Oregon Mystery Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
???Funhog???, ORMystery
a new hampshire rhodendron finds a home in oregonuneksia???, ORMystery
Bluebells at Blue Box Passwandaandpete???, ORMystery
Bugle MysteryPungent Bob???, ORMystery
Burnside Bridge Series (4)Maiden1974???, ORMystery
Fun in the Sun!Singing Wolf???, ORMystery
Geometric MysteryCalli-K???, ORMystery
Go WestT rex???, ORMystery
HookedLadybugs Picnic???, ORMystery
Mystic MarshMurray7???, ORMystery
Not One Damsels In DistressEccentric Suttons???, ORMystery
OW! My Ears!Murray7???, ORMystery
Postcards from Oregon (6)Mark & Sue Pepe???, ORMystery
Semaphoreheyokah man???, ORMystery
State Highpoint Series : OregonMooky & Dipper???, ORMystery
Summer BlissChoi???, ORMystery
Sunstonedvn2r ckr???, ORMystery
The EgretCalli-K???, ORMystery
The Island Has Two Faces (2)Marmalade???, ORMystery
Toys For Your DogCalli-K???, ORMystery
Traveling Grace HitchhikerMurray7???, ORMystery
Union PacificartTrekker???, ORMystery
What I See... (3)Tiny GCannon Beach, ORMystery
Moon GoddesspuppHugo, ORMystery
Southwestern Box #3: The Horned LizardCamp-N-StampJohn Day, ORMystery
Dig DogpuppMetz Hill, ORMystery
Dog is LovepuppMystery, ORMystery
Finding AnneKuKuPortland, ORMystery
Mermaid DogpuppPortland, ORMystery
No Name-Calling, Please!Der Mad StamperPortland, ORMystery
Scouting OutingLadyBPortland, ORMystery
The Spirit of DartmoorDer Mad StamperPortland, ORMystery
Tim's PrizePungent BobPortland Area, ORMystery
Plains Hunter: Unsuspecting Box #2Camp-N-StampProspect, ORMystery
Sun Over Series (3)Camp-N-StampProspect, ORMystery
Bird DogpuppRogue River, ORMystery
Baseball Goddesspuppsouthern oregon, ORMystery