Northern New York Letterboxes

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Box NameClue OwnerNearby CityCounty    
Eagle Scout Trailadkscout, NYClinton
Beekmantown's Heritage TrailRisuBeekmantown, NYClinton
Lake Alice in Wonderland Series (4)BibliochickEHChazy, NYClinton
Lyon Mountain LetterboxRisuLyon Mountain, NYClinton
Pushing Up Daisies #99pawcaMooers, NYClinton
Pike's HilladkscoutPlattsburg, NYClinton
Point au Roche (2)RaePlattsburg, NYClinton
Battle of ValcourApple girl IIPlattsburgh, NYClinton
Point au Roche AmpitheaterRisuPlattsburgh, NYClinton
Saranac LetterboxHopping The HillsPlattsburgh, NYClinton
The $6 Men (2)bootcampPlattsburgh, NYClinton
The SomnambulistbootcampPlattsburgh, NYClinton
Kin of Cain (On Silver Lake Mountain)RisuSaranac, NYClinton
Moose TracksTurtle Run???, NYEssex
O Canada!Turtle Run???, NYEssex
Smore Smoreswandaandpete???, NYEssex
Cat on a MountainCheshire-catBloomingdale, NYEssex
Crown Point Series (2)The Number LineCrown Point, NYEssex
A Connecticut Frog lost in New YorkHez, Grumpy and MonaElizabethtown, NYEssex
Blueberry pie!nordicfreakElizabethtown, NYEssex
Adirondack Swimming Holes: Jay Covered BridgeComplete LoonaticsJay, NYEssex
Adirondack Swimming Holes: Cascade Lakes FunComplete LoonaticsKeene, NYEssex
Blueberries on Baxter Mt.KiliMamaKeene, NYEssex
Cascade JaguarscharlotteswebbKeene, NYEssex
Little CrowwandaandpeteKeene, NYEssex
Lost PondFlapjackKeene, NYEssex
Waiting On The SunNattyBumppo & WalkerKeene, NYEssex
Willow on the MtnEnergyStarKeene, NYEssex
All you need is loveThe WanderlostKeene Valley, NYEssex
One YearTurtle RunKeene Valley, NYEssex
Stackedglass menagerieKeene Valley, NYEssex
The Eagle On GiantcharlotteswebbKeene Valley, NYEssex
A Tree of LifeEnergyStarLake Placid, NYEssex
Deep in the WoodsThe Go-TogethersLake Placid, NYEssex
Freedom Calls at John Brown FarmtahawusLake Placid, NYEssex
Grand PrixComplete LoonaticsLake Placid, NYEssex
John Brown FarmmonikaLake Placid, NYEssex
Lake Placid Ironman ReprisedQingwaaLake Placid, NYEssex
Miracle On IceSilver EagleLake Placid, NYEssex
Mount Jo Letterboxes (2)NJ CaroleLake Placid, NYEssex
Olympic SkaterpawcaLake Placid, NYEssex
Organic RootsvagabndLake Placid, NYEssex
Sky ViewThe Go-TogethersLake Placid, NYEssex
The Ironman LetterboxartichokeLake Placid, NYEssex
The Wildcat On Top Of AlgonquincharlotteswebbLake Placid, NYEssex
Lake Placid IronmanbonedocLake Placid??, NYEssex
Adirondack Series - Letter AKatzeNewcomb, NYEssex
Lake Harris 2009a loco kittensNewcomb, NYEssex
Master SwordSilver EagleNewcomb, NYEssex
Smores (2)MookieNewcomb, NYEssex
SwiftSwiftNewcomb, NYEssex
Tahawus Blast FurnaceNJ CaroleNewcomb, NYEssex
Adirondack Four-StemJEKRay Brook, NYEssex
Mt. Baker LetterboxChembakerSaranac Lake, NYEssex
The Drinking Gourd 2independentcat2Saranac Lake, NYEssex
Alamo Meets AdirondacksCabin ClanSchroon Lake, NYEssex
Gull Pond Letterbox (4)CartriemySchroon Lake, NYEssex
Pharoah MtnAdoptableSchroon Lake, NYEssex
Scaroon Manor letterboxearthwordsSchroon Lake, NYEssex
Putnam PondkittlekatzTiconderoga, NYEssex
Tulip Under WoodpawcaUnderwood/Keene, NYEssex
mary bealtarbabywestport, NYEssex
North Pole FriendsComplete LoonaticsWilmington, NYEssex
White Stag boxComplete LoonaticsWilmington, NYEssex
15,000 Finds and Still Standing Tallwandaandpete???, NYFranklin
Montagna Azzurrawandaandpete???, NYFranklin
The Canonized Millionairewandaandpete???, NYFranklin
Come On, Kids: Let's Play!MaudeChateaugay, NYFranklin
Everybody loves a waterfall IIFlapjackChateaugay, NYFranklin
WestfaliaprospectorFloodwood, NYFranklin
Come On, Kids: Let's Play Ball!MaudeMalone, NYFranklin
Fresh SeedMaudeMalone, NYFranklin
Malone Rec Path (5)FlapjackMalone, NYFranklin
The Wilder BoyMaudeMalone, NYFranklin
Top of the ElepahntcharlotteswebbMalone, NYFranklin
Walk Good, NowWalkaboutNewcomb, NYFranklin
Head Of the HeroncharlotteswebbPaul Smiths, NYFranklin
Brandy & Blueberries on Pelky BayChembakerTupper Lake, NYFranklin
Coney's CrossGrant4Tupper Lake, NYFranklin
Floodwood PassageprospectorTupper Lake, NYFranklin
Lake Lilapancake on the kayakTupper Lake, NYFranklin
Smile SunshineWyvernTupper Lake, NYFranklin
Timber LodgeSolor & BinxTupper Lake, NYFranklin
Tupperware at Tupper LakeSolor & BinxTupper Lake, NYFranklin
Airflyte RockprospectorWawbeek, NYFranklin
Captain BTurtle RunBroadalbin, NYFulton
Eagles Mills #3the gypsy travelersBroadalbin, NYFulton
Fish House History Series #1pugloverBroadalbin, NYFulton
Fish House History Series #2pugloverBroadalbin, NYFulton
Fish House History Series #3pugloverBroadalbin, NYFulton
Fish House History Series #4pugloverBroadalbin, NYFulton
Fish House History Series #5pugloverBroadalbin, NYFulton
Fish House History Series #6pugloverBroadalbin, NYFulton
Fish House History Series #7pugloverBroadalbin, NYFulton
Fish House History Series #8pugloverBroadalbin, NYFulton
Fruit of the Spirit "MEEKNESS" - Galatiaspecial deliveryBroadalbin, NYFulton
Fruit of the Spirit "PEACE" - Galatiansspecial deliveryBroadalbin, NYFulton
The legend of Arthur - "Excalibur"ARTHUR IIBroadalbin, NYFulton
The legend of Arthur - The Sword in the StoneARTHUR IIBroadalbin, NYFulton
Adirondacks WelcomeLJDCaroga Lake, NYFulton
Good Luck Lake (2)wandaandpeteCaroga Lake, NYFulton
Hobyah's HideawayBuggylouCaroga Lake, NYFulton
Sherman'sBuggylouCaroga Lake, NYFulton
Hitchhiker B&BMookieFulton, NYFulton
Trick or Treat!!The Fitz'sGloversville, NYFulton
Welcome to WonderlandThe Fitz'sGloversville, NYFulton
Wolf Moon (2)The Fitz'sGloversville, NYFulton
A Vote for "Liz"KiwiJohnstown, NYFulton
Fulton-Johnstown & Gloversville Rail TrailBill & CraigJohnstown, NYFulton
Pathfinders Trail Liners (Letterboxing)PathfindersJohnstown, NYFulton
Send in the CloserThe Fitz'sMeco, NYFulton
Adirondack Letter DElba OnionsNorthville, NYFulton
Sinclair PointsteveSaratoga Springs, NYFulton
The Boogie ManBuggylouArietta, NYHamilton
Blue Mountain Lakethe gypsy travelersBlue Mountain Lake, NYHamilton
Castle Rock 07isadventuresBlue Mountain Lake, NYHamilton
Cool Cavern Hitchhiker HostelEnergyStarBlue Mountain Lake, NYHamilton
Of My EyeTurtle RunBlue Mountain Lake, NYHamilton
Chimney MountainLock WenchIndian Lake, NYHamilton
Chimney Mountain TreasureLock WenchIndian Lake, NYHamilton
Rutger's BoxLock WenchIndian Lake, NYHamilton
WadjetT-N-TIndian Lake, NYHamilton
Baby Bear at Babbling Brook - Re-Launched!Limekiln LoonsInlet, NYHamilton
Beaver at Fawn LakeLimekiln LoonsInlet, NYHamilton
Cathedral Pinesthe gypsy travelersInlet, NYHamilton
Limekiln Bear CaveLimekiln LoonsInlet, NYHamilton
Limekiln Lake Boat LaunchLimekiln LoonsInlet, NYHamilton
Mad Frog at Big RockLimekiln LoonsInlet, NYHamilton
Moonlight Moose at Red RiverLimekiln LoonsInlet, NYHamilton
Moose River Plainsthe gypsy travelersInlet, NYHamilton
PollywogLimekiln LoonsInlet, NYHamilton
Rocky's Point on Rocky Mountain (2)StarflyInlet, NYHamilton
The FallsRFKLInlet, NYHamilton
The Lost Animals of Fern Park (3)Limekiln LoonsInlet, NYHamilton
Lantern Waste ~ Narnia (3)sir narnianLake Pleasant, NYHamilton
Adirondack Letter Series: Letter "N"WyvernLong Lake, NYHamilton
Buttermilk FallsNJ CaroleLong Lake, NYHamilton
Let It SnowTurtle RunLong Lake, NYHamilton
THE ELUSIVE ONE!Crow WomanOld Forge, NYHamilton
Fallen FoliageTurtle RunPiseco, NYHamilton
Snazzy SnailLock WenchPowley Place, NYHamilton
Adirondack Chair HitchHikerearthwordsRaquette Lake, NYHamilton
BeaverflowkittlekatzRaquette Lake, NYHamilton
Raquette Lake 4 Cornersthe gypsy travelersRaquette Lake, NYHamilton
In the barn -- When Pigs Pig RockT-N-TSpeculator, NYHamilton
The Dragonfly at Moffitt BeachTroop140Speculator, NYHamilton
Boy ScoutsdancergurlTown of Long Lake, NYHamilton
WALK IN THE WOODS - N (4)HeBeGeBeTupper Lake, NYHamilton
Bad Badtz-Marua loco kittensWells, NYHamilton
River RelicLJDWells, NYHamilton
North BayTEAM WoodBig Moose, NYHerkimer
Pot O' GoldSkeezitsBig Moose, NYHerkimer
Yankee Frenzy (A Long Way From The Bronx!)Limekiln LoonsBig Moose Station, NYHerkimer
Little Fish at Moss LakeSkeezitsEagle Bay, NYHerkimer
Moss Lake and Marshmallowsthe gypsy travelersEagle Bay, NYHerkimer
Star at Eagle CliffLimekiln LoonsEagle Bay, NYHerkimer
The Golden Cupola4 Happy CampersEast Herkimer, NYHerkimer
Balloon FarmLock WenchFrankfort, NYHerkimer
Fort Herkimer Church LetterboxLock WenchHerkimer, NYHerkimer
Great Swimming Hole Caper - Dick TracyLock WenchHerkimer, NYHerkimer
Skunk BridgeAdoptableHerkimer, NYHerkimer
Barringer BobcatKarensportIlion, NYHerkimer
Foxes FallslisascenicIlion, NYHerkimer
Remington LetterboxLock WenchIlion, NYHerkimer
Russell Park Memories (4)Lock WenchIlion, NYHerkimer
Stairway Series (3)KarensportIlion, NYHerkimer
Ice cream in Inlet4 Happy Campersinlet, NYHerkimer
The black Bears4 Happy Campersinlet, NYHerkimer
Lone Pine LetterboxKids of MoriahInlet / Old Forge, NYHerkimer
Birdbrain: WoodpeckerPaul in SFLittle Falls, NYHerkimer
Buttermilk Falls in Little Fallscurvette JennLittle Falls, NYHerkimer
Can't Catch Me...KarensportLittle Falls, NYHerkimer
Charles P. ByronchurchguysNprincesseLittle Falls, NYHerkimer
Erie Canal Lock 17churchguysNprincesseLittle Falls, NYHerkimer
Moss IslandLock WenchLittle Falls, NYHerkimer
The MEATING PlaceKarensportMohawk, NYHerkimer
Bald Mountain - Trail to Balancing Rock - Words of (3)Limekiln LoonsOld Forge, NYHerkimer
RSCSKarensportRichfield Springs, NYHerkimer
Yale MonumentLock WenchSalisbury, NYHerkimer
Salisbury Covered BridgeLock WenchSalisbury Center, NYHerkimer
The Critters of Minnihaha (3)the gypsy travelersThendara, NYHerkimer
The Great Swimming Hole Caper - Big MaxLock WenchTrenton Falls, NYHerkimer
Loon-y ToonsMeemAlexandria Bay, NYJefferson
Love StorybootzAlexandria Bay, NYJefferson
Thousand Island BridgebootzAlexandria Bay, NYJefferson
10th Mountain DivisionYankeeChiKBlack River, NYJefferson
KamargoYankeeChiKBlack River, NYJefferson
Jamaica MonYankeeChiKCalcium, NYJefferson
Tibbetts Point LighthouseCock o' the TrailCape Vincent, NYJefferson
Peaceful PresenceT-N-TChaumont, NYJefferson
Ski...Whaat!MTnestRobinMannsville, NYJefferson
Oxbow Country StoreAnt CarOxbow, NYJefferson
Pulpit Rock OxbowbootzOxbow, NYJefferson
Coming and Going I-81 (2)MTnestRobinPierrepont Manor, NYJefferson
District No. 10MTnestRobinPierrepont Manor, NYJefferson
The Coffee Stop I-81MTnestRobinPierrepont Manor, NYJefferson
Calling All Mousketeers!bootzRedwood, NYJefferson
Childhood Pleasures (4)bootzRedwood, NYJefferson
Hippie FriendsfamilyoffourclanSackets Harbor, NYJefferson
Lake Ontario Dune Trail (4)MTnestRobinWoodville, NYJefferson
A Unicorn for GinnyPaul in SFBrantingham, NYLewis
Collinsville Stone Arch BridgeApple girl IICollinsville,NY, NYLewis
Constable HallApple girl IIConstableville, NYLewis
BaronBay BlueGillChauvin1987Harrisville, NYLewis
Tug Hill As You Were- Highmarket As You Are Series (6)Apple girl IIHighmarket, NYLewis
Amish in Lewis CountyApple girl IILowville, NYLewis
Caboodles 2010SACC 2010Lyons Falls, NYLewis
Gould Mansion Carriage House- Lyons FAlls Free LibApple girl IILyons Falls, NYLewis
Gould MansionApple girl IILyons Falls, NY, NYLewis
Lyons Falls- 3 Way BridgeApple girl IILyons Falls,NY, NYLewis
Adirondack Letters Series - "A"AlafairUtica/Watertown, NYLewis
Moose River I (3)AlafairUtica/Watertown, NYLewis
Family Tree (5)Turtle RunWest Leyden, NYLewis
In the GardenTurtle RunAmes, NYMontgomery
Stuart LittleThe ParkeroosAmes, NYMontgomery
Canalway Trail EastBill & CraigAmsterdam, NYMontgomery
Fruit of the Spirit "LONGSUFFERING" - Gaspecial deliveryAmsterdam, NYMontgomery
Mohawk in the ParkCabin ClanAmsterdam, NYMontgomery
Shrine of Martyrs (3)MitsyAuriesville, NYMontgomery
CanajoharielisascenicCanajoharie, NYMontgomery
Plant It For The PlanetTurtle RunCanajoharie, NYMontgomery
The Green BarnlisascenicCanajoharie, NYMontgomery
Melts In Your Mouth (5)Turtle RunCharleston/Esperance, NYMontgomery
Mythological Monsters (4)Turtle RunCharleston/Esperance, NYMontgomery
BAD HA HIPPY TRYTurtle RunEsperance, NYMontgomery
Sunset Ride - TRTurtle RunFort Hunter, NYMontgomery
FountainTurtle RunBoonville, NYOneida
Over the CanalTurtle RunBoonville, NYOneida
Papa's Tool BoxTurtle RunBoonville, NYOneida
Pixley FallsLock WenchBoonville, NYOneida
Remember...Turtle RunBoonville, NYOneida
Take Me To Your Leader!Lock WenchBoonville, NYOneida
Unidentified FLying ObjectLock WenchBoonville, NYOneida
Time For TeaT-N-TCamden, NYOneida
FlowerLetterboxMay SheepClayville, NYOneida
A Bird in the Hand: ChicadeePaul in SFForestport, NYOneida
Scratchy SUPERSTAR~The Monkey Noodles~Holland Patent, NYOneida
Me So Scared!Turtle RunLee Center, NYOneida
"The Monkey"Turtle RunMarcy, NYOneida
Fifteen YearsPaul in SFMarcy, NYOneida
Mystery TrailReagan's RoadstersNew Hartford, NYOneida
Nature's TreasuresOriskany Rocks!New Hartford, NYOneida
Oneida Community Mansion HouseLock WenchOneida, NYOneida
World's Smallest ChurchLock WenchOneida, NYOneida
"The Place Of Nettles"MisDeesCrewOriskany, NYOneida
"Bugs Along The Mohawk"MisDeesCrewOriskany, NYOneida
"Flutter By"MisDeesCrewOriskany, NYOneida
"Leaves of 3 Leave it Be"MisDeesCrewOriskany, NYOneida
"Take ME Out To The Ball Game"MisDeesCrewOriskany, NYOneida
13424MisDeesCrewOriskany, NYOneida
Oriskany Namesake Series (2 miniboxes, 1 regular) (3)Paul in SFOriskany, NYOneida
Oriskany WildlifeMisDeesCrewOriskany, NYOneida
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ , Baker, Candlestick MakerMisDeesCrewOriskany, NYOneida
Barn FOTA at the Depot #4the gypsy travelersRemsen, NYOneida
Empire HotelLock WenchRome, NYOneida
Minnie the MuleLock WenchRome, NYOneida
Punkie PumpkinTreasureHunters1989Sherrill, NYOneida
"peace, love, and happiness" (3)enigmagirlUtica, NYOneida
Don't Get Your Feathers Ruffled!Paul in SFUtica, NYOneida
EltreyPaul in SFUtica, NYOneida
Two Happy Grasshoppers!Group AUtica, NYOneida
Utica Monday Night - Bagg's Tavern - Bagg's Squarecity walkerUtica, NYOneida
Utica Monday Night - Downtowncity walkerUtica, NYOneida
Utica Monday Night - FT Proctor Park - Eastcity walkerUtica, NYOneida
Utica Monday Night - Heritage Celebrations - Bleeccity walkerUtica, NYOneida
Utica Monday Night - Kitty's on the Canal - Northcity walkerUtica, NYOneida
Utica Monday Night - Oneida Squarecity walkerUtica, NYOneida
Utica Monday Night - Southcity walkerUtica, NYOneida
Utica Monday Night - The Beginning - Varick Streetcity walkerUtica, NYOneida
Utica Monday Night - Uptowncity walkerUtica, NYOneida
Utica Monday Night - Westcity walkerUtica, NYOneida
Utica Zoo Series *12* (12)StrawberryShortkookUtica, NYOneida
Webber at the ParkwayPaul in SFUtica, NYOneida
The Cursed CoinQuarterback GWhitesboro, NYOneida
Utica Curling ClubLock WenchWhitesboro, NYOneida
Deep in the heart of.............NYwink???, NYOswego
Halloween 2007T-N-TBernhards Bay, NYOswego
Bird of a Different Color #4 - GreenwinkCentral Square, NYOswego
Stone Barn CastleStarflyCleveland, NYOswego
Great Bear SpringsGreat Bear SpringsFulton, NYOswego
Mouse BaitmkpFulton, NYOswego
AstersmkpHannibal, NYOswego
Bird of a different color #7- VioletwinkHannibal, NYOswego
Lewis CemetarymkpHannibal, NYOswego
PoseymkpHannibal, NYOswego
Happy FacewinkHappy Valley, NYOswego
Bird of a Different Color #1 - REDwinkLittle America/Redfield, NYOswego
Bird of a Different Color #2 - OrangewinkMexico, NYOswego
Bird of a Different Color #5 -Blue-CraftymouseMexico, NYOswego
Birds of Prey series (5)CraftymouseMexico, NYOswego
Love to ReadAdoptableMexico, NYOswego
Spy IslandAdoptableMexico, NYOswego
Naked TreesYankeeChiKOrwell, NYOswego
SalmonTurtle RunOrwell, NYOswego
Bird of a Different Color #6 -Indigo-CraftymouseOswego, NYOswego
Bird of a Different Color - The Complete SeriesCraftymouseOswego, NYOswego
Boxed Lunch and Picnic Pest (2)YankeeChiKOswego, NYOswego
Dandelion's Ducks (4)CraftymouseOswego, NYOswego
Dr. Mary WalkerCraftymouseOswego, NYOswego
Drink.....moreLock WenchOswego, NYOswego
Fort Ontario (2)CraftymouseOswego, NYOswego
Here Lies HenrywinkOswego, NYOswego
His Dark Materials (6)CraftymouseOswego, NYOswego
Just Desserts (3)CraftymouseOswego, NYOswego
Louis XV Peace Medal - HeadsCraftymouseOswego, NYOswego
Louis XV Peace Medal - TailsCraftymouseOswego, NYOswego
One fish, two fish... (2)CraftymouseOswego, NYOswego
Sunset ParkwinkOswego, NYOswego
The Port City of CNYCraftymouseOswego, NYOswego
WinkywinkOswego, NYOswego
7 Wonders (8)artichokeParish, NYOswego
Trick Or Treat (3)Turtle RunParish, NYOswego
Love Entangled*InfinityPhoenix, NYOswego
Phoenix FirebirdInfinityPhoenix, NYOswego
Wedding DanceInfinityPhoenix, NYOswego
Flowers of Sunset PointCowgirl521Richland, NYOswego
Bird of a Different Color #3 -Yellow-CraftymouseScriba, NYOswego
Grandma was an Indian2cedarsScriba, NYOswego
Spirit of SunSet Bay (4)2cedarsScriba, NYOswego
3 CluesTurtle Run???, NYSaratoga
Comedy or Tragedy?Mookie???, NYSaratoga
New York State Gem BonusMINPIN LOVERS???, NYSaratoga
Time To CramMookie???, NYSaratoga
Biking in BallstonSuronBallston Lake, NYSaratoga
The Chase: Tom and Jerry TalesbartuniaBallston Lake, NYSaratoga
A Sweet & Magical OwlOrange Yoda-BelleBallston Spa, NYSaratoga
Adoption Day!Turtle RunBallston Spa, NYSaratoga
Celestial CuppaSuronBallston Spa, NYSaratoga
Earth Day 2010EnergyStarBallston Spa, NYSaratoga
Footes Pond LetterboxEnergyStarBallston Spa, NYSaratoga
God's Fruit Basket #1Cabin ClanBallston Spa, NYSaratoga
Lil' BirdieLucy BirdBallston Spa, NYSaratoga
SleepyTurtle RunBallston Spa, NYSaratoga
The ComputerEnergyStarBallston Spa, NYSaratoga
The Duck Goes to the FairEnergyStarBallston Spa, NYSaratoga
The Nature 4-H'ers Four ForksNature 4H'ersBallston SPa, NYSaratoga
True or False? (7)MookieBallston Spa, NYSaratoga
Woods HollowSuronBallston Spa, NYSaratoga
Jenkins Park, Burnt HillsFunny BunnyBurnt Hills, NYSaratoga
The Strawberry VineSuronBurnt Hills, NYSaratoga
Beauty of Springfarmgirl16Charlton, NYSaratoga
Girl With a FlowerMINPIN LOVERSCharlton, NYSaratoga
Perpetual FlowersMINPIN LOVERSCharlton, NYSaratoga
Tessabelle and T-Rex in the ParktrexandtessabrlleClifon Park, NYSaratoga
Birdhouse1havingfunnClifton Park, NYSaratoga
Buzz By The TrailGirls On The GoClifton Park, NYSaratoga
Castle ParkTinkerbell and MomClifton Park, NYSaratoga
Dragonfly By The RiverSahalieClifton Park, NYSaratoga
Dwaas Kill Nature Preserve Series (5)Complete LoonaticsClifton Park, NYSaratoga
Go Green!Turtle RunClifton Park, NYSaratoga
Lost Girls (2)Turtle RunClifton Park, NYSaratoga
Our Buried TreasureTurtle RunClifton Park, NYSaratoga
PoochTurtle RunClifton Park, NYSaratoga
Power Rangers Patrol the Knolls (4)Complete LoonaticsClifton Park, NYSaratoga
Rebekah RoseJEDSClifton Park, NYSaratoga
Rexford Forest FairycuteguyClifton Park, NYSaratoga
Scouting Sally4ever wildClifton Park, NYSaratoga
"Giving Thanks"seswhosesCorinth, NYSaratoga
Forgive UsseswhosesCorinth, NYSaratoga
Fruit of the Spirit "GENTLENESS" - Galatspecial deliveryCorinth, NYSaratoga
Fruit of the Spirit "JOY" - Galatians 5:special deliveryCorinth, NYSaratoga
Snowshoe CapitalseswhosesCorinth, NYSaratoga
TomahawksseswhosesCorinth, NYSaratoga
"Penny for Your Thoughts"AntsMarchingEdinburg, NYSaratoga
Sand Creek Bear BoxChrisEdinburg, NYSaratoga
Seven Narnian Lords (5)halfhobbitEdinburg, NYSaratoga
Cross Country SkiingMookieGalway, NYSaratoga
Snappy CheesehalfhobbitGalway, NYSaratoga
Moreau Lake State Parka loco kittensGansevoort, NYSaratoga
Rebus Series (4)a loco kittensGansevoort, NYSaratoga
Shadows and Tick Tock (2)MINPIN LOVERSGlenville, NYSaratoga
Greenfield Park Animals (2)halfhobbitGreenfield, NYSaratoga
Horses, Saratoga StyleMINPIN LOVERSGreenfield, NYSaratoga
Mischief with malletsMookieGreenfield, NYSaratoga
Hadley Mountain Fire TowerTeam Laugh-a-LotHadley, NYSaratoga
River SideTurtle RunHalfmoon, NYSaratoga
Tessabelle and T-Rex part 1trexandtessabrlleHalfmoon, NYSaratoga
E: Fairies!JEDSMalta, NYSaratoga
Earth Day 2009EnergyStarMalta, NYSaratoga
Earth Day 2011EnergyStarMalta, NYSaratoga
On The Hunt For The Spotted Or Herbaceous Backson (7)Rabbit's RelationsMalta, NYSaratoga
The Odd StarEnergyStarMalta, NYSaratoga
The UnknownEnergyStarMalta, NYSaratoga
Zim Smith TrailBill & CraigMalta, NYSaratoga
School Daze at Glencliff (3)TamsynRexford, NYSaratoga
Victorian Village VenueSuronRound Lake, NYSaratoga
A Boy's Heros (2)JEDSSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
Aalepbht SuopMookieSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
Card CatalogMookieSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
Congress Park DuckscharlotteswebbSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
Dance FlurryMookieSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
Dance In Your PantsMookieSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
Fountain of YouthMookieSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
Friends Along The Way Series (4)JEDSSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
I do.winkSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
Karner BlueJulieSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
L is for Luxagrrreen friendSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
Perfect PancakescharlotteswebbSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
Singing in the Rain BonusMookieSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
Sunset on the BogScoutSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
Tennis MenaceDruinSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
The Boy Who LIved......charlotteswebbSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
The Sacred CircleMookieSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
The Spider In The Union Ave. KitchencharlotteswebbSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
The Vanishing GlasscharlotteswebbSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
Turnout BonusMookieSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
Winter FestMookieSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
Write This Way!MookieSaratoga Springs, NYSaratoga
Bridge of BoatsCanal ScoutsSchulylerville, NYSaratoga
A Letterbox A Day...MookieSchuylerville, NYSaratoga
Bryant's BridgecharlotteswebbSchuylerville, NYSaratoga
Death & TaxesMookieSchuylerville, NYSaratoga
Frogs on the Hudson4 GooniesSchuylerville, NYSaratoga
I Bit Into A Worm!MookieSchuylerville, NYSaratoga
Lock 5charlotteswebbSchuylerville, NYSaratoga
make a scenegrrreen friendSchuylerville, NYSaratoga
NY State Hitchhiker - State FruitCabin ClanSchuylerville, NYSaratoga
Starks KnobcharlotteswebbSchuylerville, NYSaratoga
The Basketball HitchhikerLil PawpySchuylerville, NYSaratoga
The Lonely FireplaceMookieSchuylerville, NYSaratoga
Victory at SaratogaMookieSchuylerville, NYSaratoga
Volcanic PillowsMookieSchuylerville, NYSaratoga
Bow and Arrowparkranger97Stillwater, NYSaratoga
ZigJEDSStillwater, NYSaratoga
Take a HikepawcaThomson, NYSaratoga
Shenantaha Creek ParkRabbit's RelationsTown of Malta, NYSaratoga
Waterford Harbor Series (3)The Number LineWaterford, NYSaratoga
Waterford StationTamsynWaterford, NYSaratoga
Adirondack Series _ Letter "C"MookieWilton, NYSaratoga
Camp Saratoga (2)ScoutWilton, NYSaratoga
Dr. Orra PhelpsSaratoga PLANWilton, NYSaratoga
In The WindTurtle RunWilton, NYSaratoga
Mickey and Laser (continued) (3)ScoutWilton, NYSaratoga
Orra PhelpsMookieWilton, NYSaratoga
Righteous Babe (3)Turtle RunWilton, NYSaratoga
The Neilmann Parcel (3)ScoutWilton, NYSaratoga
The Story of Mickey and Laser (5)ScoutWilton, NYSaratoga
Chasing VermeerTamsyn???, NYSchenectady
Diego RiveraTurtle Run???, NYSchenectady
The Shaker Settlement Series (2)SahalieColonie, NYSchenectady
My Family (TR)Turtle RunDelanson, NYSchenectady
Spooky JackTurtle RunDelanson, NYSchenectady
Castle Panic (5)Turtle RunDuanesburg, NYSchenectady
Cropped HairTurtle RunDuanesburg, NYSchenectady
Frog HavenSahalieDuanesburg, NYSchenectady
Imprint On The FutureTurtle RunDuanesburg, NYSchenectady
Mary JaneTurtle RunDuanesburg, NYSchenectady
Alphabet Series (2)krazypeanutGlenville, NYSchenectady
Best RewardkrazypeanutGlenville, NYSchenectady
Footprints by the WaterJ.CGlenville, NYSchenectady
God's Colorful CreationCabin ClanGlenville, NYSchenectady
God's creaturescat and sheepGlenville, NYSchenectady
God's Fruit Basket #2Cabin ClanGlenville, NYSchenectady
Green's Corners SchoolhouseCabin ClanGlenville, NYSchenectady
Indian KillTamsynGlenville, NYSchenectady
NY State's Crappiest stamphalcyon pelicanGlenville, NYSchenectady
Oldie But GoodieCabin ClanGlenville, NYSchenectady
Piglet In The ParkSahalieGlenville, NYSchenectady
Takin' a Walk (3)Lil PawpyGlenville, NYSchenectady
The Great WaterfallJ.CGlenville, NYSchenectady
Training ToothlessTurtle RunGlenville, NYSchenectady
Buggylou's SurpriseBuggylouNiskayuna, NYSchenectady
Lisha Kill Series Preserve (4)BuggylouNiskayuna, NYSchenectady
Lock 7BuggylouNiskayuna, NYSchenectady
Retro Reader (replaced)BuggylouNiskayuna, NYSchenectady
St. Francis at ReistBuggylouNiskayuna, NYSchenectady
Wings on the Mohawk - Part I (2)BuggylouNiskayuna, NYSchenectady
Zoe's FriendBuggylouNiskayuna, NYSchenectady
Logos T to Z (7)Symmetry in MotionRotterdam, NYSchenectady
Plotter Kill Preserve Series (4)SahalieRotterdam, NYSchenectady
Runny Babbit Series (4)BuggylouRotterdam, NYSchenectady
CyclingTurtle RunRotterdam Junction, NYSchenectady
Mabee Farms #7the gypsy travelersRotterdam Junction, NYSchenectady
Books are a TreasureTamsynSchenectady, NYSchenectady
Chipmunks In The ParkSahalieSchenectady, NYSchenectady
Earth’s BlueprintTurtle RunSchenectady, NYSchenectady
Erie Canal LetterboxThe Doctors BSchenectady, NYSchenectady
Fruit of the Spirit "LOVE" - Galatians 5special deliverySchenectady, NYSchenectady
Historic StockadeTamsynSchenectady, NYSchenectady
How High Can You Go? LetterboxCabin ClanSchenectady, NYSchenectady
Our College on the Hill (4)TamsynSchenectady, NYSchenectady
Streets of SchenectadyTamsynSchenectady, NYSchenectady
Canadian GeeseMitsyScotia, NYSchenectady
Collins ParkJ.CScotia, NYSchenectady
J.C's Birthday SurpriseJ.CScotia, NYSchenectady
Cemetery Feries - LuciaTheIrwinsCanton, NYSt. Lawrence
DaydreamWyvernCanton, NYSt. Lawrence
State Land Zodiac series #1 - PISCESTheIrwinsCanton, NYSt. Lawrence
Sunrise at St. LawrenceWyvernCanton, NYSt. Lawrence
MagnoliaSky Blue DragonClare, NYSt. Lawrence
A Picture is Worth A Lot of WordsWyvernColton, NYSt. Lawrence
ADK LogoFlapjackColton, NYSt. Lawrence
Bug's Life (3)FlapjackColton, NYSt. Lawrence
Colton's CrittersRabbit's RelationsColton, NYSt. Lawrence
Everybody loves waterfalls III - SnitchFlapjackColton, NYSt. Lawrence
The Old Safe BoxWyvernColton, NYSt. Lawrence
The Three Musketeers Series (4)WyvernDegrasse, NYSt. Lawrence
Reading RoomRabbit's RelationsGouverneur, NYSt. Lawrence
Canoe TripFlapjackHannawa Falls, NYSt. Lawrence
Night OwlWyvernHannawa Falls, NYSt. Lawrence
Spread the Spores Series (6)WyvernHannawa Falls, NYSt. Lawrence
Gobble, Gobble!!!bootzHeuvelton, NYSt. Lawrence
NorNorNYhiddenquestNorfolk, NYSt. Lawrence
Bags of FlourtrailsrusOgdensburg, NYSt. Lawrence
ChimneytrailsrusOgdensburg, NYSt. Lawrence
Light housetrailsrusOgdensburg, NYSt. Lawrence
Picquet MonumenttrailsrusOgdensburg, NYSt. Lawrence
The "Scalper" ( A Frederic Remington BrotrailsrusOgdensburg, NYSt. Lawrence
The booktrailsrusOgdensburg, NYSt. Lawrence
The HattrailsrusOgdensburg, NYSt. Lawrence
The PumptrailsrusOgdensburg, NYSt. Lawrence
The ShieldtrailsrusOgdensburg, NYSt. Lawrence
The StamptrailsrusOgdensburg, NYSt. Lawrence
Everybody loves a waterfallFlapjackParishville, NYSt. Lawrence
MockingjayFlapjackParishville, NYSt. Lawrence
Mt. ArabSolor & BinxPiercefield, NYSt. Lawrence
1816FlapjackPotsdam, NYSt. Lawrence
A Fair TradeDavetheLostPotsdam, NYSt. Lawrence
A Sunday AfternoonTurtle RunPotsdam, NYSt. Lawrence
Birds of a feather (4)FlapjackPotsdam, NYSt. Lawrence
Buck's BankWyvernPotsdam, NYSt. Lawrence
IvesFlapjackPotsdam, NYSt. Lawrence
Potsdam BearsTurtle RunPotsdam, NYSt. Lawrence
Sugar IslandFlapjackPotsdam, NYSt. Lawrence
The Warmers BoxWyvernPotsdam, NYSt. Lawrence
TV Cartoons (2)FlapjackPotsdam, NYSt. Lawrence
Vacation Bunnies (4)FlapjackPotsdam, NYSt. Lawrence
State Land Zodiac Series #3 - TAURUSTheIrwinsRensselaer Falls, NYSt. Lawrence
State Land Zodiac Series #4 - GEMINITheIrwinsRensselaer Falls, NYSt. Lawrence
State Land Zoziac Series #2 - ARIESTheIrwinsRensselaer Falls, NYSt. Lawrence
Cemetery Faries - Brigid of Maple GroveTheIrwinsRichville, NYSt. Lawrence
The Polka-Dot ButterflyWyvernRussell, NYSt. Lawrence
Adirondack Series - Letter KjackbearSevey, NYSt. Lawrence
The Rainbow ButterfliesWyvernSouth Colton, NYSt. Lawrence
Snake EyesWyvernTown of Cranberry Lake, NYSt. Lawrence
Adirondack General StoreCabin ClanAdirondack, NYWarren
Monarch Beauty (4)Monarch MadnessAdirondack, NYWarren
Edgecomb Pond RaptorBoltonMamaBolton Landing, NYWarren
Mysterious IslandAtomic JJBolton Landing, NYWarren
Only FootprintsHAL HomeschoolersBolton Landing, NYWarren
Silver Bay HornshnobbyBolton Landing, NYWarren
The Sagamore CanoeMark & Sue PepeBolton Landing, NYWarren
Up Yonda Series (4)celtuscanBolton Landing, NYWarren
Pushing Up Daisies #98pawcaChestertown, NYWarren
Cole's Woods Ski TrailsUpYondaGlens Falls, NYWarren
The Udder HopperBark CodeGlens Falls, NYWarren
West Dollar IslandAtomic JJHuletts Landing, NYWarren
Dizzy and seeing stars4 GooniesLake George, NYWarren
Jon's TattooJovi LeeLake George, NYWarren
Old Military Roadmkr005Lake George, NYWarren
Prospect Mountain Environmental Series (5)BakerLake George, NYWarren
Prospect Mountain Fire TowerBakerLake George, NYWarren
Quit Buggin' Me!!!Mark & Sue PepeLake George, NYWarren
Rogers Rock CampgroundCaterpoozlesLake George, NYWarren
Requiescant in pace - VIINifferLake Luzerne, NYWarren
All Aboard North CreekRFKLNorth Creek, NYWarren
Tracks on the TrailRFKLNorth Creek, NYWarren
Memories of MineRFKLNorth River, NYWarren
Pilot Knob MooseBakerPilot Knob, NYWarren
Pottersville PathsRFKLPottersville, NYWarren
The Gull Bay HeronQingwaaPutnam, NYWarren
Up! Over the RainbowComplete LoonaticsQueensbury, NYWarren
Silver Bay YMCA of the Adirondacks Series (2)2 bentridersSilver Bay, NYWarren
UMC LBQingwaaSilver Bay, NYWarren
Beautiful Bell(e)marrtiansWarrensburg, NYWarren
East Meets West at Ridin' Hy RanchPTBeachbumWarrensburg, NYWarren
Ridin' Hy Cowboys (2)PTBeachbumWarrensburg, NYWarren
Warren County 4-H ConnectionAdirondack Mnt GirlsWarrensburg, NYWarren
EaglevilleterrigodmotherCambridge, NYWashington
Men of Faith Series (2)RhysCambridge, NYWashington
Valley Artisans MarketMookieCambridge, NYWashington
Inman PondBakerFort Ann, NYWashington
Warren County BikewayBill & CraigGlens Falls, NYWashington
Blackbeard's BootyMr. Farr's ClassesGranville, NYWashington
Calico Jack's TreasureMr. Farr's ClassesGranville, NYWashington
141 percentMookieGreenwich, NYWashington
The Owl Pen (2)charlotteswebbGreenwich, NYWashington
We All Scream for Ice Creampeace, love, and happineGreenwich, NYWashington
The DuckTreeHugger5Hebron, NYWashington
"Eat Fresh"Lucy BirdHudson Falls, NYWashington
Feeder CanalBill & CraigHudson Falls, NYWashington
Black Mountain Fire TowerBakerHuletts Landing, NYWashington
Black Mountain PointBakerHuletts Landing, NYWashington
Coin-Operated Series (9)Wisconsin HikerHuletts Landing, NYWashington
Fishbrook PondBakerHuletts Landing, NYWashington
The Leaf LetterboxNatty NoodleLake George, NYWashington
New Beginning/Years Gone By (2)Border ColliePilot Knob, NYWashington
Salem's Old Gloryaway.we.goSalem, NYWashington
Shushan Covered Bridge Museum LetterboxBattenkill FishShushan, NYWashington
Surveyor's NightmareRhysWhite Creek, NYWashington