Upper Peninsula - East Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Hiawatha Series: Song of HiawathaSpringChickAu Train, MIAlger
ChillyGot Sand!Christmas, MIAlger
Hiawatha's Portalpink trilliumDeerton, MIAlger
Au Sable Point LightSpringChickGrand Marais, MIAlger
Old Shoe's Brews #1SpringChickGrand Marais, MIAlger
Grand Island Series (3)pink trilliumMunising, MIAlger
Hiawatha Series: Daughter of the MoonSpringChickMunising, MIAlger
U.P. Waterfalls Series -- Miners FallsgaiaMunising, MIAlger
U.P. Waterfalls Series: Wagner FallsgaiaMunising, MIAlger
UP Waterfalls Series: Munising FallsgaiaMunising, MIAlger
Valley Spur (2)pink trilliumMunising, MIAlger
UP Waterfalls Series: Laughing Whitefish FallsgaiaSundell, MIAlger
Dunbar Series: BeaverSwimming ButterflyBarbeau, MIChippewa
Dunbar Series: Boat Launch and Township ParkSwimming ButterflyBarbeau, MIChippewa
Dunbar Series: CoyoteSwimming ButterflyBarbeau, MIChippewa
Dunbar Series: DeerSwimming ButterflyBarbeau, MIChippewa
Dunbar Series: Skunk (2)Swimming ButterflyBarbeau, MIChippewa
Hiawatha Series: Nahma, King of FishesSpringChickBay Mills, MIChippewa
Point Iroquois LighthouseSpringChickBay Mills, MIChippewa
Mom's Rainbow BridgeWhaleTwin1Bay Mills/Paradise, MIChippewa
Brimley's Whitefish BayNorse GnomeBrimley, MIChippewa
Round Island Point Series: LadybugNorse GnomeBrimley, MIChippewa
Round Island Point Series: RobinNorse GnomeBrimley, MIChippewa
Oswald on VacationThe Morlan ClanDeTour Village, MIChippewa
Inspiration Point--Drummond IslandHousetrollsDrummond, MIChippewa
Tiny Tim theTurtleThe Aldrich ArmyDrummond, MIChippewa
North Country TrailLake GuyFibre, MIChippewa
Andrus Lake HawkNorse GnomeParadise, MIChippewa
Big FitzThe 5MsParadise, MIChippewa
Big PineNorse GnomeParadise, MIChippewa
Lower Tahquamenon FallsNorse GnomeParadise, MIChippewa
Sawmill CreekNorse GnomeParadise, MIChippewa
Shelldrake DamNorse GnomeParadise, MIChippewa
ShipwreckedNorse GnomeParadise, MIChippewa
Wild Blueberry FestivalNorse GnomeParadise, MIChippewa
Fire Tower Series: Demond Fire TowerNorse GnomeRaco, MIChippewa
Toledo War - Part MichiganYooperGalSault Ste Marie, MIChippewa
Algonquin Cross Country Ski Pathway (2)Swimming ButterflySault Ste. Marie, MIChippewa
Mission Street Boat LaunchSwimming ButterflySault Ste. Marie, MIChippewa
Fire Tower Series: McNearny LakeNorse GnomeStrongs, MIChippewa
Delta DeerSunny Side Up???, MIDelta
Escanaba ORE BustTrail OtterEscanaba, MIDelta
Snail Shell HarborSpringChickFayette, MIDelta
Thanx Esky!2hearts1Ford River, MIDelta
EJ's ApplesSunny Side UpGladstone, MIDelta
Peninsula PointTrail OtterRapid River, MIDelta
Giant Pine at TahquamenonSpringChickNewberry, MILuce
Tahquamenon Logging MuseumNorse GnomeNewberry, MILuce
Tahquamenon River Series (2)Norse GnomeNewberry, MILuce
Paradise Nature TrailNorse GnomeParadise, MILuce
Northern VacationLee & Nancy???, MIMackinac
Government IslandIsadoraCedarville, MIMackinac
Isle IsidoreIsadoraCedarville, MIMackinac
Les Cheneaux ShorelineIsadoraCedarville, MIMackinac
BIG KNOBDigusEngadine, MIMackinac
ROCK RIVER ROADDigusEngadine, MIMackinac
STOP SIGN #2DigusEngadine, MIMackinac
Tortoise and HareDigusEngadine, MIMackinac
Cut River BridgeTJ_MichEpoufette, MIMackinac
Mystery SpotWindjammerGros Cap, MIMackinac
Old Mission Indian CemeteryIsadoraHessel, MIMackinac
TimberwolfTimberwolfHessel, MIMackinac
Brown's BrookIrishgirlsMackinac, MIMackinac
"I Do"Angel WinksMackinac Island, MIMackinac
A Grand Mysteryhikin herrosMackinac Island, MIMackinac
A Step to Moogie's StairsIrishgirlsMackinac Island, MIMackinac
A tour through town!Podkul PodMackinac Island, MIMackinac
MIGHG: Mackinac Island Governor's Honor GuardDalmataMackinac Island, MIMackinac
The Great TurtlecodysixMackinac Island, MIMackinac
A Handy MapFamilyof6Moran, MIMackinac
A Woman Conjuring FireWindjammerMoran, MIMackinac
Da Yooper RahaFamilyof6Moran, MIMackinac
Family Members (3)WindjammerMoran, MIMackinac
Top O' The PickleTJ_MichNaubinway, MIMackinac
AnishinaabeThe 5MsSt. Ignace, MIMackinac
Champion Citabria proWindjammerSt. Ignace, MIMackinac
Fisherman's MemorialWindjammerSt. Ignace, MIMackinac
Lakeside CemeteryHorseFeathers97St. Ignace, MIMackinac
Mighty MacTJ_MichSt. Ignace, MIMackinac
PasiphaeWindjammerSt. Ignace, MIMackinac
St. Helena LighthouseWindjammerSt. Ignace, MIMackinac
Straits CelebrationBooks & TravelingSt. Ignace, MIMackinac
The Gates Of StonecliffeFlutterbutterSt. Ignace, MIMackinac
An Alluring BirdMurray7Town of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
Anne's Tablet, and Robinson's Folly (3)RadioTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
Arch RockCapt.Town of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
Battlefield of 1814Parental UnitsTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
Big Round RedBren&DrewTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
Biking the TrailsParental UnitsTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
British LandingParental UnitsTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
By the BookKompass KidsTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
Crack-In-The-IslandParental UnitsTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
East Bluff WoodsLake GuyTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
Find the Secret StaircaseThe GDK PackTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
Forest KingMackinac MikeTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
Mackinac Island Carriage RideArtdogTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
Mackinac Island LibraryRadioTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
Mackinac Island Lilac FestivalTruck-a-saurusTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
Mission PointThe Pink PoniesTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
Pack Dog 1 & Pack Dog 2 (2)AdoptableTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
Pontiac's TrailParental UnitsTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
Round Island LighthouseRadioTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
Run Around the IslandpjynxTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
Soldier's GardenParental UnitsTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
St. Ann's CemeteryRadioTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
StonecliffeDragon-MouseTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
The Best Friends BoxHoltwigoffTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
The British are Comingsquirrel & bearTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
The DreamcatchermysticsongbirdTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
West BluffParental UnitsTown of Mackinac Island, MIMackinac
R.I.P. : Booger What Happened to You?4eyesmcgeeCooks, MISchoolcraft
Seul Choix Point LightSpringChickGulliver, MISchoolcraft
The Lighthouse at Seul Choix Point2 Small GardnersGulliver, MISchoolcraft
Under The Board Walk4eyesmcgeeManistique, MISchoolcraft
The Seney StretchNorse GnomeSeney, MISchoolcraft
Follow the Yellow Fish Road4eyesmcgeeThompson, MISchoolcraft
The Christmas Tree Ship4eyesmcgeeThompson, MISchoolcraft