Pennsylvania Mystery Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Jenny's BoxLightnin Bug??, PAMystery
Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home...Rose without thorns??, PAMystery
Tragedy on the SusquehannaLoyalsockSkippers??, PAMystery
Lost LovePappa Bear??-??, PAMystery
A Breathe of Fresh Airwandaandpete???, PAMystery
2010 Philly LiveStrong (2)FishMan???, PAMystery
37wood thrush???, PAMystery
47 53 71 23 41 73 67The Soul Mates???, PAMystery
52 Pick UpSheba???, PAMystery
A FORK in the RoadJessica DE???, PAMystery
A Walk With Virgil (4)The Soul Mates???, PAMystery
Alien ShroomOtis' Friends???, PAMystery
AnythingIndigo Vulture???, PAMystery
Bicycle PALightnin Bug???, PAMystery
Blossom BeaconOtis' Friends???, PAMystery
Bobby the BraveOtis' Friends???, PAMystery
Canned Beer Series (5)Otis' Friends???, PAMystery
Crosses of Dartmoor: Cave-Penney CrossBungalow Boxer???, PAMystery
Da Pokemon RecodedLightnin Bug???, PAMystery
Dragon DanceLoyalsockSkippers???, PAMystery
EmbeddedPink Panther???, PAMystery
First to fall...KPI's???, PAMystery
For Da HalibutLightnin Bug???, PAMystery
For the Love of My Men (4)PA Mainiac???, PAMystery
Furry Fauna box #4: Prince of the ForestThe Soul Mates???, PAMystery
General Arthur St. ClairKPI's???, PAMystery
Glengarry Glen RossOtis' Friends???, PAMystery
Gorgeous GorgesThe Royal Fish???, PAMystery
Gugasian's Ca$heFour Pounds???, PAMystery
Hearth CreepIndigo Vulture???, PAMystery
Here B DragonsDogs with Wings???, PAMystery
Here Be Little DragonsDogs with Wings???, PAMystery
Hobo Sign - GoF!BEast???, PAMystery
HomagePink Panther???, PAMystery
I Never Promised You a Rock GardenThe Soul Mates???, PAMystery
IO4 TableLightnin Bug???, PAMystery
JennieChrissy???, PAMystery
Jonah's Journey # 2Indigo Vulture???, PAMystery
Kalimantan HandsLightnin Bug???, PAMystery
Keystone Konundr - Kon - Kon, er, Mysterynoydb???, PAMystery
Knock That Carp Off, And Quit Being So KoiDogs with Wings???, PAMystery
Leonardo's HorseLightnin Bug???, PAMystery
Like Chasing RainbowsPink Panther???, PAMystery
Math OlympicsLightnin Bug???, PAMystery
Math Test (2)Lightnin Bug???, PAMystery
Miyazaki's ForestSpirit-Princess MononokeDogs with Wings???, PAMystery
Miyazaki's NeighborDogs with Wings???, PAMystery
Newty Bumppo Made Me See RedLightnin Bug???, PAMystery
NobodyIndigo Vulture???, PAMystery
non compos mentisteam blind squirrel???, PAMystery
NothingIndigo Vulture???, PAMystery
NowhereIndigo Vulture???, PAMystery
Our Enlightenerlotus???, PAMystery
Painted WindowsBookWorm???, PAMystery
Pirate RockSix in the Sticks???, PAMystery
Postage DeuxLightnin Bug???, PAMystery
Presidential Pancakeswandaandpete???, PAMystery
QuarternotePink Panther???, PAMystery
Raneb's RealmFour Pounds???, PAMystery
Record Label #5: StaxKPI's???, PAMystery
Road WarriorLightnin Bug???, PAMystery
Sactuary (4)lotus???, PAMystery
Sincerly Pondering Our Rightsmizscarlet???, PAMystery
SnowflakeLightnin Bug???, PAMystery
Solar AnalemmaLightnin Bug???, PAMystery
SomethingIndigo Vulture???, PAMystery
Spinal TapLightnin Bug???, PAMystery
Stolen!mizscarlet???, PAMystery
Stonefly's Fishing Adventures: NymphLoyalsockSkippers???, PAMystery
T h o t hLightnin Bug???, PAMystery
The Drinking GourdLightnin Bug???, PAMystery
The People's EyebrowLightnin Bug???, PAMystery
The RoadsterLightnin Bug???, PAMystery
The Troll Jumped Over the Moonharmoniousmadness???, PAMystery
The Underwear DrawerAmy???, PAMystery
Tree of Life...lotus???, PAMystery
Whispers in the WindKPI's???, PAMystery
White on RiceLightnin Bug???, PAMystery
Bruce's Muhlenberg BoxPhillips/CorcoranAllentown, PAMystery
Rubber Duckygerania93NE, PAMystery
Immense Biped DocumentedRed /Blue Cruz-saderPalmyra, PAMystery
Aleholding in the HighlandsThe von der InselsThe Pennsic War, PAMystery