South Eastern Missouri Letterboxes

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Box NamePlaced ByNearby CityCounty    
Trestle NestledeswamprabbitBurfordville, MOBollinger
Frisco DepotButterfly JanePoplar Bluff, MOButler
LITTLE GIRL LOST (4)Butterfly JanePoplar Bluff, MOButler
Margaret Harwell Art MuseumButterfly JanePoplar Bluff, MOButler
Ozark SwallowtailButterfly JanePoplar Bluff, MOButler
The Gazebo (4)Butterfly JanePoplar Bluff, MOButler
Tulip Poplar LeafButterfly JanePoplar Bluff, MOButler
Are You Afraid of the Woods? (3)RosecloverCape Girardeau, MOCape Girardeau
Calling Dr. Quest! (5)deswamprabbitCape Girardeau, MOCape Girardeau
Clarence IIdancergurlCape Girardeau, MOCape Girardeau
Communicates with Cats IIdancergurlCape Girardeau, MOCape Girardeau
DancedancergurlCape Girardeau, MOCape Girardeau
DollydancergurlCape Girardeau, MOCape Girardeau
Fountain Park: Here Fishy, FishyRosecloverCape Girardeau, MOCape Girardeau
HibiscusdancergurlCape Girardeau, MOCape Girardeau
Policeman II (2)dancergurlCAPE GIRARDEAU, MOCape Girardeau
Rowdy the RedhawkdeswamprabbitCape Girardeau, MOCape Girardeau
The Capaha RosedeswamprabbitCape Girardeau, MOCape Girardeau
The Copper DomedeswamprabbitCape Girardeau, MOCape Girardeau
The Forgotten Ceremony (2)RosecloverCape Girardeau, MOCape Girardeau
The Troll Bridge .deswamprabbitCape Girardeau, MOCape Girardeau
Trail Of TearschickenmanFruitland, MOCape Girardeau
Covered BridgechickenmanJackson, MOCape Girardeau
Old McKendree ChapelchickenmanJackson, MOCape Girardeau
Path to Eagle (7)dancergurlJackson, MOCape Girardeau
Safety City is the way to goCrawdadCreek Christian AcJackson, MOCape Girardeau
Talking LeavesdeswamprabbitJackson, MOCape Girardeau
The Green MandeswamprabbitJackson, MOCape Girardeau
Tulip Poplar toodeswamprabbitJackson, MOCape Girardeau
A Fish Out of WaterdeswamprabbitJackson/Cape, MOCape Girardeau
Little DarladancergurlOak Ridge, MOCape Girardeau
Bloodiest 47 Acres in AmericaMO UR4MeJefferson City, MOCole
Broomsticks (and Quidditch) (2)Fox-fyrJefferson City, MOCole
C-130 HerculesBean LoverJefferson City, MOCole
C-17 GlobemasterBean LoverJefferson City, MOCole
C-5 GalaxyBean LoverJefferson City, MOCole
CeresMO UR4MeJefferson City, MOCole
Norbert the Dragon (and Hagrid) (2)Fox-fyrJefferson City, MOCole
PotionsFox-fyrJefferson City, MOCole
The Sorcerer's StoneFox-fyrJefferson City, MOCole
We All Scream For Ice Cream 2010 Series - Joy ComeLadyEilonwyJefferson City, MOCole
Whomping WillowFox-fyrJefferson City, MOCole
You Can Never Have Too Much Ice CreamMO UR4MeJefferson City, MOCole
Ruby Throated Hummingbirdrozebud???, MOCrawford
furbyscoutfurbyscoutCampbell, MODunklin
Labadie and the Bearboxers and briefsLabadie, MOFranklin
Engelmann WoodsMO UR4MeSt. Albans, MOFranklin
Letterbox the States: Missouri2-2 wheelersSt. Clair, MOFranklin
Camp GranadaWolfeFamilySullivan, MOFranklin
Gypsy FeathersMO UR4MeUnion, MOFranklin
Rock-A-Bye KittenMO UR4MeUnion, MOFranklin
Butterfly letterboxThe7letterboxersWashington, MOFranklin
Kitty-Cat AnniversaryThe_SeekersWashington, MOFranklin
Ladybug LetterboxThe7letterboxersWashington, MOFranklin
Show Me HermannDanHermann, MOGasconade
The Secret CemeteryDrebbelHermann, MOGasconade
Bleeding Heartsrozebud???, MOIron
Look Out - It's Gonna Blow!rozebud???, MOIron
Sagittariusrozebud???, MOIron
The Devil's Tollgaterozebud???, MOIron
Elephant RocksthreepeasinapodIronton, MOIron
Mina Sauk FallsLnd-CrzrIronton, MOIron
Missouri's Hardest LBLnd-CrzrIronton, MOIron
Taum SaukLnd-CrzrIronton, MOIron
15-65-15-61-36-11-63-21 41-62-13-66-31 LetterboxahistoryPilot Knob, MOIron
Price's Invasion of 1864: Pilot KnobAdoptablePilot Knob, MOIron
Best WishesnettiebearFestus, MOJefferson
Honorable MayorSkylerdragonFestus, MOJefferson
Snow White series (8)mr. jakeHigh Ridge, MOJefferson
Ancient Flora Symbols Series (5)RosecloverImperial, MOJefferson
CRSwilliams clanfredericktown, MOMadison
Millstream Gardenswilliams clanFredericktown, MOMadison
Parting the SeaS and DWinona, MOOregon
Tower RockchickenmanAltenburg, MOPerry
Beaver Creek - World War I Poster - Box 1ProcyonRolla, MOPhelps
Big Bang GuysdancergurlRolla, MOPhelps
Highway, Interstate & Rest Stops MO I-44 178Safari ManRolla, MOPhelps
Welch Spring LetterboxLetterbox BanditAkers Ferry, MOShannon
Feeding 5000S and DEminence, MOShannon
On the goS and DEminence, MOShannon
There boots were made for walkingS and DEminence, MOShannon
Does Doeskin Shrink When Wet?KirbertBonne Terre, MOSt. Francois
Find the Pickle!rozebud???, MOSte. Genevieve
Oak & Pine Are Mighty Finerozebud???, MOSte. Genevieve
Running Rabbit Rockrozebud???, MOSte. Genevieve
Shadow FairydancergurlBloomsdale, MOSte. Genevieve
Stay on the path!threepeasinapodFarmington, MOSte. Genevieve
A Babe In The WoodsKirbertSprott, MOSte. Genevieve
Missouri is OK too !!!DSSte. Genevieve, MOSte. Genevieve
67 Pipe StreamdeswamprabbitGreenville, MOWayne
I Got Yer Paw Paw Right Here!KirbertShook, MOWayne