South Central Alaska Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Farewell Alaska by Alaska HSMAlaska HSMAchorage, AKAnchorage
10 Years of LB Fun!Wisconsin HikerAnchorage, AKAnchorage
A cat playing with YarnAlaska HSMAnchorage, AKAnchorage
A little Arkansas in AlaskaAlaska HSMAnchorage, AKAnchorage
A Pirate's Trail (6)TheSeeker_22Anchorage, AKAnchorage
A Sharp Manor's GuardianLadybug KidsAnchorage, AKAnchorage
A sssssurpriseAlaska HSMAnchorage, AKAnchorage
Alaska Native Series (5)Alaska HSMAnchorage, AKAnchorage
Alaskan Animals (4)The EndAnchorage, AKAnchorage
Alaska’s “Other” Big Five Series: SalmonWaltzing PigsAnchorage, AKAnchorage
An Alaskan LetterboxRetiredHavinFunAnchorage, AKAnchorage
APU music letterbox hybridKnapplingAnchorage, AKAnchorage
Braaaiiinnnsknottyknitter&dirtmonkeyAnchorage, AKAnchorage
BrrrrAlaska HSMAnchorage, AKAnchorage
Chester GreenBeltThe EndAnchorage, AKAnchorage
Eklutna Lake LetterboxDonutz716Anchorage, AKAnchorage
Flat SeymourAlaska HSMAnchorage, AKAnchorage
Girl Scout Series: Hi AKAlaska HSMAnchorage, AKAnchorage
Itsy Bitsy DragonTheSeeker_22Anchorage, AKAnchorage
Kincaid midnight sun boxes (6)Alaska HSMAnchorage, AKAnchorage
Merrill Field (2)The EndAnchorage, AKAnchorage
Midnight Sun Gathering Boxes (4)Alaska HSMAnchorage, AKAnchorage
Native BoyAlaska HSMAnchorage, AKAnchorage
Pilgrim's Monument and Cape Cod (2)Alaska HSMAnchorage, AKAnchorage
Retired Postal Series (3)Alaska HSMAnchorage, AKAnchorage
Stream of GirlsSpinnerAnchorage, AKAnchorage
Sunset park series (2)Alaska HSMAnchorage, AKAnchorage
Support Our Troops Series (4)Alaska HSMAnchorage, AKAnchorage
The Screamknottyknitter&dirtmonkeyAnchorage, AKAnchorage
The Two of UsBrown EyesAnchorage, AKAnchorage
Things about Alaska 2Alaska HSMAnchorage, AKAnchorage
Transplanted Mainiac (2)The EndANCHORAGE, AKAnchorage
You Are My SunshineSpinnerAnchorage, AKAnchorage
MP3Brown Eyesanchorage ak, AKAnchorage
We All Scream for Ice Scream Series 2010;-- oopsThe EndAnchorager, AKAnchorage
Alaskan GrizzlyWisconsin HikerEagle River, AKAnchorage
Lego ManiaThe Pug LoversEagle River, AKAnchorage
Bird PointAlaska HSMGirdwood, AKAnchorage
Girdwood HistoricalTheSeeker_22Girdwood, AKAnchorage
SEXY TIMEgatorGirdwood, AKAnchorage
Twin PeeksTheSeeker_22Hope, AKAnchorage
The End of the RainbowPfingPfiveJnt Base Elmendorf-Rich, AKAnchorage
NanilchikTheSeeker_22Nanilchik, AKAnchorage
Crevasse Moraine BoxGryphonPalmer, AKAnchorage
Alaskan State SealWisconsin HikerPortage, AKAnchorage
IanDrewHansel and GretylAnchor Point, AKKenai Peninsula
All Who Wander Are Not LostAndy17Cooper Landing, AKKenai Peninsula
Snug Harbor, AlaskaTheSeeker_22Cooper Landing, AKKenai Peninsula
Halibut Cove 21st Bday SurpriseSteedClanWaHalibut Cove, AKKenai Peninsula
Islands and OceanIslandsAndOceanHomer, AKKenai Peninsula
Little ClimberrtrwHomer, AKKenai Peninsula
Welcome to HomerTheSeeker_22Homer, AKKenai Peninsula
Salmon Enchanted Evening (3)Red-Hat Box'rHomer & Seward, AKKenai Peninsula
Canyon Creek reactivated 8/11/11Arctic TernHope, AKKenai Peninsula
Gold Mining in HopeTheSeeker_22Hope, AKKenai Peninsula
ResurrectionDr. NetHope, AKKenai Peninsula
Scenic HopeTheSeeker_22Hope, AKKenai Peninsula
Stellar's Sea CowArctic TernKenai, AKKenai Peninsula
SockeyeArctic TernRussian River Trail, AKKenai Peninsula
Alaska State Marine Mammal: Bowhead WhaleWed. Bowler, C. CatSeward, AKKenai Peninsula
Wooly MammothStinkerbellSeward, AKKenai Peninsula
Bear Mountain TrailTheSeeker_22Sterling, AKKenai Peninsula
Hidden Lake (Creek) OverlookTheSeeker_22Sterling, AKKenai Peninsula
Prickly Rose #2Arctic TernSterling, AKKenai Peninsula
Prickly Rose #3Arctic TernSterling, AKKenai Peninsula
Prickly Rose (Active 7-1-11)Arctic TernSterling, AKKenai Peninsula
Smokey the BearTheSeeker_22Sterling, AKKenai Peninsula
Sneaky Raven (active 7/1/11)Arctic TernSterling, AKKenai Peninsula
End of the Roaddeniserowskodiak, AKKodiak Island
get out of the (tide) pooldeniserowskodiak, AKKodiak Island
termination pointdeniserowskodiak, AKKodiak Island
North to Alaska: In Search of a Moosejb kokopelliChristochina, AKValdez-Cordova
The HummingbirdDonutz716Cordova, AKValdez-Cordova