South Central Pennsylvania Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Postage PaidArtsy Mama17325, PAAdams
A 4/80 Arty VJustHappy2Cya???, PAAdams
Lovac na Starine (3)Pink Panther???, PAAdams
Abe's Special Delivery (micro)Flynn-againArendtsville, PAAdams
With A Canner Do AttitudesheepiemomBiglervile, PAAdams
Apple Capital-PAsheepiemomBiglerville, PAAdams
BobcatssheepiemomBiglerville, PAAdams
From a Little Nut...Flynn-againBiglerville, PAAdams
Trolls Companion BoxLegolasBiglerville PA, PAAdams
Imported from BelgiumPeace Bear 01Gettysburg, PAAdams
Lincoln Heghway in PA: GettysburgRed /Blue Cruz-saderGettysburg, PAAdams
Medal of HonorThe MonkiesGettysburg, PAAdams
Oh, He's Just Dandy!Captain Slick KittyGettysburg, PAAdams
Rec this letterboxHigh Lord SupremeGettysburg, PAAdams
Spooky Gettysburg IPonyFeathersGettysburg, PAAdams
Veg'n EdgeVeg'n GrrlsGettysburg, PAAdams
Wishing I Were Fishingfish101Gettysburg, PAAdams
Beaver's TreatTalkative TurtleGettysburg, PA, PAAdams
Peanuts and PachydermsNeverLostOrtanna, PAAdams
Knisley Covered BridgeMarshmellow and momAlum Bank, PABedford
Ryot Covered BridgeMarshmellow and momAlum Bank, PABedford
What I loved in Bedford, PATroop BoxerBedford, PABedford
Felton Mill Covered BridgeMarshmellow and momBreezewood, PABedford
Hawk Watch, PaMarshmellow and momCentral City in Somerset county, PABedford
Acorn AcresMarshmellow and momCessna, PABedford
Hall's Mill Covered BridgeMarshmellow and momEverett or Hopewell, PABedford
Gravity HillMarshmellow and momNew Paris, PABedford
Lost Children of the AllegheniesMarshmellow and momPavia, PABedford
"Give me a home where the Bison may roam"Marshmellow and momSchellsburg, PABedford
White Lady of WopsyThe GrizzlyCats???, PABlair
Avatar: ElementsThe GrizzlyCatsAltoona, PABlair
Commonplace CoffeehouseThe GrizzlyCatsAltoona, PABlair
Duck, Duck, Koi!The GrizzlyCatsAltoona, PABlair
Fractal FrenzyThe GrizzlyCatsAltoona, PABlair
Malazan Book of the Fallen Series (10)The GrizzlyCatsAltoona, PABlair
Master Chief's HideoutTwilightHurdlerAltoona, PABlair
Mrs. Peacock Sees a GhostThe GrizzlyCatsAltoona, PABlair
The Lead Mine Fortellehcim510Altoona, PABlair
The Log Houseellehcim510Altoona, PABlair
Dragon on the RocksThe GrizzlyCatsHollidaysburg, PABlair
Carlim, Lower Trail #4Tale SpinnerWilliamsburg, PABlair
Gypsy Hippies Having a Love-In, Lower Trail #1Tale SpinnerWilliamsburg, PABlair
Headless Brakeman, Lower Trail #2Tale SpinnerWilliamsburg, PABlair
Lock 61, Lower Trail #5Tale SpinnerWilliamsburg, PABlair
Locktender's House, Lower Trail #3Tale SpinnerWilliamsburg, PABlair
Frond FondFlynn-again???, PACumberland
Compass the time with PrillaRed /Blue Cruz-saderBowmansdale, PACumberland
Where the heck is BeckRed /Blue Cruz-saderBowmansdale, PACumberland
Spongebob's Letterboxing Adventure #2jbzfarmCamp Hill, PACumberland
Blast From The PastThe Bear ClanCarlisle, PACumberland
Girls Scouts Rock!ZJCarlisle, PACumberland
Going FishingThe Bear ClanCarlisle, PACumberland
Squirrel's StashThe Bear ClanCarlisle, PACumberland
All AboardSalty DogsEnola, PACumberland
Pine Grove FurnaceNargfollGardners, PACumberland
OpossumleadgsMechanicsburg, PACumberland
The Line Never Ends...Pink PantherMechanicsburg, PACumberland
True Love ForeverPink PantherMechanicsburg, PACumberland
Following the Paw PrintsAdoptableMt Holly Springs, PACumberland
Crafty CuckooAdoptablePlainfield, PACumberland
Sunset RocksAdoptableShippensburg, PACumberland
C R BucksThe Starr FamilyChambersburg, PAFranklin
The Land That Time Forgot / Going Nuts (2)The ProwlerChambersburg, PAFranklin
The Other Side of the Tracks / Froggy Went a Cour (2)The ProwlerChambersburg, PAFranklin
Word to Your MothereliasinpaChambersburg, PAFranklin
Thadd'S SalamanderNeverLostFayetteville, PAFranklin
The Plot Thickens in the WoodsNeverLostFayetteville, PAFranklin
The HingeThe Q CrewWaynesboro, PAFranklin
Town of Motelswood thrushBreezewood, PAFulton
MidwayRainmakerFort Loudon, PAFulton
Raystown RayADDA Hesston, PAHuntingdon
Balanced RockjbzfarmEntriken, PAHuntingdon
A little learnin'jbzfarmhuntingdon, PAHuntingdon
Horizontal StepsjbzfarmHuntingdon, PAHuntingdon
Peace ChapelADDAHuntingdon, PAHuntingdon
1,000 StepsjbzfarmMt. Union, PAHuntingdon
PA Capitol Tile 186: Snapping TurtleSilent DougPine Grove Mills, PAHuntingdon
Peter's Unfortunate Adventure (4)Bungalow BoxerPine Grove Mills, PAHuntingdon
Goodman Quarry, Lower Trail #7Tale SpinnerWilliamsburg, PAHuntingdon
Old Blairfour, Lower Trail #6Tale SpinnerWilliamsburg, PAHuntingdon
Out of the Park...Six in the Sticks???, PAJuniata
Old Growth (2)jbzfarm???, PAPerry
Ride to ReadSix in the Sticks???, PAPerry
The Silent ManPink Panther???, PAPerry
Woman of MysteryPink Panther????, PAPerry
Bill's BoxPink PantherBlain, PAPerry
Fowlers Howlers (3)Pink PantherBlain, PAPerry
Ashram with a viewjbzfarmLiverpool, PAPerry
The Lost Treasure of Simon GirtyjbzfarmNew Buffalo, PAPerry
GregSix in the SticksNewport, PAPerry
Keystone #2jbzfarm???, PAYork
The Woods Have EyesOtis' Friends???, PAYork
Yours Ore MinesThe Royal Fish???, PAYork
Quench all the fiery darts of the wickedRed /Blue Cruz-saderBowmansdale, PAYork
Red Cruzsader’s Pokémon RanchRed /Blue Cruz-saderBowmansdale, PAYork
Baqash was in PABaqashDillsburg, PAYork
DQ DennisRed /Blue Cruz-saderDillsburg, PAYork
Myth AdventuresRed /Blue Cruz-saderDillsburg, PAYork
Phoning it inRed /Blue Cruz-saderDillsburg, PAYork
The Lion fell in love with the LambRed /Blue Cruz-saderDillsburg, PAYork
The Spiderwick Chronicles and BeyondRed /Blue Cruz-saderDillsburg, PAYork
The Tribe Has SpokenThe Rabid HaresDillsburg, PAYork
Wolfe's Diner Blue Plate Special (2)Red /Blue Cruz-saderDillsburg, PAYork
Winters BlossomBlackvelvetravDover, PAYork
The Glen Rock CarolerLab LuvrsGlen Rock, PAYork
The Glen Rock StarLab LuvrsGlen Rock, PAYork
Apple PiePappa BearHanover, PAYork
Camp Coffee (3)Pappa BearHanover, PAYork
Campfire Cooking (3)Pappa BearHanover, PAYork
Dutch OvenPappa BearHanover, PAYork
Four Two TwoPuppybreathHanover, PAYork
Jolly Roger The Fourth CrusadePieguyHanover, PAYork
Lost CityGallant RogueHanover, PAYork
NutPappa BearHanover, PAYork
Playing HookyMud PuppiesHanover, PAYork
Sports Nut #2 Double Playbluedog1Hanover, PAYork
Sports Nut #4 Double Bagelbluedog1Hanover, PAYork
Sports Nut Double Doublebluedog1Hanover, PAYork
The Fourth CrusadePieguyHanover, PAYork
The Galloping GourmetPieguyHanover, PAYork
The Wonderful BoxHikers & HoundsHanover, PAYork
Turkey Day (3)Pappa BearHanover, PAYork
Love LetterPappa BearHanover Junction, PAYork
You'll Get a Kick Out of this House!jbzfarmHellam, PAYork
Blast Off !E manJacobus, PAYork
Little Raccoon Takes ChargeRed /Blue Cruz-saderJacobus, PAYork
No WonderMisiraeJacobus, PAYork
Stand by MeThe Royal FishJacobus, PAYork
Ta Ta For NowMisiraeJacobus, PAYork
To All the Dogs I've Ever Lovedlookin4mooseJacobus, PAYork
Way To GoMamaw LadybugJacobus, PAYork
We All Scream For Ice Cream 2010 Series: Sweet TooRed /Blue Cruz-saderMechanicsburg, PAYork
Great PumpkinPappa BearNew Freedom, PAYork
Hike OnPappa BearNew Freedom, PAYork
Rail TrailPappa BearRailroad, PAYork
Hostile HH HostelRed /Blue Cruz-saderRossville, PAYork
We All Scream For Ice Cream 2010 Series: Anime IceRed /Blue Cruz-saderRossville, PAYork
Aliens Invade PANargfollShrewsbury, PAYork
PA Dutch Welcome StationRedfern RamblerShrewsbury, PAYork
FLY A KITEPink PantherWrightsville, PAYork
Baseball BuddyE manYork, PAYork
EvidenceThe Royal FishYork, PAYork
Girly Girl LadybugGS20766York, PAYork
Mr. Game and WatchNargfollYork, PAYork
PatchesPenguin_Girl22York, PAYork
Spongebob's Letterboxing Adventure #7jbzfarmYork, PAYork
Spotted Elephant & Sam The Snowman (2)Pink PantherYork, PAYork
The First Conservationist (3)greyhound rv travellYork, PAYork
The WeaverMamaw LadybugYork, PAYork
Treasure of the BogThe Elmhood GangYork, PAYork
WHAT A FLAKEMamaw LadybugYork, PAYork
York EmporiumChrissyYork, PAYork
TerrapinjbzfarmYork Furnace, PAYork