Southeastern New York Letterboxes

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Box NameOwnerNearby CityCounty    
Bat Boxes (2)The Doctors B???, NYAlbany
Annie's Birthdaythe DoodlesAlbany, NYAlbany
applesalexis1234albany, NYAlbany
Celestial Series (3)MitsyAlbany, NYAlbany
ChiromancyMitsyAlbany, NYAlbany
Elf in Woodlawn ParkMitsyAlbany, NYAlbany
Emack's AngelSymmetry in MotionAlbany, NYAlbany
Explore Your LibraryRCS Community LibrarAlbany, NYAlbany
Go to JailMitsyAlbany, NYAlbany
Henry Hudson PlanetariumMitsyAlbany, NYAlbany
I LOVE ALBANYMitsyAlbany, NYAlbany
Lernaean HydraMitsyAlbany, NYAlbany
Our Nation's Largest WeathervaneMitsyAlbany, NYAlbany
Paradise (in Albany)MitsyAlbany, NYAlbany
PinebushLoonaticAlbany, NYAlbany
Remembering MickiTamsynAlbany, NYAlbany
Snakes On A Grave (2)Snakes On A PlaneAlbany, NYAlbany
Tally HoTurtle RunAlbany, NYAlbany
The Sand BoxAlbany Pine Bush PreserveAlbany, NYAlbany
Vale of TawasenthaAdoptableAlbany, NYAlbany
Altamont at Bozenkill #5the gypsy travelersAltamont, NYAlbany
Are You Curious?TamsynAltamont, NYAlbany
Old SongsJoLoMoAltamont, NYAlbany
Shear delightHairy ExperienceAltamont, NYAlbany
SubterraneanTamsynAltamont, NYAlbany
The Color of ImaginationTamsynAltamont, NYAlbany
Sweet TreatjmanBroadalbin, NYAlbany
The Broadalbin Series (3) (3)jmanBroadalbin, NYAlbany
Squeaky Clean (2)Turtle RunClarksville, NYAlbany
Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway NorthBill & CraigCohoes, NYAlbany
Snakes On An IslandSnakes On A PlaneCohoes, NYAlbany
Crossings of ColonieBill & CraigColonie, NYAlbany
Crossings ParkSuronColonie, NYAlbany
Everypony Smile!RingoHColonie, NYAlbany
On The Trail Of... The Return Of... The Son Of...RingoHColonie, NYAlbany
Real Love Rhino (2)a loco kittensColonie, NYAlbany
LOGOS A to K (11)Symmetry in MotionDelmar, NYAlbany
Peaceful Place #1 9/19/14: TEMPORARILY SUSPENDEDRuby SlippersDelmar, NYAlbany
The Yellow Brick Road Series (2)Ruby SlippersDelmar, NYAlbany
Wandering Kanaka #1Symmetry in MotionDelmar, NYAlbany
Pondering PlaceturtleandhorseDuanesburg, NYAlbany
Peaceful Place #2Ruby SlippersGlenmont, NYAlbany
Peaceful Place #3Ruby SlippersGlenmont, NYAlbany
Peaceful Place #4Ruby SlippersGlenmont, NYAlbany
Virgo (in Albany)MitsyGuilderland, NYAlbany
Whooo of you Warheads stole my Bazooka? (3)Turtle RunKnox, NYAlbany
Maroon ColtGirl Scout Troop 1409Latham, NYAlbany
Mirror FoliageGirl Scout Troop 1409Latham, NYAlbany
Faraway from the oceanbingo14Medusa, NYAlbany
I See Dead People (4)ozMenands, NYAlbany
Superman's Best FriendRingoHMenands, NYAlbany
Whitbeck Scoops (5)Symmetry in MotionNew Scotland, NYAlbany
Last Place You'd See... (3)Turtle RunRavena, NYAlbany
Monkeying AroundRavena RocketsRavena, NYAlbany
DustfingerInkspellRensselaerville, NYAlbany
Woolen MillTurtle RunRensselaerville, NYAlbany
Bear Swamp PreserveLady_MuffyWesterlo, NYAlbany
Bear Swamp Preserve Bonus BoxLady_MuffyWesterlo, NYAlbany
Monkeying Around: WesterloLady_MuffyWesterlo, NYAlbany
LOST in the BronxThe KiteBronx, NYBronx
On top of old BeebeCelticNutmegAusterlitz, NYColumbia
Bash Bish Fishaway.we.goCopake Falls, NYColumbia
Harlem Valley Rail Trail NorthBill & CraigCopake Falls, NYColumbia
Looking for a PrinceCelticNutmegEast Chatham, NYColumbia
Germantown Library / Hike (4)mkkd&aGermantown, NYColumbia
Albany SouthernCelticNutmegGreenport, NYColumbia
Virgin Martyrfive and diamondHudson, NYColumbia
FREDERIC CHURCH’S WOODLAND WALK (2)Winged UnicornHudson, NYColumbia
Mexican RadioTamsynHudson, NYColumbia
Good Reads: The Hunger GamesBeardie ChimpKinderhook, NYColumbia
Kinderhook Creek Mashup geocache hybridGrasshoppers&AntKinderhook, NYColumbia
Martin Van BurenSnakes On A PlaneKinderhook, NYColumbia
Pushing Up Daisies #19pawcaKinderhook, NYColumbia
There Be Dragons Box 1CelticNutmegNew Lebanon, NYColumbia
There Be Dragons Box 2CelticNutmegPhilmont, NYColumbia
Wild's Cotton MillBeardie ChimpValatie, NYColumbia
Sheldon ParkGS344Delhi, NYDelaware
Crawford FieldTheBanda5Hamden, NYDelaware
SummertimepinkittyHancock, NYDelaware
Santa, is that You? (3)Auggie DoggieLordville, NYDelaware
Mystery Shippixie crewMargretville, NYDelaware
A Tri-State of MindRabbit's Relations???, NYDutchess
GAQLBE10: Lucky CloverChoi???, NYDutchess
Snoop Dawgy DawgFelix Felicis???, NYDutchess
The pump don't work...Fluttering By???, NYDutchess
Best Buds (2)silver_owlAnnadale-on-hudson, NYDutchess
Little Geisha GirlBlackvelvetravAnnandale-on-Hudson, NYDutchess
HP: Order of the PhoenixBlackvelvetravBarrytown, NYDutchess
HP: PotionsBlackvelvetravBarrytown, NYDutchess
HP: Prisoner of AzkabanBlackvelvetravBarrytown, NYDutchess
HP: The Chamber of SecretsBlackvelvetravBarrytown, NYDutchess
HP: The Goblet of FireBlackvelvetravBarrytown, NYDutchess
HP: The Sorcerer's StoneBlackvelvetravBarrytown, NYDutchess
Trail Mix 2 (2)a couple of nutsBarrytown, NYDutchess
Clever Little Bugs (5)Bell LadyBeacon, NYDutchess
Howland Public LibraryRabbit's RelationsBeacon, NYDutchess
On the Way to the Old SchoolhouseRabbit's RelationsBeacon, NYDutchess
Red Trail/North Beacon Mountain.Racoon in the BaloonBeacon, NYDutchess
The City of Beacon NY (May 15, 1913).Racoon in the BaloonBeacon, NYDutchess
Stone Church Cave (2)Karen & K9sDover Plains, NYDutchess
Blodgett LibraryRabbit's RelationsFishkill, NYDutchess
Cloud Ninezwei frauenFishkill, NYDutchess
Hidden ParkGraemeHyde Park, NYDutchess
Hyde Park Free LibraryRabbit's RelationsHyde Park, NYDutchess
I Don't Know Why... (7)3 Blind MiceHyde Park, NYDutchess
Making the World Go Round3 Blind MiceHyde Park, NYDutchess
Runnin' RabbitCelticWolfPackHyde Park, NYDutchess
GS Girl Power4 ladies andLagrange, NYDutchess
GS Pride4 ladies andLagrange, NYDutchess
Path of Life (5)FoundinHimLaGrange, NYDutchess
Walk the GS talk4 ladies andLagrange, NYDutchess
Basic MathFelix FelicisMilan, NYDutchess
Harlem Valley Rail Trail SouthBill & CraigMillerton, NYDutchess
Santa Claus' SnowflakeHSMomMillerton, NYDutchess
Glow Fish at Nuclear LakeKaren & K9sPawling, NYDutchess
Lakeside ParkJCLARKPawling, NYDutchess
Murrow ParkCosmo*Pawling, NYDutchess
Nuclear LakeThe Hardy Hikerspawling, NYDutchess
Rainbow's End Butterfly Farm (3)Karen & K9sPawling, NYDutchess
Butterfly Family (4)Tiger Lily2006Pleasant Valley, NYDutchess
Man's Best Friend SeriesOn PointPleasant Valley, NYDutchess
Creek Road/Morgan Lake.Racoon in the BaloonPoughkeepsie, NYDutchess
DashDashRabbit's RelationsPoughkeepsie, NYDutchess
DashDotDashDotRabbit's RelationsPoughkeepsie, NYDutchess
DotDotRabbit's RelationsPoughkeepsie, NYDutchess
Fairy WaterfallGirl PowerPoughkeepsie, NYDutchess
LaGrange LibraryRabbit's RelationsPoughkeepsie, NYDutchess
Locust Grove/Hemlock Trail.Racoon in the BaloonPoughkeepsie, NYDutchess
Pixie Trail-replaced 7/13/06.Girl PowerPoughkeepsie, NYDutchess
PPLD Arlington Branch LibraryRabbit's RelationsPoughkeepsie, NYDutchess
Red Oaks Mill Park.Racoon in the BaloonPoughkeepsie, NYDutchess
Waryas Park/Poughkeepsie Railroad Station.Racoon in the BaloonPoughkeepsie, NYDutchess
Beekman LibraryRabbit's RelationsPoughquag, NYDutchess
Pests On The Trail (8)Karen & K9sPoughquag to Pawling, NYDutchess
A Pirates Life (3)Felix FelicisRed Hook, NYDutchess
Box of the Month: Red Hook, NY3 Blind MiceRed Hook, NYDutchess
East of the Hudson RiverbudsterRed Hook, NYDutchess
Something GnuThe Doctors BRed Hook, NYDutchess
Spider in the NightFelix FelicisRed Hook, NYDutchess
3rd on the 6thFelix FelicisRhinebeck, NYDutchess
A Sip of RussiaFelix FelicisRhinebeck, NYDutchess
Ancient FlutteringBlackvelvetravRhinebeck, NYDutchess
Baldaufs over the HillBaldauf BunchRhinebeck, NYDutchess
Clinton Community LibraryRabbit's RelationsRhinebeck, NYDutchess
F.U.N. at the D.C.FFelix FelicisRhinebeck, NYDutchess
John 10:14Blessedx04Rhinebeck, NYDutchess
Kit Kittredge, American GirlBlessedx04Rhinebeck, NYDutchess
No OnionphynstarRhinebeck, NYDutchess
Secret Boxes (2)Felix FelicisRhinebeck, NYDutchess
Starr LibraryRabbit's RelationsRhinebeck, NYDutchess
Starry NightFelix FelicisRhinebeck, NYDutchess
What Do You See (new clues, same stamps 10/2014) (3)phynstarRhinebeck, NYDutchess
Angel's FindAngel's FindStaatsburg, NYDutchess
Here Fishy FishyCelticWolfPackStaatsburg, NYDutchess
Monkeying Around:Wilcox ParkLady_MuffyStamfordville, NYDutchess
Tables Turned #1 and #2 Fear Faketor (2)BlaxStanfordville, NYDutchess
More of Man's Best Friends (2)On PointStormville, NYDutchess
Red ChurchTale SpinnerTivoli, NYDutchess
Bowdoin ParkRabbit's RelationsWappingers Falls, NYDutchess
Fall is HERE (10)Rabbit's RelationsWappingers Falls, NYDutchess
Grinnell LibraryRabbit's RelationsWappingers Falls, NYDutchess
Spring is HERE: Nature Trail (8)Rabbit's RelationsWappingers Falls, NYDutchess
Dover Plains LibraryRabbit's RelationsWingdale, NYDutchess
Creepy Crawler in CairoLady_Muffy??, NYGreene
Wa-wan-te-pe-kokLady_Muffy???, NYGreene
Explore Your Shore - Cecil C. Hallock ParkRCS Community LibrarAlbany, NYGreene
Hannacroix Preserve - Explore Your ShoreRCS Community LibrarAlbany, NYGreene
Hollow Tree Series (3)CarylizAthens, NYGreene
Snakes in the BasementCarylizAthens, NYGreene
War of the WorldsBestFriendsAthens, NYGreene
Bears in the Park (3)Lady_MuffyCairo, NYGreene
Brown BearLady_MuffyCairo, NYGreene
Cairo's Bears and ButterfliesjakejaredCairo, NYGreene
My Peeps (4)Lady_MuffyCairo, NYGreene
Fab Four minus One (3)Lady_MuffyCatskill, NYGreene
Monkeying Around: CatskillLady_MuffyCatskill, NYGreene
Colgate LakeBibliochickEHEast Jewett, NYGreene
Bearlly ThereThe TwilightersGreenville, NYGreene
Country MouseThe Twilightersgreenville, NYGreene
Boulder RockbudsterHaines Falls, NYGreene
I See An Alligator!Leaves 4 UHAINES FALLS, NYGreene
Kaaterskill Hotel SiteGrumpyHaines Falls, NYGreene
Laymans MonumentjakejaredHaines Falls, NYGreene
North Point LetterboxbudsterHaines Falls, NYGreene
North South Lake (3)suzietootsHaines Falls, NYGreene
Hunter SnowbirdbudsterHunter, NYGreene
St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic ChurchBibliochickEHHunter, NYGreene
The Devils Resting PlacejakejaredHunter, NYGreene
Big Hollow HikerBibliochickEHMaplecrest, NYGreene
Lizards at the Lean-toTeam HawleyMaplecrest/ Windham, NYGreene
Kaaterskill High PeakbudsterPalenville, NYGreene
Poet's Ledge LBeddiegPalenville, NYGreene
Huckleberry Point LBeddiegPlatte Clove, NYGreene
Rotue 23 LetterboxNJ CarolePrattsville, NYGreene
Tanning LetterboxphynstarPrattsville, NYGreene
Dutcher Notch (5)Lady_MuffyRound Top, NYGreene
Hip HopFluttering ByRound Top, NYGreene
Fishing DerbyBibliochickEHTannersville, NYGreene
Huckleberry TrailBill & CraigTannersville, NYGreene
Rip Van WinkleSilver EagleTannersville, NYGreene
3Wk3 Windham KidsWindham, NYGreene
The SkierTeam HawleyWindham, NYGreene
A Peace Of The UniverseA Peace Of The UniverseBrooklyn, NYKings
Peace Not WarEscape ArtistBrooklyn, NYKings
SprinklerThe SpiesBrooklyn, NYKings
The SpiderJB Castle HuntersBrooklyn, NYKings
The Thirsty PatronOracleBrooklyn, NYKings
Belmont Park - "And They're Off!"DMC & TeamElmont, NYNassau
Arboreal RespiteKaseinoGlen Cove, NYNassau
T Rex Spotted at Garvies PointDMC & TeamGlen Cove, NYNassau
Sticks and StoneMrs AManhasset, NYNassau
All American Hamburger Drive InDMC & TeamMassapequa, NYNassau
Levy's little HikeMrs AMerrick/Freeport, NYNassau
Up the hill at MuttontownalibugMuttontown, NYNassau
Cow Necktom+vic=awesomePort Washington, NYNassau
Mushroom Trail2-WINSRockville Centre, NYNassau
The M-Song by M-Puzzle2-WINSRockville Centre, NYNassau
We are Family by M-Puzzle and 2-Wins2-WINSRockville Centre, NYNassau
CrewLoveCrewLoveRoslyn Harbor, NYNassau
Henry's LetterboxnancypearlValley Stream, NYNassau
Titanic: "Unsinkable Molly BrownThe H-ClanWestbury, NYNassau
F.O.V.C. - Urban Letterbox series #2lephantman13Bronx, NYNew York
Floydada Pumpkin - Texas Festival SeriesFrye TeamBronx, NYNew York
Lady Liberty's ProspectsChoiBrooklyn, NYNew York
You Would Not Believe Your Eyes~The Monkey Noodles~Central Park, NYNew York
GermanyThe Smith's TrailIlion, NYNew York
"How May I Help You?" Kind of a WordOfMDMC & TeamManhattan, NYNew York
Halloween AdventureQManhattan, NYNew York
Italian For Beginners (Urban Letterbox #1)lephantman13Manhattan, NYNew York
Obscura Antiques and OdditiesDMC & TeamManhattan, NYNew York
Panda AppleVIENNAManhattan, NYNew York
Remembering NYC FiremenSnapZManhattan, NYNew York
Rio, Faro & PuenteTheBanda5Manhattan, NYNew York
Stumped!!SnapZManhattan, NYNew York
The Cloisters- GONE :(Jersey HikersManhattan, NYNew York
A Tribute to All K9 HeroesDMC & TeamNew York, NYNew York
Coastal DiscoveriesTheLostBoysNew York, NYNew York
GoliathThe KiteNew York, NYNew York
Hold Onto Your Fork, There's PieMiss MoonNew York, NYNew York
Little Red Lighthouse LetterboxTeam OtterNew York, NYNew York
Madhattan.TheLostBoysNew York, NYNew York
New Mexico Women #5: Georgia O'KeefeWronghatNew York, NYNew York
RMS Carpathia - Little West 12th StreetDMC & TeamNew York, NYNew York
The TitanicSnapZNew York, NYNew York
Central Park crossword puzzleWoodland PoetsNew York City, NYNew York
The Original Yankee StadiumFoothill ForesterNew York City, NYNew York
Between trail and riverRogers Ed. CenterSherburne, NYNew York
Farm Tower QuestRogers Ed. CenterSherburne, NYNew York
SMILE BIGShadyfamilyWhitney Point, NYNew York
The Juggling Bear / The Lost Ornament (2)ShadyfamilyWhitney Point, NYNew York
Bear MountainCahillys of DumontBear Mountain, NYOrange
Bear Mountain Octoberfest Series (3)Sera&DoobieBear Mountain, NYOrange
Chester Public LibraryRabbit's RelationsChester, NYOrange
The Bugs Box (2)KelloggsChester, NYOrange
Tiny Dancer in the WoodsLittleGreenMouse ClanChester, NYOrange
I smell something fishywadermancornwall, NYOrange
Some Fun in the sunwadermancornwall, NYOrange
Hip Hip SundaewadermanCornwall, NYOrange
RosebudRoserockCornwall, NYOrange
Ellenville Public LibraryRabbit's RelationsEllenville, NYOrange
Dragonfly on the trailsam the squirrelHighland Mills, NYOrange
Bats at Hillside CemeteryMonkey-O'sMiddletown, NYOrange
Elusive Tree FrogTeam Trail TrekMiddletown, NYOrange
10 paces from HelmsCub Scout Pack 340monroe, NYOrange
many many bird housesCub Scout Pack 340Monroe, NYOrange
many many bird houses part 2 (2)Cub Scout Pack 340monroe, NYOrange
Troop 533Appalachian TrailMonroe, NYOrange
Waterfall Wonder-new location!Pippen the penguinMonroe, NYOrange
Dragonfly on the PondArmed AdventurersMontgomery, NYOrange
Hopping Along the HighwaypawcaNew Hampton, NYOrange
Behind Barsmischievious medicOtisville, NYOrange
Pine Bush Area LibraryRabbit's RelationsPine Bush, NYOrange
Explore Elks BroxSports ExplorersPort Jervis, NYOrange
Fallen LeafMerlin and ArdeaPort Jervis, NYOrange
The Tri-State LetterboxAcorn LithingtonPort Jervis, NYOrange
Truckin' On HomewandaandpetePort Jervis, NYOrange
Shannen ParkMCRSlate Hill, NYOrange
Claudius Smith Letterboxes (2)Sera&DoobieSloatsburg, NYOrange
Forgotten GraveyardNifferTuxedo, NYOrange
Lemon SqueezerDon DTuxedo, NYOrange
Take A BreakNifferTuxedo, NYOrange
Black Cat in the CemeteryLittleGreenMouse ClanWarwick, NYOrange
Sterling LakeWingfootWarwick, NYOrange
Schunemunk MountainkaresWashingtonville, NYOrange
Woodbury Public LibraryRabbit's RelationsWoodbury, NYOrange
Lordsland Conservancy (5)Crow WomanCherry Valley, NYOtsego
Shadows of the Adirondaks (3)turtleandhorseCherry Valley, NYOtsego
That's One Angry Flock! (6)Turtle RunCherry Valley, NYOtsego
Wild Strawberries on The Cliffs Over Cherry ValleylisascenicCherry Valley, NYOtsego
Along the Susquehanna River (4)Crow WomanCooperstown, NYOtsego
Brewery OmmeganglisascenicCooperstown, NYOtsego
Clark Sport Center #1the gypsy travelersCooperstown, NYOtsego
Clark TowerMagnolia Tree PlanetCooperstown, NYOtsego
Cooperstown Pumpkin Fest 2010Crow WomanCooperstown, NYOtsego
Doubleday's DiamondSilver EagleCooperstown, NYOtsego
Nature at the Opera (4)lisascenicCooperstown, NYOtsego
SHAMUSCrow WomanCooperstown, NYOtsego
The Secret of Mirror BaylisascenicCooperstown, NYOtsego
Wedding AnniversaryCrow WomanCooperstown, NYOtsego
East Coast Road Trip - New Yorkjb kokopelliEast Worcester, NYOtsego
Apples & CiderKomodo JazzFly Creek, NYOtsego
Our Neighbors, The AmishlisascenicSpringfield, NYOtsego
Girl Scout Canoe Regattaseashore girlsUnadilla, NYOtsego
Forest Flowers (2)lisascenicVan Hornesville, NYOtsego
Van HornesvillelisascenicVan Hornesville, NYOtsego
First Baptist ChurchKaren & K9sBrewster, NYPutnam
Haunted Woods: 8TH WONDERKaren & K9sBrewster, NYPutnam
Haunted Woods: THE SWAMP MONSTERKaren & K9sBrewster, NYPutnam
Haunted Woods: WEREWOLFKaren & K9sBrewster, NYPutnam
Haunted Woods; CYCLOPS!Karen & K9sBrewster, NYPutnam
I684 Northbound- Forced Family Fun!Karen & K9sBrewster, NYPutnam
Kelly's CornerKaren & K9sBrewster, NYPutnam
Letterbox NOT LitterboxKaren & K9sBrewster, NYPutnam
Local Wildlife: ChipmunkKaren & K9sBrewster, NYPutnam
Local Wildlife: CoyoteKaren & K9sBrewster, NYPutnam
Local Wildlife: GREAT HORNED OWL & TURKEY (2)Karen & K9sBrewster, NYPutnam
Local Wildlife: RaccoonKaren & K9sBrewster, NYPutnam
Make New FriendsTroop1421Brewster, NYPutnam
Old Southeast CemeteryKaren & K9sBrewster, NYPutnam
Old Southeast ChurchKaren & K9sBrewster, NYPutnam
OPTICAL ILLUSIONS 4 (4)Karen & K9sBrewster, NYPutnam
Putnam County History (2)Karen & K9sBrewster, NYPutnam
Seth B Howes & the Great American CircusKaren & K9sBrewster, NYPutnam
Stone ChamberKaren & K9sBrewster, NYPutnam
The Great Swamp (3)Karen & K9sBrewster, NYPutnam
4-H CLOVERKaren & K9sCarmel, NYPutnam
Chuang Yen Monastary Tour (2)NifferCarmel, NYPutnam
GOOD DOG LETTERBOXKaren & K9sCarmel, NYPutnam
Putnam County TrailwayBill & CraigCarmel, NYPutnam
Reed Memorial LibraryRabbit's RelationsCarmel, NYPutnam
Turtle Trail Treasure Boxputnam homeschoolCarmel, NYPutnam
I 84 Hitchhiker HostelKaren & K9sCarmel / Brewster, NYPutnam
George WashingtonkottmanbabiesCold Spring, NYPutnam
I'm in a New York State of MindJenkins on a JourneyCold Spring, NYPutnam
Opuntia in NYwandaandpeteCold Spring, NYPutnam
Double Crosses on the Appalachian Trail (2)NifferGarrison, NYPutnam
Revolutionary Redoubts (2)NifferGarrison, NYPutnam
The Bird and Bottle InnNifferGarrison, NYPutnam
The Trail of Trees LetterboxNifferGarrison, NYPutnam
Kent Public LibraryRabbit's RelationsKent Lakes, NYPutnam
It's My Life....Again!Jovi LeeMahopac, NYPutnam
Bear's ChairTravelingfrogPatterson, NYPutnam
A Day at the Park (3)SillyNursePutnam Valley, NYPutnam
Requiescant in pace - IINifferPutnam Valley, NYPutnam
Snake In The WallCurlytop77Southeast, NYPutnam
SquirrelsCurlytop77Southeast, NYPutnam
Sammy DoodlepottscubAstoria, NYQueens
A view of the city and a friend.NachalFar Rockaway, NYQueens
Molly's New York3mcloughlin'sflushing, NYQueens
Forest Park "V" TreeDotty's CrewForest Hills, NYQueens
Sophie and Teddy's Place, Grooming Salon & BouDMC & TeamMiddle Village, NYQueens
Easy find in Alley Pond ParkalibugNew York, NYQueens
Many Attractions of Forest Park (25)DMC & TeamQueens, NYQueens
Set Phasers to AWESOME, or Riker SquaredThe KiteQueens, NYQueens
Tater's ToysTurtle Run???, NYRensselaer
TeddyTurtle Run???, NYRensselaer
Dragon's MawAdoptableAlbany, NYRensselaer
Grafton Elementarytroll bridgealbany, NYRensselaer
Mystery 4ever364600Albany, NYRensselaer
A Pond’s VisitorTurtle RunCropseyville, NYRensselaer
Logos L to S (8)Symmetry in MotionCropseyville, NYRensselaer
Mothers' LoveTurtle RunCropseyville, NYRensselaer
The Old Maid's Puzzle Quilt BlockRed Paisley QuilterCropseyville, NYRensselaer
Zoology (26)Turtle RunCropseyville, NYRensselaer
Place Called HomeGrazFamilyEast Greenbush, NYRensselaer
Read A Book IVRIFamilyEast Greenbush, NYRensselaer
The Elephant Under The StairscharlotteswebbHoosick Falls, NYRensselaer
Tibbits BearWoodland PawsHoosick Falls, NYRensselaer
The Rocky Way on Mud Pond Preserve - By Girl ScoutMud Pond PreserveNassau, NYRensselaer
Bell Top BridgersGoElfNorth Greenbush, NYRensselaer
Belltopsecret searchersNorth Greenbush, NYRensselaer
Seasons (4)Turtle RunPetersburg, NYRensselaer
Three Birds (3)MudroomPetersburgh, NYRensselaer
In The DarkTurtle RunPoestenkill, NYRensselaer
Where's Bob? (3)Turtle RunPoestenkill, NYRensselaer
Skyline - AlbanyRIFamilyRensselaer, NYRensselaer
Lil' Joe FrecklesTurtle RunSchaghticoke, NYRensselaer
Jerome The Gnome (2)dollie horse&broken arrowSchodack, NYRensselaer
BemanMitsyTroy, NYRensselaer
Dead Man Tells No Tales (3)TrittiumTroy, NYRensselaer
Frear Park BridgeSweetMilkCreekDynamiteTroy, NYRensselaer
Milk is for babiesdee is meTroy, NYRensselaer
Overlooking TroyHannahzeeTroy, NYRensselaer
PuckmanMitsyTroy, NYRensselaer
Sam Wants YOUozTroy, NYRensselaer
Uncle SamThe Number LineTroy, NYRensselaer
Why Not Change the World? (5)MitsyTroy, NYRensselaer
Ink Chyx Tattoo Studio and Art GalleryDMC & TeamStaten Island, NYRichmond
Legend of ZeldaThe KiteStaten Island, NYRichmond
Dunderberg Spiral RailwayCahillys of DumontBear Mountain, NYRockland
Blauvelt Free LibraryRabbit's RelationsBlauvelt, NYRockland
Aliens have landed at Hook MountainAmbushBugHook Mountain State Park, Upper Nyack, NYRockland
The Nyack Library Series (3)NifferNyack, NYRockland
Palisades Platitudes 1 & 2 (2)Cahillys of DumontPalisades, NYRockland
Proper Cup of CoffeeFire DragonPearl River, NYRockland
Christmas in SloatsburgNifferSloatsburg, NYRockland
The MazeThe Sparkill TrioSparkill, NYRockland
Here's GeorgeAdoptableStony Point, NYRockland
Adventures of Hook Mountain (3)Mr. & Mrs. ComforterValley Cottage, NYRockland
AdoptAPetChauvin1987Cobleskill, NYSchoharie
Catnap BooksThe Doctors BCobleskill, NYSchoharie
The Shield - TRTurtle RunGallupville, NYSchoharie
Gilboa FossilsbugbwGilboa, NYSchoharie
Gilboa MuseumbugbwGilboa, NYSchoharie
Iroquois Museum (2)The Doctors BHowes Cave, NYSchoharie
Secret LetterboxlisascenicHowes Cave, NYSchoharie
Vroman's Nose Series (3)BuggylouMiddleburg, NYSchoharie
BouckTurtle RunMiddleburgh, NYSchoharie
Corn Dogs on Corn MountainStrangerThanFictionMiddleburgh, NYSchoharie
Crazy AnnieTurtle RunMiddleburgh, NYSchoharie
Mace Family Reunion (2)ParkFriendNorth Blenheim, NYSchoharie
Splash Down (2)ParkFriendNorth Blenheim, NYSchoharie
FrostyTurtle RunOld Central Bridge, NYSchoharie
Becker's Cave BonusThe Doctors BSchoharie, NYSchoharie
Easter Egg Exhibit BonusThe Doctors BSchoharie, NYSchoharie
Fox Creek Covered BridgeThe Doctors BSchoharie, NYSchoharie
Old Stone Fort (2)The Doctors BSchoharie, NYSchoharie
Palatine HouseThe Doctors BSchoharie, NYSchoharie
Block Printing NirvanalisascenicSharon Springs, NYSchoharie
Bowmaker's Pond (2)turtleandhorseSharon Springs, NYSchoharie
Chestnut Street SchoolhouseturtleandhorseSharon Springs, NYSchoharie
Healing WaterslisascenicSharon Springs, NYSchoharie
Rose of SharonturtleandhorseSharon Springs, NYSchoharie
Sharon's Springs (3)turtleandhorseSharon Springs, NYSchoharie
Spartan PrideturtleandhorseSharon Springs, NYSchoharie
Warriors (5)turtleandhorseSharon Springs, NYSchoharie
Who lives here? (4)turtleandhorseSharon Springs, NYSchoharie
JayRuns for Beer???, NYSuffolk
Pushing Up Daisies #119pawcaAquebogue, NYSuffolk
Bubbles in Belmont Lake State ParkalibugBabylon, NYSuffolk
Regency Forest Pet Memorial 'Park' (2)DMC & TeamBrookhaven, NYSuffolk
Senator DogbonejwandersCalverton, NYSuffolk
Splish Splash - Long Island's Water Park!DMC & TeamCalverton, NYSuffolk
Holding HandsjwandersCentereach, NYSuffolk
Nature and Leaves (2)jwandersCentereach, NYSuffolk
Holy PathHoly PathCenterport, NYSuffolk
Davis Park AE3jwandersDavis Park, NYSuffolk
Davis Park Casino BarjwandersDavis Park, NYSuffolk
Davis Park Casino CafejwandersDavis Park, NYSuffolk
Thirsty in Dix HillsMr. MasterDix Hills, NYSuffolk
Swan LakepawcaEast Patchague, NYSuffolk
Adventureland - Family Fun Since 1962!DMC & TeamFarmingdale, NYSuffolk
Bald Hill MemorialThe H-ClanFarmingville, NYSuffolk
Weldon's Anchor (Gallery on the Hill) (2)The H-ClanFarmingville, NYSuffolk
A Calm Pondviper61732Greenlawn, NYSuffolk
Rocky Hill Letterboxbengal tigerGreenlawn, NYSuffolk
school trailO.M.S. trailGreenlawn, NYSuffolk
Skater guystar dogGreenlawn, NYSuffolk
Big FootBorisDMHampton Bays, NYSuffolk
So many little timetreasure hunt 7Holbrook, NYSuffolk
Caumset AmorAmorHuntington, NYSuffolk
How Are You, Harry?JaxxHuntington, NYSuffolk
The Green Pandaorigami trailsHuntington, NYSuffolk
Timberedge BoxheathleighlaceyHuntington, NYSuffolk
Where is Waldo?Wisdom of the ForestHuntington, NYSuffolk
Prairie Road Boxdaniellahuntington station, NYSuffolk
Honor the IrishStellaKings Park, NYSuffolk
I Love Winter Parties (3)StellaKings Park, NYSuffolk
Lake Ronkonkoma Cemetery (5)The H-ClanLake Grove, NYSuffolk
"EL"TheLostBoysManorville, NYSuffolk
Long Island Game Farm & PreserveDMC & TeamManorville, NYSuffolk
Mr. WhooTheLostBoysManorville, NYSuffolk
off-roading (2)TheMonkeyHeadsmedford, NYSuffolk
The Little House at the Neighborhood CenterjwandersMedford, NYSuffolk
Tatty's LetterboxJaxxMelville, NYSuffolk
A Seedlings Tale (3)jwandersMiddle Island, NYSuffolk
Camp Barstow (4)jwandersMiller Place, NYSuffolk
MP Duck PondjwandersMiller Place, NYSuffolk
MP Train StationjwandersMiller Place, NYSuffolk
100, Year of the Girlglass menagerieMontauk, NYSuffolk
Chandler Estate (5)jwandersMount Sinai, NYSuffolk
Satterly LandingjwandersMount Sinai, NYSuffolk
Seaview (2)jwandersMount Sinai, NYSuffolk
Hold your HorsesFat Albert FansNew York, NYSuffolk
Hold your Horses (2)Fat Albert FansNew York, NYSuffolk
Girlscout Troop 1115Troop 1115 BrowniesNorth Babylon, NYSuffolk
"Moo" said the CowThe Three MusketeersNorthport, NYSuffolk
Crab Meadow Beach (2)BalanceSaidTheCatNorthport, NYSuffolk
Maze of MysteryFat Albert FansNorthport, NYSuffolk
Chickadee Dee DeeScarabNoyack, NYSuffolk
Orient PointLadybug (Kathy)Orient, NYSuffolk
Where Learning Takes FlightjwandersPatchogue, NYSuffolk
P.T. BarnumTroop134Port Jefferson Village, NYSuffolk
Longswamp (3)jwandersRidge, NYSuffolk
Atlantis Marine World...Adventure Awaits!DMC & TeamRiverhead, NYSuffolk
Cat's Girl Scout LetterboxMom&CatRocky Point, NYSuffolk
Luck of The Rocky Point IrishJayJayRocky Point, NYSuffolk
Sheer Joy!TheLostBoysRocky Point, NYSuffolk
Troop 152 Brownie Elfglass menagerieSag Harbor, NYSuffolk
BE HAPPY!!! :)NikkiStarSetauket, NY, NYSuffolk
Shelter Island YachtsHikerGuyEdShelter Island, NYSuffolk
Athletic TrailCub Sout Pack 161Shoreham, NYSuffolk
Power to the People!jwandersShoreham, NYSuffolk
Guide Dog FoundationDMC & TeamSmithtown, NYSuffolk
I LOVE WINTER (5)StellaSmithtown, NYSuffolk
Whisper, the Smithtown BullfancienanSmithtown, NYSuffolk
Leaves of Grass: 2nd EditionJaxxSouth Huntington, NYSuffolk
The Frog At Toad PondJaxxSouth Huntington, NYSuffolk
AvalonPascalStony Brook, NYSuffolk
At The BeachAdoptableWesthampton, NYSuffolk
The Shy TurtleNachalFallsburg, NYSullivan
Cathy's Trail placed by GS Troop 470Cathy's TrailKauneonga Lake, NYSullivan
Cathy's Trail placed by GS Troop 470Cathy's TrailKauneonga Lake, NYSullivan
The Four Angels at Skinner's FallsJHaloNarrowsburg, NYSullivan
Hidden PondbudsterAccord, NYUlster
CrayfishingGolden Dragon LadyBearsville, NYUlster
Little Stream CritterGolden Dragon LadyBearsville/ Wittenburg, NYUlster
Red Hill Fire TowerSpottycatClaryville, NYUlster
Preserve the ReserveSpottycatGardiner, NYUlster
Falling WatersLady_MuffyGlasco, NYUlster
Sister ActGingarooGlasco, NYUlster
TortugaLady_MuffyGlasco, NYUlster
Wish You Were Here... (4)Lady_MuffyGlasco, NYUlster
Depuy CelebrationdubulskulsHigh Falls, NYUlster
Keys to the LockRabbit's RelationsHigh Falls, NYUlster
Bubble Box BonusThe Doctors BHighland, NYUlster
Hudson Valley Rail TrailBill & CraigHighland, NYUlster
Mid Hudson Bridge View2 peasinapodHighland, NYUlster
Mr. Williams Box2 peasinapodHighland, NYUlster
River WalkbudsterHighland, NYUlster
Riverdale High Series (13)The Doctors BHighland, NYUlster
Old Ski Mountain AreabudsterHighmount, NYUlster
D & H Canal Heritage Corridor NorthBill & CraigHurley, NYUlster
Do You Have the Patience?Felix FelicisHurley, NYUlster
Let's Take a WalkdoodledumplingHurley, NYUlster
GodsendSpottycatKenhonkson, NYUlster
Gnome Chomsky: The World's Largest Garden GnomeThe Doctors BKerhonkson, NYUlster
Point LookoutSpottycatKerhonkson, NYUlster
Ruth's BoxRabbit's RelationsKerhonkson, NYUlster
Ukrainian Coat of Arms: The TridentThe Doctors BKerhonkson, NYUlster
Cam and LoganCam and LoganKingston, NYUlster
Cat-Skills (4)phynstarKingston, NYUlster
Dancing BearsLady_MuffyKingston, NYUlster
Dancing on the MoonMotleyCrewKingston, NYUlster
Keys to the CatskillsbudsterKingston, NYUlster
Kingston Point Park Series (5)Lady_MuffyKingston, NYUlster
Panda at the ParkjakejaredKingston, NYUlster
Personality: pouty, jealous, good-heartedFelix FelicisKingston, NYUlster
Puff the Magic Dragon (Kingson)Lady_MuffyKingston, NYUlster
Skate park DreamthisissolameKingston, NYUlster
Take a Look in a BookDayDreamerNYKingston, NYUlster
The Cheetah Girlskingoekingston, NYUlster
Three "Blind" MicedubulskulsKingston, NYUlster
Zoo Sightings (2)Lady_MuffyKingston, NYUlster
Zoo Sightings: KoalaLady_MuffyKingston, NYUlster
Zoo Sightings: PeacockLady_MuffyKingston, NYUlster
Marbletown O&WHikerGuyEdMarbletown, NYUlster
Got Books?2 peasinapodMarlboro, NYUlster
Sarah Hull Hallock Free LibraryRabbit's RelationsMilton, NYUlster
Plattekill Public LibraryRabbit's RelationsModena, NYUlster
Bridge to NowherebudsterMount Tremper, NYUlster
The Olde Up and DownphynstarMt Pleasant, NYUlster
4th Hole and 7 Strokes Ago!The Doctors BNew Paltz, NYUlster
BlueBerry RunbudsterNew Paltz, NYUlster
Lake Minnewaska LetterboxKaren & K9sNew Paltz, NYUlster
Millbrook RidgebudsterNew Paltz, NYUlster
Snoopy Series Part One (2)Karen & K9sNew Paltz, NYUlster
Trail of the Marvelous Mauve MoufetteSpottycatNew Paltz, NYUlster
The Big ROCKfluttermorephoenicia, NYUlster
The World's Largest KaleidoscopeGivetian RangerPhoenicia, NYUlster
Tremper Tower [2740 feet]budsterPhoenicia, NYUlster
Wittenberg MountainbudsterPhoenicia, NYUlster
Mr. Felten's Box2 peasinapodPlattekill, NYUlster
Town of Esopus LibraryRabbit's RelationsPort Ewen, NYUlster
Yowie in New YorkphynstarPort Ewen, NYUlster
In the News (brand new stamp image)phynstarRed Hook, NYUlster
Esopus Bend Nature PreservedudzSaugerties, NYUlster
Festival d'ailphynstarSaugerties, NYUlster
Glasco Mini ParkrockledgeSaugerties, NYUlster
Karp NomaesphynstarSaugerties, NYUlster
Kierstead HousewasserfamilySaugerties, NYUlster
Little School With A Big HeartTAVERSaugerties, NYUlster
Monkeying Around: SaugertiesLady_MuffySaugerties, NYUlster
Rufus: The Naked Mole RatLady_MuffySaugerties, NYUlster
Saugerties Public LibraryRabbit's RelationsSaugerties, NYUlster
tree trunk treasure.ddbh38saugerties, NYUlster
United Methodist Church of QuarryvilleLady_MuffySaugerties, NYUlster
Vintage Scary Faces (4)jakejaredSaugerties, NYUlster
Shandaken Little LeaguedoodledumplingShandaken, NYUlster
Ulster and Delaware RailwaydoodledumplingShandaken, NYUlster
Ulster Landing BargejakejaredUlster, NYUlster
Ridge Runners (3)Golden Dragon LadyUlster Park, NYUlster
SqueaverjakejaredUlster Park, NYUlster
Galeville AAFZombie BunnyWallkill, NYUlster
Here's the Church Here's the SteepleChurch LadyWallkill, NYUlster
West Hurley Public LibraryRabbit's RelationsWest Hurley, NYUlster
West Hurley Town TraildoodledumplingWest Hurley, NYUlster
Samsonville Turnpike FarmbudsterWest Shokan, NYUlster
Pine MazebudsterWittenberg, NYUlster
Busy BeaverGolden Dragon LadyWoodstock, NYUlster
My Love .......OnceLady_MuffyWoodstock, NYUlster
Overlook HotelbudsterWoodstock, NYUlster
Peace&LovebudsterWoodstock, NYUlster
Squirrellin' Around (2)Golden Dragon LadyWoodstock, NYUlster
W G Trail (Sunset Seat)budsterWoodstock, NYUlster
Be HappyNiffer???, NYWestchester
LBM's Tin O' FUN(gus) (3)Niffer???, NYWestchester
Scavenger HuntRazzy Raz???, NYWestchester
Westchester Woods: Letterbox MMillwood2Armonk, NYWestchester
Anthony's NoseTeam Trail TrekBear Mountain, NYWestchester
Bedford Community Theatre (7)LunaBedford, NYWestchester
Bedford's 1806 Historical HallsuzietootsBedford, NYWestchester
Catch A Wave HH HostelLunaBedford, NYWestchester
Guard Hill Bird and Frog PondsuzietootsBedford, NYWestchester
Knowlton Family CemeterysuzietootsBedford, NYWestchester
St Matthew's Beautiful AngelsuzietootsBedford, NYWestchester
St. Matthew's Celtic CrosssuzietootsBedford, NYWestchester
Sutton Clock TowersuzietootsBedford, NYWestchester
The Bedford 1829 School HousesuzietootsBedford, NYWestchester
The Celtic Cross LetterboxsuzietootsBedford, NYWestchester
The Family of John JaysuzietootsBedford, NYWestchester
The Guard Hill LetterboxsuzietootsBedford, NYWestchester
Westchester Woods: Letterbox IMillwood2Bedford, NYWestchester
Dark ShadowsThe Sleeping PuppiesBedford Hills, NYWestchester
The Lake Marie CemeterysuzietootsBedford Hills, NYWestchester
684 Rest StopEagle & TeapotBrewster, NYWestchester
MACY: Leave No TraceFleur de LysBriarcliff Manor, NYWestchester
Westchester Woods: Letterbox HMillwood2Briarcliff Manor, NYWestchester
Hudson Discovery 7000NifferBuchanan, NYWestchester
Lap Ace LiedNifferBuchanan, NYWestchester
Let Us Be BreadNifferBuchanan, NYWestchester
Radiation Warning!!NifferBuchanan, NYWestchester
TheotokosNifferBuchanan, NYWestchester
Transformers! (2)NifferBuchanan, NYWestchester
Sybil Ludington -- Civil War HeroineJacalubeCarmel, NYWestchester
Hill, Bill and his Thrill (3)suzietootsChappaqua, NYWestchester
Horace GreeleysuzietootsChappaqua, NYWestchester
Just A BillNifferChappaqua, NYWestchester
Rockwood "Wall"JacalubeChappaqua, NYWestchester
Searching in the StacksCHAkidsChappaqua, NYWestchester
Senior Activity GroupGedneyChappaqua, NYWestchester
Westchester Woods: Letterbox AMillwood2Chappaqua, NYWestchester
Wilbur and His WebCHAkidsChappaqua, NYWestchester
Dinosaurs at PlayMr. MAXXCortlandt, NYWestchester
Orphan Fairy ElfNifferCortlandt, NYWestchester
The Goat TrailNifferCortlandt, NYWestchester
Requiescant in pace - VNifferCortlandt Manor, NYWestchester
Running Out of TimeSillyNurseCortlandt Manor, NYWestchester
St Peters PokemonSillyNurseCortlandt Manor, NYWestchester
Forest GnomeDMC & TeamCortlandtville, NYWestchester
BEAR ROCK PETROGLYPHKaren & K9sCross River, NYWestchester
MAGIC AND WIZARDRY (7)Magic ManCross River, NYWestchester
Persephone's SnackNifferCroton, NYWestchester
The Henry Hudson LetterboxsuzietootsCroton, NYWestchester
Trains, Planes, Boats and AutomobilesNifferCroton, NYWestchester
Have a Nice DayJovi LeeCroton Falls, NYWestchester
The Van Cortlandt ArmssuzietootsCroton on Hudson, NYWestchester
Westchester Woods: Letterbox KMillwood2Croton-on-Hudson, NYWestchester
Our Crew Is Expendable....NifferElmsford, NYWestchester
Westchester Woods: Letterbox OMillwood2Harrison, NYWestchester
The Peaceable KingdomNifferHartsdale, NYWestchester
George"The Babe" RuthsuzietootsHawthorne, NYWestchester
OM on the WaterClimbing TreeIrvington, NYWestchester
South County TrailwayBill & CraigIrvington, NYWestchester
Bonnie SunMillwood2Katonah, NYWestchester
cavalier boxbearpackkatonah, NYWestchester
Kitchawan Station LetterboxsuzietootsKitchawan, NYWestchester
Argus's LetterboxLucy & EliLarchmont, NYWestchester
walters is freakin awesomemustash and peacieMamaroneck, NYWestchester
Pruyn Sanctuary Woodland Series (5)suzietootsMillwood, NYWestchester
Westchester Woods: Letterbox BMillwood2Millwood, NYWestchester
Halloween Spooks! (4)The Hungry DanishMohegan Lake, NYWestchester
Hobos secret hiding placeHobos DowntownMohegan Lake, NYWestchester
Turkey HuntThe TrailmixersMohegan Lake, NYWestchester
4 Kitty TraxNifferMontrose, NYWestchester
Hendrick Hudson Free LibraryNifferMontrose, NYWestchester
Her Prince CharmingNifferMontrose, NYWestchester
Requiescant in pace - INifferMontrose, NYWestchester
Meadow LifeRazzy RazMount Kisco, NYWestchester
Wallace Pagoda LetterboxsuzietootsMount Kisco, NYWestchester
Westchester Woods: Letterbox JMillwood2Mount Kisco, NYWestchester
Westmoreland Sanctuary CemeterysuzietootsMount Kisco, NYWestchester
Choate Sanctuary- Meet The Flintstones (7)suzietootsMt Kisco, NYWestchester
I684 Southbound- Riding Shotgun!Karen & K9sMt Kisco, NYWestchester
Raptor Migration on Chestnut Ridge (7)Karen & K9sMt Kisco, NYWestchester
St. George's-St. Mark's Cemetery (2)suzietootsMt Kisco, NYWestchester
Chief KiscosuzietootsMt. Kisco, NYWestchester
Hungry Jim L HuntersuzietootsMt. Kisco, NYWestchester
New York Sports Teams (8)suzietootsMt. Kisco, NYWestchester
Sneaky Sunset RockHappy HikerMt. Kisco, NYWestchester
The I Love New York Series (17)suzietootsMt. Kisco, NYWestchester
The Westmoreland Sanctuary Series (18)suzietootsMt. Kisco, NYWestchester
Hiking the sanctuary-tracks (5)LunaMt.Kisco, NYWestchester
The I Love NY series (4)LunaMt.Kisco, NYWestchester
Westchester Woods: Letterbox FMillwood2New Rochelle, NYWestchester
The Balancing RockLunaNorth Salem, NYWestchester
Miller Hill Battlefield (2)suzietootsNorth White Plains, NYWestchester
A Magical PlaceteatowntrekkerOssining, NYWestchester
ConfirmationNifferOssining, NYWestchester
Princess Tiger lily’s Hitchhiker tribal villageNifferOssining, NYWestchester
Requiescant in pace - IVNifferOssining, NYWestchester
Stick your hand in a stone wall?NifferOssining, NYWestchester
Westchester Woods: Letterbox DMillwood2Ossining, NYWestchester
Blue ClawNifferPeekskill, NYWestchester
Blue MountainNifferPeekskill, NYWestchester
Crazy Canine Canoe Cache ClubSteve and P.I.T.Peekskill, NYWestchester
Peekskill Coffeehouse - Make Coffee Not _ _ _ !NifferPeekskill, NYWestchester
Peekskill's Favorite SonNifferPeekskill, NYWestchester
Peekskill's Favorite Son II (2)NifferPeekskill, NYWestchester
Requiescant in pace - IIINifferPeekskill, NYWestchester
Where Eagles Soar!BatwomanPeekskill, NYWestchester
Winter Blahs 2011 - Love Boat Edition (17)NifferPeekskill, NYWestchester
Winter Blahs Series (15)NifferPeekskill, NYWestchester
Requiescant in pace - VINifferPleasantville, NYWestchester
Westchester Woods: Letterbox GMillwood2Pleasantville, NYWestchester
Legends, History & Folklore Pow Wow (3)LunaPound Ridge, NYWestchester
Boone TrailAmy R.Pound Ridge, NYWestchester
Butterfly Huntbutterfly huntersPound Ridge, NYWestchester
Legends, Folklore and Native History Trail Stamps (10)suzietootsPound Ridge, NYWestchester
NanabijouBatwomanPound Ridge, NYWestchester
The Boutonville OaksuzietootsPound Ridge, NYWestchester
The Giving Tree (Fallen Friend)Karen & K9sPound Ridge, NYWestchester
The Leatherman's Pound Ridge CavesuzietootsPound Ridge, NYWestchester
The Woodland Animals (5)suzietootsPound Ridge, NYWestchester
Trailside Museum WigwamsuzietootsPound Ridge, NYWestchester
Westchester Woods: Letterbox CMillwood2Pound Ridge, NYWestchester
Break-a-LegRed-Hat Box'rRye, NYWestchester
Playland's DragonTamsynRye, NYWestchester
Horseman Rides Again! (3)20eyesSleepy Hollow, NYWestchester
PawPrints in the DirtE and CSleepy Hollow, NYWestchester
Scout Surprise (2)LBDSleepy Hollow, NYWestchester
Angle Fly LetterboxHappy HikerSomers, NYWestchester
Gerard Crane's Stone HousesuzietootsSomers, NYWestchester
Hachaliah Bailey's Old Bet/Elephant HotelsuzietootsSomers, NYWestchester
LasdonLunaSomers, NYWestchester
Westchester Woods: Letterbox LMillwood2Somers, NYWestchester
Fun and Games at Tarrytown LakesNifferTarrytown, NYWestchester
New BeginningsMr. & Mrs. ComforterTarrytown, NYWestchester
Stegosaurus in the StacksRed CloakTarrytown, NYWestchester
Bronx River GreenwayBill & CraigValhalla, NYWestchester
Lou GehrigsuzietootsValhalla, NYWestchester
Westchester Woods: Letterbox NMillwood2Valhalla, NYWestchester
Dewar's On The RocksNifferVerplanck, NYWestchester
Mini Half MoonNifferVerplanck, NYWestchester
The Quarry DiverNifferVerplanck, NYWestchester
In The Bushesmatthewcatyonkers, NYWestchester
SCT Rock Valley 2matthewcatyonkers, NYWestchester
Hilltop Hanover FarmVilleNifferYorktown, NYWestchester
Mouse's Mountain ShelterBrewster BanditsYorktown, NYWestchester
Requiescant in pace - VIIINifferYorktown, NYWestchester
Sneaky Snake's LairTroop1439Yorktown, NYWestchester
Trail of The Tired Raccoon - Willy & Wally (2)DMC & TeamYorktown, NYWestchester
Westchester Woods: Letterbox EMillwood2Yorktown, NYWestchester
The Midnight Owlhiker30Yorktown Heights, NYWestchester
Trail of the Tired Raccoon (2)DMC & TeamYorktown Heights, NYWestchester