
Just Playin' Around WNY--Green GhostSprite and HighlandeRochester, NYMonroe
Just Playin' Around WNY--Monopoly Series (18)Sprite and HighlandeRochester, NYMonroe
Kernewek Kres KystCrunchyMamaRochester, NYMonroe
Leaning tower of pizza"Born to be WOW"Rochester, NYMonroe
Lilac Festival Series 2006 (5)CrunchyMamaRochester, NYMonroe
Missing MeisterUrban LetterboxerRochester, NYMonroe
Mt. Hope CemeteryUrban LetterboxerRochester, NYMonroe
Museum of Play!!The Castle clanrochester, NYMonroe
Mushroom HousejoystarRochester, NYMonroe
My 1st CarLarva Lady-ZZRochester, NYMonroe
My First TreejoystarRochester, NYMonroe
My Life in the Sahara by ArtichokieArtichokieRochester, NYMonroe
My View (part 1)MangoMooseManRochester, NYMonroe
NY Carillon Series #2jackbearRochester, NYMonroe
Ornery RhinonoydbRochester, NYMonroe
OuijaDragonflyRochester, NYMonroe
Play!!!CrunchyMamaRochester, NYMonroe
RaspberrygogreenRochester, NYMonroe
Respect for the DeadjackbearRochester, NYMonroe
Rochester FavoritesjoystarRochester, NYMonroe
Rochester's Rememberedmk88Rochester, NYMonroe
Sand BarUrban LetterboxerRochester, NYMonroe
School of the Holy Childhood letterboxboxin' foolsrochester, NYMonroe
Seeking Some SunshineCrunchyMamaRochester, NYMonroe
Sibley Music LibraryUrban LetterboxerRochester, NYMonroe
Smithsonian BeginningsjackbearRochester, NYMonroe
Still RapidsCrunchyMamaRochester, NYMonroe
The Blessing of a SisterkurlockRochester, NYMonroe
To Die ForThattawayRochester, NYMonroe
Weebls ScampiSprite and HighlandeRochester, NYMonroe
Lucky CuckoonoydbScottsville, NYMonroe
A Bird Called RosieCrazyolisVictor, NYMonroe
Valentown MuseumWickerVictor, NYMonroe
Honk if it's your birthday!WildberryPieWebster, NYMonroe
Have One on Me-IITREX???, NYNiagara
Make Out CircleThe Castle clan???, NYNiagara
Remains of a King-aka Trex goes NorthTREX???, NYNiagara
Science Olympics Series (8)Sprite and Highlande???, NYNiagara
Friends & FlagsTrailfeathersDickersonville, NYNiagara
Thankful at Royalton Ravine Series (19)Sprite and HighlandeGasport, NYNiagara
Thankful for Royalton Ravine Series: Family TreeSprite and HighlandeGasport, NYNiagara
Think Inside the Box!Storm CrowGasport, NYNiagara
BOND-ing TimeNorthwoods AdventureLewiston, NYNiagara
Niagra Region Disc Golf Series: Joseph Davischadams2691lewiston, NYNiagara
Sunfish FredNorthwoods AdventureLewiston, NYNiagara
A Thanks To Wilderness: From Little Acorns, Mightgrandma51Lockport, NYNiagara
A Thanks to Wilderness: Squirtgrandma51Lockport, NYNiagara
A Thanks To Wilderness: Where Have All The Flowersgrandma51Lockport, NYNiagara
Cold StorageAdoptableLockport, NYNiagara
If Only For A Moment...Sprite and HighlandeLockport, NYNiagara
Lock CitySprite and HighlandeLockport, NYNiagara
PACEAdoptableLockport, NYNiagara
Take Me OutAdoptableLockport, NYNiagara
Dances With FireNorastaMiddleport, NYNiagara
Homestar RunnerSprite and HighlandeMiddleport, NYNiagara
Thankful For Donations Series (6)Sprite and HighlandeMiddleport, NYNiagara
3 Sisters IslandsElba OnionsNiagara Falls, NYNiagara
Drop AnchorMurray7Niagara Falls, NYNiagara
Goat IslandElba OnionsNiagara Falls, NYNiagara
Good OakNinja RobNiagara Falls, NYNiagara
Hyde park series (4)The Castle clanniagara falls, NYNiagara
Another Earth DayHansel and Gretylnorth tonawanda, NYNiagara
Another Weeping Willowhippi chixNorth Tonawanda, NYNiagara
Cup of JoeTeam DakotaNorth Tonawanda, NYNiagara
CuriosityTeam DakotaNorth Tonawanda, NYNiagara
Get Well SoonHansel and GretylNorth Tonawanda, NYNiagara
Lonesome TrainTeam DakotaNorth Tonawanda, NYNiagara
lucky charmhippi chixnorth tonawanda, NYNiagara
Pine Woods Party Time (2)hippi chixNorth Tonawanda, NYNiagara
It's fun to be oneBig Al the hikerPendleton, NYNiagara
Bark at the Parkartichoke???, NYOnondaga
Basil of Baker StreetInvestigator Bacon???, NYOnondaga
Ciao Siciliaartichoke???, NYOnondaga
The Persistent MonkeyHappy Turtle Lovers???, NYOnondaga
whiskey hollow cave (10)GAMERBOYMICRO???, NYOnondaga
Runswithdogartichoke????, NYOnondaga
Don't Bee Afraid of HeightsSmiling ChickensApulia, NYOnondaga
Labrador Hollow Unique AreaLock WenchApulia, NYOnondaga
Sabba & Savtajust4beesApulia, NYOnondaga
I Wish You... (4)InfinityBaldwinsville, NYOnondaga
Lizard Goes ScoutingLeaping LizardBaldwinsville, NYOnondaga
Love Story - The ReceptionInfinityBaldwinsville, NYOnondaga
Three Dog NightMeemBaldwinsville, NYOnondaga
Whiskey HollowLock WenchBaldwinsville, NYOnondaga
Wishes of HappinessInfinityBaldwinsville, NYOnondaga
Erie Canal Aqueduct at CamillusCock o' the TrailCamillus, NYOnondaga
Leubner's Apple FarmLock WenchCamillus, NYOnondaga
Shove ParkGemstonesCamillus, NYOnondaga
Veterans Memorial Park at Gillie Lake (4)Lock WenchCamillus, NYOnondaga
Taphophiles, Unite! - 13 CurvesLock WenchCedarvale, NYOnondaga
Dorothy GaleLock WenchChittenango, NYOnondaga
TotoLock WenchChittenango, NYOnondaga
Clay P.D.InfinityClay, NYOnondaga
Hamlin MarshartichokeClay, NYOnondaga
L-Ex Be FriendsInfinityClay, NYOnondaga
Fun A La CartLily&PapaDewitt, NYOnondaga
Red Ram CaveLock WenchDewitt, NYOnondaga
Time MachineStarflyEast Syracuse, NYOnondaga
The Bad SeedLock WenchEastwood, NYOnondaga
A Scratch and Sniff LetterboxLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Abominable SnowmanLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Beach Bongo Boxing BingoLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Cuppa CocoaLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
EfflorescenceLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Grains of SandLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Happy Birthday, WINK!Lock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Heading DownhillLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Hello on IceLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
KIDS ONLY Allstar LetterboxLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Kids, Don't Try This At HomeLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Magic Eight BallLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Pete the Polar BearLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Pirates Don't Shovel SnowLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Runaway SledLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Sid, the Second SnowflakeLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Snazzy SnowmanLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Snow AngelLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
SNOW is a 4 Letter WordLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Snowball AttackLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Starfish and Sand DollarLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Sur la PlageLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Surf's Up, Dude!Lock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
The Sun WorshipperLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
This, O SnowballLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Tuck in Your Tail!Lock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Weatherhog LetterboxLock WenchFabius, NYOnondaga
Gustav StickleyLock WenchFayetteville, NYOnondaga
Keep on Tri-ing (3)artichokeFayetteville, NYOnondaga
A Bridesmaid's NightmareInfinityHowlett Hill, NYOnondaga
I Give You My HeartInfinityHowlett Hill, NYOnondaga
Birthday MammothHappy Turtle LoversJamesville, NYOnondaga
In Flight /nycatbeadJamesville, NYOnondaga
Jamesville "Cache" BoxLock WenchJamesville, NYOnondaga
On-On-Da-GaLock WenchJamesville, NYOnondaga
Chinese Zodiac Series (12)SpudHundJamesville (Pratt's Falls), NYOnondaga
Time To Go FishingPanda BearJamsville, NYOnondaga
It Was Then That I Carried YouInfinityLafayette, NYOnondaga
Love Story - The EngagementInfinityLafayette, NYOnondaga
Hidden Dragons (2)snugglebugsLiverpool, NYOnondaga
I Love Christmas Cookies!Lock WenchLiverpool, NYOnondaga
Salt Block 56St. GeorgeLiverpool, NYOnondaga
Stefan the WandererartichokeLiverpool, NYOnondaga
Um... cool flowerjust4beesLiverpool, NYOnondaga
Under the MistletoeLock WenchLiverpool, NYOnondaga
3 FallsLock WenchManlius, NYOnondaga
Perry Springs (2)Lock WenchManlius, NYOnondaga
Three CrowsLock WenchManlius, NYOnondaga
Woodchuck Hill (2)Lock WenchManlius, NYOnondaga
Woodchuck Hill (2)Lock WenchManlius, NYOnondaga
Baltimore Woods (2)Lock WenchMarcellus, NYOnondaga
Martisco Train StationLock WenchMartisco, NYOnondaga
Don's DreamChauvin1987Minoa, NYOnondaga
Esker BrookLock WenchMontezuma, NYOnondaga
Love Story - Infinity's WeddingInfinityNorth Syracuse, NYOnondaga
Wizard of Oz Memorial Oak GroveLock WenchNorth Syracuse, NYOnondaga
Love Is...InfinityOnondaga, NYOnondaga
Tomorrow's HeroesLock WenchOnondaga, NYOnondaga
Hopper's GlenLock WenchOnondaga Hill, NYOnondaga
Pogey PondLock WenchOnondaga Hill, NYOnondaga
May Your Happiness Last...InfinityPhoenix, NYOnondaga
Ötzi - The Ice ManartichokePompey, NYOnondaga
Old Fly MarshLock WenchPompey, NYOnondaga
Pratt's FallsLock WenchPompey, NYOnondaga
Indian HillLock WenchPompey Center, NYOnondaga
Charlie Major Nature TrailLock WenchSkaneateles, NYOnondaga
Adelaide Alsop RobineauLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
All Dogs (and Cats!) Go to HeavenLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
All NaturalLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Buy Me Some Peanuts and.....Lock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
CairnLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
ChocoholicLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Clinton's DitchLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Daily BreadLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Dartmoor at Clairmonte PoolLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Forever OrangeLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Friendship Through the YearsseekherSyracuse, NYOnondaga
HaikuLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Heath ParkLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Home Sweet ....... DOMELily&PapaSyracuse, NYOnondaga
I Love NY Hitchhiker HostelLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
I Need a HeroLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
I Never Strike the Same Place Twice? (3)Lock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Kaneenda - Tribute to WinkLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Last CallLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
LimerickLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Loud HouseLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Marshall StreetLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Mighty Mouse and Cherokee Rose Were Here!Lock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Morningside Heights ParkLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Mother Cope of the LepersLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
My Favorite Irish Things (3)Lock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
My First BounceLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Puck it! & 40-Love (2)Lily&PapaSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Sal, Stubborn as a MuleLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Schiller Park (2)Lock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Sonnet in Iambic PentameterLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Straight Through to ChinaLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Taphophiles Unite! - Walnut GroveLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Taphophiles, Unite! - Oakwood (3)Lock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Taphophiles, Unite! - Onondaga SanitoriumLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Taphophiles, Unite! Oakwood ArchLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
The "Wonders" of Onondaga Park (3)Lock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
The Corpse BrideLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
The Haunting - A Glow-In-The-Dark LetterboxLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Thornden ParkLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Waddle, Waddle....Splash!Lock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Webster PondLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Westminster ParkLock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Work Drones (3)Lock WenchSyracuse, NYOnondaga
Leprechaun's Revenge (7)Lock WenchSyracuse to Utica, NYOnondaga
Man Hugs (3)Lock WenchTaunton, NYOnondaga
Stop Worrying and Love the BombnoydbCanadice, NYOntario
Flower POWERDanni DooCanandaigua, NYOntario
Dr. ElizabethBibliochickMSGeneva, NYOntario
Clark's LetterboxSnoop's GangNaples, NYOntario
Ontario County ParkBeaver PeopleNaples, NYOntario
It Happened in 1964cpn trekersPhelps, NYOntario
Bluebird LetterboxFiddlin SweetVictor, NYOntario
Fort Hill/Granary Box # 1dipperwhippersVictor, NYOntario
Hide and SeekFiddlin SweetVictor, NYOntario
Les ChausseresFiddlin SweetVictor, NYOntario
Monkey RunTheLonghornsVictor, NYOntario
175th Anniversary of West Barre U.M. ChurchHelping Hands 4-H ClAlbion, NYOrleans
Mt AlbionElba OnionsAlbion, NYOrleans
Kum Ba YahHelping Hands 4-H ClAlbion/West Barre, NYOrleans
Waterfall WalkOf air, wood, applesHolley, NYOrleans
Hojack SunshineDirty Dawgskendall, NYOrleans
Fairy-ly AmusingSprite and HighlandeKnowlesville, NYOrleans
Orleans County 4-H FairHelping Hands 4-H ClKnowlesville, NYOrleans
Kelly Lane: A Tribute to Lake Ontario ShipsLulaheLyndonville, NYOrleans
Choo Choo Ch'BoogieSprite and HighlandeMedina, NYOrleans
LetterbookSprite and HighlandeMedina, NYOrleans
Sprilander Hitchhiker Hostel & LetterboxSprite and HighlandeMedina, NYOrleans
Weebls PieSprite and HighlandeWaterport, NYOrleans
Sassafras PondCock o' the TrailWatkins Glen, NYSchuyler
Sugar HillCock o' the TrailWatkins Glen, NYSchuyler
Think Outside The LetterboxJeLyBeanWatkins Glen, NYSchuyler
Dolphins are free.....peace & balanceGeneva, NYSeneca
The Fifth DimensionAdoptableIthaca, NYSeneca
Listen to Your Mother!Lock WenchKeuka Park, NYSeneca
Montezuma National Wildlife RefugeCock o' the TrailSeneca Falls, NYSeneca
Sunflower Acreskelbons and co.Addison, NYSteuben
"Mark it zero!"Gwyneth Paltrow's HeadBath, NYSteuben
A Good Book100percentcottonBath, NYSteuben
Bunniez N' FlowerzcatzchildBath, NYSteuben
Mossy BankcatzchildBath, NYSteuben
Riley's Ice CreamBook Faerie 13Bath, NYSteuben
Canisteo Living Signlady DragonflyCanisteo, NYSteuben
Nature Center (Updated) (3)JeLyBeanCorning, NYSteuben
New York Central Railroadkelbons and co.Corning, NYSteuben
SOFTBALL in NOT just a GAMEBook Faerie 13Corning, NYSteuben
stamping treasuresstamping treasuresCorning, NYSteuben
peacemakerThe Castle clandansville, NYSteuben
Stony Brook FlowerWagner WagonDansville, NYSteuben
MoNY #6 - High HatJeLyBeanErwin, NYSteuben
The Old HomesteadBeaver PeopleHammondsport, NYSteuben
Buddha sits in bluelady DragonflyJasper, NYSteuben
Curie's Reagent BoxJeLyBeanSouth Bradford, NYSteuben
#1 Girl Scouts #40276Girl Scouts #40276???, NYTioga
Policeman's FavoritebutterflymomApalachin, NYTioga
The Mysterious Ticking NoisePotter Puppet PalsApalachin, NYTioga
Troop 66CountryBumpkinsApalachin, NYTioga
Troop 413 AESTroop 413Binghamton, NYTioga
Feeling Lucky Rt 17 (I86) East Rest StopBanjomanNichols, NYTioga
Fox on the RunBanjomanOwego, NYTioga
Gibson Original Acoustic InstrumentsBanjomanOwego, NYTioga
Glendale TrainBanjomanOwego, NYTioga
If You Lived in Owego, You'd Be Almost Home Now!eva1Owego, NYTioga
Leaving the Nest (4) (4)BanjomanOwego, NYTioga
OFABanjomanOwego, NYTioga
Owego BridgeBanjomanOwego, NYTioga
Point of Ordereva1Owego, NYTioga
Sssurprise... Hop To It! (2)CorbinsmomOwego, NYTioga
The 2006 FloodBanjomanOwego, NYTioga
Toute 17 East Bound Tioga County REst Areaeva1Owego, NYTioga
Tribute to Fallen Officerseva1Owego, NYTioga
Tribute to Volunteer FiremenBanjomanOWEGO, NYTioga
Turtle CrossingsBanjomanOwego, NYTioga
Whispers of the Past - EvergreenSongchickOwego, NYTioga
Black GoldCorbinsmomRichford, NYTioga
Carantouan SpringsSilent DougWaverly, NYTioga
Wandering in Waverly (5)eva1Waverly, NYTioga
161 Steps3Bears???, NYTompkins
Gift of a LetterTurtleMcQ???, NYTompkins
Holland Sweet HollandCorbinsmom???, NYTompkins
Robin Goodfellowkurlock???, NYTompkins
The Gipsy Housekurlock???, NYTompkins
There's always music in the airkurlock???, NYTompkins
Prst Jezera TrakaEli and AubreyCaroline, NYTompkins
Suicide GirlsLock WenchCaroline, NYTompkins
Wildflowers of Ithaca #7: BloodrootTurtleMcQDanby, NYTompkins
Wildflowers of Ithaca #8: May AppleTurtleMcQDanby, NYTompkins
Cannons to the Right of MeLittle TrooperDryden, NYTompkins
Little TurtleRedcheeseDryden, NYTompkins
Secret Circular SalamanderJayanjasDryden, NYTompkins
Spring into SpringNataliaFreeville, NYTompkins
The BeeSapala WolfFreeville, NYTompkins
Wildflower FrogCorbinsmomIthaca, NYTompkins
500 Meters DownAdoptableIthaca, NYTompkins
A Midsummer Plantation's Dream (5)kurlockIthaca, NYTompkins
BearBugWillowAdoptableIthaca, NYTompkins
Brownie BashGS 40125Ithaca, NYTompkins
Burtt house damLily101Ithaca, NYTompkins
Chopin's Music BoxJeLyBeanIthaca, NYTompkins
Dragon Flies3BearsIthaca, NYTompkins
Enjoy Kindergarten (8)Enjoy LifeIthaca, NYTompkins
Enjoy the SciencenterEnjoy LifeIthaca, NYTompkins
Far Above Cayuga's WatersRingmasterIthaca, NYTompkins
Gaia the Turtle/CWT (4)ithacabelleIthaca, NYTompkins
Giraffe stampLily101ithaca, NYTompkins
Golden GoddessLock WenchIthaca, NYTompkins
Got Sap?CraftymouseIthaca, NYTompkins
Guardian AngelPink Panther PairIthaca, NYTompkins
Ithaca Cinemaphile Series: Fall Creek PictureskurlockIthaca, NYTompkins
Ithaca Cinemaphile Series: Rod SerlingkurlockIthaca, NYTompkins
Ithaca Cinemaphile Series: The New and Original Ci (2)kurlockIthaca, NYTompkins
Ithaca Cinemaphile Series: Wharton Studios (2)kurlockIthaca, NYTompkins
Ithaca Falls Find ItBrownie Troop 662Ithaca, NYTompkins
Ithaca Farmers MarketkurlockIthaca, NYTompkins
Ithaca Twin PeakskurlockIthaca, NYTompkins
June MonsoonTurtleMcQIthaca, NYTompkins
KiddstuffithacabelleIthaca, NYTompkins
Labyrinth WalkkurlockIthaca, NYTompkins
No Tress PassingJayanjasIthaca, NYTompkins
Omar's BirthdayboxJayanjasIthaca, NYTompkins
Park SquaredTurtleMcQIthaca, NYTompkins
Promises, Promises, Promises: How Handsome Am I?AdoptableIthaca, NYTompkins
Red, White & True FOUND!NorastaIthaca, NYTompkins
Sackett's Bridge3BearsIthaca, NYTompkins
SkiXcountryAdoptableIthaca, NYTompkins
Snoop Doggy3BearsIthaca, NYTompkins
South Hill Recreation Way,DryadiaLily101Ithaca, NYTompkins
Spirit in the SkieskurlockIthaca, NYTompkins
Tally StickAdoptableIthaca, NYTompkins
That's a Lotta Cats!Lock WenchIthaca, NYTompkins
The L EdgeJayanjasIthaca, NYTompkins
The Lake Isle of IthacakurlockIthaca, NYTompkins
The Lonely Mountain (2)kurlockIthaca, NYTompkins
The March of the PenguinIC Music LoversIthaca, NYTompkins
The Pirate's WifeTurtleMcQIthaca, NYTompkins
The White Tree of GondorIC Music LoversIthaca, NYTompkins
Time's Wingéd ChariotJayanjasIthaca, NYTompkins
TreeleafLily101ithaca, NYTompkins
UnicycleAdoptableIthaca, NYTompkins
Wildflowers of Ithaca #1 and #2 (2)TurtleMcQIthaca, NYTompkins
4-H Find It - "Tree Climber"4-H FindersLansing, NYTompkins
Enjoy ReadingEnjoy LifeLansing, NYTompkins
July 4thGoose HuntersLansing, NYTompkins
Lights Breezex3Lansing, NYTompkins
Painted SkyDay HikerLansing, NYTompkins
Camp treasureTreehugger38Trumansburg, NYTompkins
It's ElementaryThe ChilisTrumansburg, NYTompkins
Taughannock Falls OverlookCock o' the TrailTrumansburg, NYTompkins
The DoigMaxWH2OTrumansburg, NYTompkins
Chimney BluffsLock WenchLake Bluff, NYWayne
Old Jail MuseumbootzLyons, NYWayne
Place of PeppermintLock WenchLyons, NYWayne
Old Lock #60Beaver PeopleMacedon, NYWayne
Warm Their HeartsMonarch MidwifeNewark, NYWayne
"Wilbur"Fiddlin SweetPalmyra, NYWayne
Girls Rocktber1981Walworth, NYWayne
The Witches of ArcadeNature NogginsArcade, NYWyoming
Letchworth Inspiration PointThe Rehrauer FamilyCastile, NYWyoming
Letchworth Mary JemisonThe Rehrauer FamilyCastile, NYWyoming
Letchworth Sledding HillThe Rehrauer FamilyCastile, NYWyoming
Letchworth Trout PondThe Rehrauer FamilyCastile, NYWyoming
Rehrauer Letterbox #5 @ Lee's LandingThe Rehrauer FamilyCastile, NYWyoming
The Jungies TreeasureNature NogginsCastile, NYWyoming
Silent StalkerTeam DakotaNorth Java, NYWyoming
Spirit of the FallsThe Go-TogethersPortageville, NYWyoming
Strawberry Fields Forever!The Castle clanSardina, NYWyoming
Wind Farmchadams2691Wethersfield, NYWyoming
Boudicca's CharmInfinityWyoming, NYWyoming
Keuka's Busy BeePrentice FamilyBluff Point, NYYates
Old World Peace & QuietPrentice FamilyBluff Point, NYYates
MoNY #3 - Stone GiantJeLyBeanBranchport, NYYates
Spook HillJeLyBeanMiddlesex, NYYates
KeukaTheScoobyGangPenn Yan, NYYates
picnic lunchpeace & balancePenn Yan, NYYates