Northwest Pennsylvania Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    Est. Hike
Tiger Cub Mystery Adoptable Bruin, PA Butler?
Singing Bird The Cats Meow Butler, PA Butler?
All heart (1) Brownies on the hunt Cranberry township, PA Butler?
Deutsch Pilz Larva Lady-ZZ Cranberry Township, PA Butler?
Ghostly surprise (3) Brownies on the hunt Cranberry township, PA Butler?
Pumpkin surprise (2) Brownies on the hunt Cranberry township, PA Butler?
Something Fun for Everyone North Shore Cranberry Twp., PA Butler?
Harmonist Cemetery Larva Lady-ZZ Harmony, PA Butler?
Historic Harmony Trail (5) Larva Lady-ZZ Harmony, PA Butler?
Davis Hollow North Shore Portersville, PA Butler?
Mario and Luigi's Day at Moraine State Park (2) Brown Eyed Susan Portersville, PA Butler?
Paws Along the Trail- Hidden River Bridge Adoptable Portersville/Butler, PA Butler?
Windsurfer North Shore Portersville/Butler, PA Butler?
Cardinal #3 of 3 in feathered friends series Shields of faith Sarver, PA Butler?
Macoskey center Adoptable Slippery Rock, PA Butler?
Trillum North Shore Slippery Rock, PA Butler?
Imagination Takes Flight Larva Lady-ZZ Zelienople, PA Butler?
Labyrinth-Zelie Larva Lady-ZZ Zelienople, PA Butler?
Little Bears Fishing Trip (9) Larva Lady-ZZ Zelienople, PA Butler?
Templeton, the Rat (on AQ) Larva Lady-ZZ Zelienople, PA Butler?
Land of the Free in PA MikJen Clarion, PA Clarion?
PA Couch Potato MikJen Clarion, PA Clarion?
Tired Feet His servant's hands Clarion, PA Clarion?
Helen Furnace Cemetery MikJen Clarion/Cook Forest, PA Clarion?
Jolly Rodger Letterbox zingeras lb quest Cook Forest, PA Clarion?
Stinky's Letterbox zingeras lb quest Cooksburg, PA Clarion?
Watermelon Anyone? Brown Eyed Susan Cooksburg, PA Clarion?
Foxburg Bike Trail-#2 (Foxburg Rock Monster) Brown Eyed Susan Foxburg-Emlenton, PA Clarion?
Foxburg Bike Trail-#3 (Serenity at Foxburg) Brown Eyed Susan Foxburg-Emlenton, PA Clarion?
Foxburg Bike Trail Brown Eyed Susan Foxburg/Emlenton, PA Clarion?
*Cola Wars* (2) Brown Eyed Susan Knox, PA Clarion?
The Best Darn Wedgie Ever Brown Eyed Susan Knox, PA Clarion?
Cook forest fire tower (2) Brandy Leeper, PA Clarion?
Life-Cyle of a Monarch Butterfly (4) Brown Eyed Susan Shippenville, PA Clarion?
This is Steelers Country (2) Brown Eyed Susan Shippenville, PA Clarion?
TAGS Amanda Smith Saegertown, PA Crawford?
Drake Oil Well Nittany Titusville, PA Crawford?
Over My Dead Body harmoniousmadness Titusville, PA Crawford?
GSWPA/LMO! Corry's Trail of Simple Pleasures blue against blue Corry, PA Erie?
E U P 2-2 wheelers Edinboro, PA Erie?
Edinboro Cemetery/Lake Adoptable Edinboro, PA Erie?
GSWPA/LMO! Veterans Memorial/Wainer Park blue against blue Edinboro, PA Erie?
Wainer Park Beekeeperdebbee Edinboro, PA Erie?
City of Angels Beach kearsarger Erie, PA Erie?
Don't Give Up the Ship 2 2-2 wheelers Erie, PA Erie?
God Rest Thier Souls Artsy Mama Erie, PA Erie?
GSWPA/LMO! Perry 200 Commemoration blue against blue Erie, PA Erie?
Planes, Trains & Automobiles! LemurEyes! Erie, PA Erie?
Soul Sistas Beach Party Presque Isle State Park, E Adoptable Erie, PA Erie?
The Lenore Series: "Lenore Reads ??" LemurEyes! Erie, PA Erie?
Tribal Animals..."T's" and "V's (8) 2-2 wheelers Erie, PA Erie?
Weapon of Mall Destruction LemurEyes! Erie, PA Erie?
Coyote Erie M8y Erie, PA, PA Erie?
The Lenore Series - "Pirates of Lake Erie: Pi LemurEyes! Fairview, PA Erie?
GSWPA/LMO! Pleasant Ridge Park blue against blue Fairview Township, PA Erie?
Pleasant Ridge Park: The Letterbox of Berryhill B Ripper Fairview Township, PA Erie?
GSWPA/LMO! Harbor Creek Community Park blue against blue Harbor Creek, PA Erie?
Q028 gs028 Harborcreek, PA Erie?
Middleboro LenaMae McKean, PA Erie?
Asbury Woods II 2-2 wheelers Millcreek Township, PA Erie?
Boston Bean Cafe 2-2 wheelers North East, PA Erie?
A Country Butterfly 2-2 wheelers Waterford, PA Erie?
GSWPA/LMO! Fort LeBoeuf Trail blue against blue Waterford, PA Erie?
Wintergreen Gorge **Has been replaced,sorry for de Alliegator Wesleyville, PA Erie?
Black Bear PA Happy Campers Clarion, PA Forest?
The Pileated Woodpecker Lovepartyof4 Cooksburg, PA Forest?
A Boat That Can Carry Two harmoniousmadness Tionesta, PA Forest?
Rainbow Fish MikJen Tionesta, PA Forest?
The Asian Lady MikJen Tionesta, PA Forest?
The Outflow Sprinkler MikJen Tionesta, PA Forest?
Fishing Hole Adoptable West Hickory, PA Forest?
BOW FOR BUFF'S Adoptable Brookville, PA Jefferson?
SHANGHAI SECRET Adoptable Brookville, PA Jefferson?
Blooming Bolders Adoptable Sigel, PA Jefferson?
Ben's Eagle Scout box 2 cooties New Castle, PA Lawrence?
Cascade Park (6) North Shore New Castle, PA Lawrence?
Get Your Feet Wet TeamGreenThumb New Castle, PA Lawrence?
McConnells Mill State Park (5) Sam New Castle, PA Lawrence?
Spartan Sports buck hunter new castle, PA Lawrence?
Willie the Penguin ho-jo's on the go New Castle, PA Lawrence?
1945 Brandy Franklin, PA Venango?
Justus Trail ** Brandy Franklin, PA Venango?
Shrek Shack Brandy Franklin, PA Venango?
Walking With Dinosaurs (4) Brandy Franklin, PA Venango?
Bridge at Belmar Brown Eyed Susan Franklin-Cranberry, PA Venango?
Don't Overlook It. harmoniousmadness Kennerdell, PA Venango?
Twosome harmoniousmadness Oil City, PA Venango?
One in a Million harmoniousmadness Oleopolis, PA Venango?
Curious George on the Ball Larva Lady-ZZ Rockland, PA Venango?
Freedom Falls harmoniousmadness Rockland, PA Venango?
L-Akeley Swamp D's D'Alphabet Of Boxes Akeley, PA Warren?
Allegheny National Forest letterboxes Adoptable Cherry Grove, PA Warren?
As Long as the Grass Shall Grow Lovepartyof4 Mead, PA Warren?
Grin and Baby/Mommy Bear It (2) tresselcat Warren, PA Warren?
Hidden Dragon (WAHS) Lovepartyof4 Warren, PA Warren?
Kinzua Bear The Cats Meow Warren, PA Warren?
Kinzua Dam The Cats Meow Warren, PA Warren?
The Suspension Was Killing Me Lovepartyof4 Warren, PA Warren?