Upper Peninsula - West Letterboxes

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Box NamePlaced ByNearby CityCounty    
Canyon FallsThe DragonAlberta, MIBaraga
Back to my RootsstarrgazerBaraga, MIBaraga
Fall Fun!animallover13Baraga/ L`ance, MIBaraga
Curwood CabinPrince IgorL'Anse, MIBaraga
Curwood MountainPrince IgorL'Anse, MIBaraga
Oscar G. Johnson MemorialSkymanFoster City, MIDickinson
Bur OakTurtle's MomIron Mountain, MIDickinson
IM Just DuckyYooperGoldFishIron Mountain, MIDickinson
Iron Mountain City ParkTurtle's MomIron Mountain, MIDickinson
Millie Hill Trail - Replanted 6/13/14 (4)Turtle's MomIron Mountain, MIDickinson
U.P. PastyTJ_MichIron Mountain, MIDickinson
Butterflies and FlowersLady of LorienNorway, MIDickinson
Fumee LakeYoopersNorway, MIDickinson
Fumee Lake Natural Area (3)Turtle's MomNorway, MIDickinson
Marion Park - JadedragonflyjadedragonflyNorway, MIDickinson
The Pickle and The Bean (2)The Brem DenHurley, MIGogebic
A Season for EverythingAdoptableIronwood, MIGogebic
Lake GogebicSpringChickMarenisco, MIGogebic
Reel it in & Got GameThe PorkiesWakefield/Silver City, MIGogebic
Imp Lake TrailTurtle's MomWatersmeet, MIGogebic
BrownieSunny Side UpWhite Pine, MIGogebic
Grandma's Favorite GameSunny Side UpWhite Pine, MIGogebic
My Ancestral HomelandSunny Side UpWhite Pine, MIGogebic
A Taste of CornwallCopper Island MakerspaceCalumet, MIHoughton
Calumet WaterworksPugZ'sCalumet, MIHoughton
The Broken SpokeCopper Island MakerspaceCalumet, MIHoughton
Win One for The GipperPrince IgorCalumet, MIHoughton
The Stone BoatMay AmeliaCentennial Heights, MIHoughton
Glory DaysGS LeaderHancock, MIHoughton
Itís a Very Scenic ViewGS LeaderHancock, MIHoughton
Quincy MinestarrgazerHancock, MIHoughton
The BirdGS LeaderHancock, MIHoughton
U.P. HikingGS LeaderHancock, MIHoughton
Chutes and Ladders FunGS LeaderHoughton, MIHoughton
Copper Country Humane SocietyASK meHoughton, MIHoughton
Dance in the woodsGS LeaderHoughton, MIHoughton
Husky Dogs RuleGS LeaderHoughton, MIHoughton
Tom the TurkeyMay AmeliaHoughton, MIHoughton
The Red Jacket TrolleyMay AmeliaHubbell, MIHoughton
Jacobsville Dino-Letterboxpaintedlady&pantherJacobsville, MIHoughton
Proud Pigpaintedlady&pantherJacobsville, MIHoughton
The church letterboxASK meJacobsville, MIHoughton
Beaver Trailpink trilliumKenton, MIHoughton
Sparrow Rapids (2)pink trilliumKenton, MIHoughton
"Flying Fish"paintedlady&pantherLake Linden, MIHoughton
UP Wildflower series - Silver Mountain Wild Rosepink trilliumSidnaw, MIHoughton
Shanty BoyWisconsin HikerCrystall Falls, MIIron
Our Brigadoonbetula99@icloud.com???, MIKeweenaw
Sand Hills LighthouseMay AmeliaAhmeek, MIKeweenaw
SHAMROCK 3ShamrockAhmeek, MIKeweenaw
Boreal BlissLeapin' LizardsCopper Harbor, MIKeweenaw
Great Lakes Treasures Series #3 - CoppermanMay AmeliaCopper Harbor, MIKeweenaw
Hunter's PointJefe & LenaCopper Harbor, MIKeweenaw
HWY 41The DragonCopper Harbor, MIKeweenaw
Shamrock #7ShamrockCopper Harbor, MIKeweenaw
Shamrock 6ShamrockCopper Harbor, MIKeweenaw
Superior ViewTJ_MichCopper Harbor, MIKeweenaw
Eagle's ViewLetterhawksEagle Harbor, MIKeweenaw
Nautical and NiceLetterhawksEagle Harbor, MIKeweenaw
Shamrock #8ShamrockEagle Harbor, MIKeweenaw
Sweet RevelationsLetterhawksEagle Harbor, MIKeweenaw
The Lady, the Lion, and the LambLetterhawksEagle Harbor, MIKeweenaw
The Ox and the RabbitCopper Island MakerspaceEagle Harbor, MIKeweenaw
Trail of the Night WolfCopper Island MakerspaceEagle Harbor, MIKeweenaw
Fallen StarCopper Island MakerspaceEagle River, MIKeweenaw
Shamrock 5ShamrockEagle River, MIKeweenaw
Happy Starfishpaintedlady&pantherKearsarge, MIKeweenaw
Snow ThermometerASK meMohawk, MIKeweenaw
Pheonix Historic ChurchASK mePheonix, MIKeweenaw
Rainy Day LoveCopper Island MakerspacePhoenix, MIKeweenaw
Brown DeerScout5047Big Bay, MIMarquette
Draver ParkScout5047Big Bay, MIMarquette
Thunder BayScout5047Big Bay, MIMarquette
Yellow DogScout5047Big Bay, MIMarquette
Moose LiftWisconsin HikerChampion, MIMarquette
Bad Day To Be A Worm!Jefe & LenaLittle Lake, MIMarquette
HogbackLeapin' LizardsMarquette, MIMarquette
Marquette Harbor LightSpringChickMarquette, MIMarquette
NMU AlumnaSunny Side UpMarquette, MIMarquette
Presque Isle Park (2)YoopersMarquette, MIMarquette
Snowbound SummeryooperannMarquette, MIMarquette
Sugarloaf MountainyooperannMarquette, MIMarquette
Summer Peter White Public LibraryLibrarydragonMarquette, MIMarquette
UP Wildflower Series - Blueberriespink trilliumMarquette, MIMarquette
UP Wildflower Series - Jack in the Pulpitpink trilliumMarquette, MIMarquette
Hike to the CrossStarlilyMichigamme, MIMarquette
Castle KeepNorse GnomeMichigan, MIMarquette
Iron Ore Heritage TrailyooperannNegaunee, MIMarquette
The Hunt for the Big BuckVBSP Bluegills???, MIMenominee
Beach BumTJ_MichCedar River, MIMenominee
Henes Park Series (3)TJ_MichMenominee, MIMenominee
Menominee North Pier LightTJ_MichMenominee, MIMenominee
Regional Runways - Marinette Menomineegotta runMenominee, MIMenominee
The Crazy Spider & The Fishy Fisherman (2)The Fantastic FiveBruce Crossing, MIOntonagon
"Mine" Your StepThe PorkiesSilver City, MIOntonagon
Canis LupusThe PorkiesSilver City, MIOntonagon
Cozy Wilderness RetreatThe PorkiesSilver City, MIOntonagon
Cut AcrossThe PorkiesSilver City, MIOntonagon
Lake of the CloudsSpringChickSilver City, MIOntonagon
Moonrise Over TentThe PorkiesSilver City, MIOntonagon
Not a MooseThe PorkiesSilver City, MIOntonagon
Poles to WheelsThe PorkiesSilver City, MIOntonagon
PorkiesSpringChickSilver City, MIOntonagon
Porkies FestThe SweeneysSilver City, MIOntonagon
Rockin' RobinThe PorkiesSilver City, MIOntonagon
Wander the WildernessThe PorkiesSilver City, MIOntonagon
Where is there a bear?The PorkiesSilver City, MIOntonagon
Woohoo, Look at that View!The PorkiesSilver City, MIOntonagon
Butterfly BasicsThe PorkiesSilver City / Wakefield, MIOntonagon
Whoo Cooks For You?The PorkiesSilver City/ Wakefield, MIOntonagon