South Central Oregon Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Trees & Waterfarmerbriansfamily, ORKlamath
Bedraggled BuilderGrumpy Grinch???, ORKlamath
Big Meadow ElkPenGwenKlamath, ORKlamath
Just Wee ThreePenGwenKlamath, ORKlamath
A Little KlammieRAVKlamath Falls, ORKlamath
Alley Talley (2)PiperFamily1Klamath Falls, ORKlamath
Bunny JumpsPiperFamily1Klamath Falls, ORKlamath
Lazzy DayzzHartnell FamilyKlamath Falls, ORKlamath
pal park (2)PiperFamily1Klamath Falls, ORKlamath
The Humming BirddaddysoxKlamath Falls, ORKlamath
Tillamook CowMerlandeseKlamath Falls, ORKlamath
Drawn and QuarteredFORAYCHMedford, ORKlamath
Dumbledore's Western AdventuresPenGwenMedford, ORKlamath
A pan Full of Adventure (8)Eccentric SuttonsChristmas Valley, ORLake
Heaven and EarthtrouteholePaisley, ORLake
HAGER TRAILCalli-KSilver Lake, ORLake