South Eastern Louisiana Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityParish    
IT lies betweenBlackberry Patch???, LAEast Baton Rouge
Murky Waters (4)Blackberry Patch????, LAEast Baton Rouge
Big Bang in a Little BoxMama CacheBaton Rouge, LAEast Baton Rouge
Boondock BoudreauxBoondock BoudreauxBaton Rouge, LAEast Baton Rouge
Fleur de Lis PizzaMama CacheBaton Rouge, LAEast Baton Rouge
FREE HIGGSjackritt18Baton Rouge, LAEast Baton Rouge
Hibernating Ursus AmericanusAdoptableBaton Rouge, LAEast Baton Rouge
Kentucky to Louisiana Mail Servicejackritt18Baton Rouge, LAEast Baton Rouge
Park it Right HereMarvelous MonkeyBaton Rouge, LAEast Baton Rouge
SkiourosMama CacheBaton Rouge, LAEast Baton Rouge
Taking Orders Series - One from Column CMama CacheBaton Rouge, LAEast Baton Rouge
The Louisiana SenatorVeritasBaton Rouge, LAEast Baton Rouge
When I grow up I want to be a suspension bridge.jackritt18Baton Rouge, LAEast Baton Rouge
3rd on the 6th - First Solve My Virtual Hidden PicBlackberry PatchBR, LAEast Baton Rouge
LagniappeMama CacheZachary, LAEast Baton Rouge
On the Banks of Doyle's BayouonefourhZachary, LAEast Baton Rouge
Bridge Out! (2)Mama CacheClinton, LAEast Feliciana
Half & HalfMama CacheClinton, LAEast Feliciana
Louisiana Seasons (4)Mama CacheClinton, LAEast Feliciana
Roll 'EmMama CacheClinton, LAEast Feliciana
Bee HappyMama CacheJackson, LAEast Feliciana
In Search of: (2)Lucy LocketJackson, LAEast Feliciana
The LadyMama CacheJackson, LAEast Feliciana
Pelican StateMama CacheNorwood, LAEast Feliciana
GS40393GS40393Westwego, LAJefferson
A Frog in the Park - INACTIVETeam Tree FrogDenham Springs, LALivingston
Jack PumpkinheadBlackberry PatchWOM, LALivingston
Save Me!JBee???, LAOrleans
Supra Orle'ansdvn2r ckr???, LAOrleans
Creole Crawdaddydvn2r ckrNew Orleans, LAOrleans
Dick and Jenny'sashbyNew Orleans, LAOrleans
Dixie BeerSilver EagleNew Orleans, LAOrleans
E. T. Phone HomeGrassteethNew Orleans, LAOrleans
Fire Up the Cannon - Retiredjb kokopelliNew Orleans, LAOrleans
High PointAdoptableNew Orleans, LAOrleans
La Nouvelle Orleansdvn2r ckrNew Orleans, LAOrleans
Mr. Lee goes to Mardi GrasWascally WabbitNew Orleans, LAOrleans
MSY airportCreeping DeathNew Orleans, LAOrleans
Olive TreeTrout BumNew Orleans, LAOrleans
ReborndancingpecanNew Orleans, LAOrleans
Soaking WetCreeping DeathNew Orleans, LAOrleans
The Creature from the Black LagoonJBeeNew Orleans, LAOrleans
DIG INTO READING: JUNE Abita SpringsSt.TammanyParishLibraryAbita Springs, LASt. Tammany
The Eagle BoxTalisheek CrewAbita Springs, LASt. Tammany
DIG INTO READING: JUNE BushSt.TammanyParishLibraryBush, LASt. Tammany
Lock 2Talisheek CrewBush, LASt. Tammany
Allison CemeteryBKshadowCovington, LASt. Tammany
Barker Cemetery - INACTIVEBKshadowCovington, LASt. Tammany
Covington AngeldancingpecanCovington, LASt. Tammany
DIG INTO READING: JUNE CovingtonSt.TammanyParishLibraryCovington, LASt. Tammany
DIG INTO READING: JUNE Lee RoadSt.TammanyParishLibraryCovington, LASt. Tammany
Pilgrim's Rest CemeteryBKshadowCovington, LASt. Tammany
The Litterbox Letterbox - INACTIVEBKshadowCovington, LASt. Tammany
DIG INTO READING: JUNE FolsomSt.TammanyParishLibraryFolsom, LASt. Tammany
Lock OneTalisheek CrewHickory, LASt. Tammany
DIG INTO READING: JUNE LacombeSt.TammanyParishLibraryLacombe, LASt. Tammany
DIG INTO READING: JUNE Black RiverSt.TammanyParishLibraryMadisonville, LASt. Tammany
Adventure Race Off-Road DuathlonBKshadowMandeville, LASt. Tammany
Cute Kids' Characters (3)dancingpecanMandeville, LASt. Tammany
DIG INTO READING: JUNE CausewaySt.TammanyParishLibraryMandeville, LASt. Tammany
DIG INTO READING: JUNE MandevilleSt.TammanyParishLibraryMandeville, LASt. Tammany
LA State AmphibianWisconsin HikerMandeville, LASt. Tammany
Mandeville Butterfly BoxNaturally NoelMandeville, LASt. Tammany
DIG INTO READING: JUNE Pearl RiverSt.TammanyParishLibraryPearl River, LASt. Tammany
DIG INTO READING: JUNE SlidellSt.TammanyParishLibrarySlidell, LASt. Tammany
Froggie went a courtingdancingpecanSlidell, LASt. Tammany
the johnabby12slidell, LASt. Tammany
Talisheek Treasure ChestTalisheek CrewTalisheek, LASt. Tammany